Wealthy Vancouver homeowner likens BC NDP housing reforms to Nazi race laws

By ThinkPol Staff

A homeowner from Vancouver wealthiest neighbourhood is likening British Columbia NDP government’s reforms at tackling the region’s housing crisis to Nazi race laws.

“Don’t be misled,” Robert Angus is quoted in Shaughnessy Heights Property Owners’ Association newsletter[1]Original:http://www.shpoa.ca/shaughnessy_voices Archive:http://archive.is/PWcgf. “These taxes and restrictions are founded on envy and racism. They have nothing to do with building a better society, any more than the race laws in Nazi Germany were designed to bring about a better society.”

“We have been hit with the Foreign Purchaser’s tax, which by the way, comes out of the seller’s pocket, not the buyer’s,” the newsletter quotes Angus, even though the government has made it clear that the buyer, not the seller, pays the tax[2]https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/taxes/property-taxes/property-transfer-tax.

“We have all been hit with the increase in the property transfer tax, which also comes out of the seller’s pocket, not the buyer’s,” Angus is quoted as saying. “And now we are getting hit with this misnamed School Tax Increase.”

Other Shaughnessy residents are claiming that the NDP is waging war against wealthy British Columbians.

“Basically, these taxes are all “wealth taxes” directly attacking people that have been able to accumulate assets over time using after-tax dollars,” the newsletter quotes personal injury lawyer Wes Mussio. “These measures will do nothing to improving housing supply. In the result, it’s really a taxation assault on the more well-off people in British Colombia[sic].”

Meanwhile, BC’s Attorney General David Eby, who has borne the brunt of the wealthy homeowners’ anger over the housing reforms, has explained in a blog post that even with the school tax, Vancouver homeowners will end up paying significantly lower property taxes than their counterparts in other major cities in Canada[3]http://davidebymla.ca/news/the-school-tax-increase-on-homes-valued-over-3m-some-factual-information/.

For example, an owner of a four million dollar home in Vancouver, even with the school taxes, would be paying a less than third of what a homeowner in Ottawa or Montreal will pay, and less than half of the property taxes levied in Calgary or Toronto.

2017 Calgary Montreal Ottawa Toronto Vancouver pre-tax Vancouver estimated post tax UEL pre-tax
UEL estimated post Tax
$2M home $13,000.00 $19,760.00 $21,360.00 $13,240.00 $5,100.00 $5,100.00 $4,340.00 $4,340.00
$4M home $26,000.00 $39,520.00 $42,720.00 $26,480.00 $10,200.00 $12,200.00 $8,680.00 $10,680.00
$5M home $32,500.00 $49,400.00 $53,400.00 $33,100.00 $12,750.00 $18,750.00 $10,850.00 $16,850.00
$8M home $52,000.00 $79,040.00 $85,440.00 $52,960.00 $20,400.00 $38,400.00 $17,360.00 $35,360.00
$10M home $65,000.00 $98,800.00 $106,800.00 $66,200.00 $25,500.00 $51,500.00 $21,700.00 $47,700.00

Eby also made it clear that seniors and parents of young children are able to defer these taxes under very favourable terms.

“BC Property owners who are disabled, over 55, or with children under 18 years old can defer taxes in a program that has been available since 1974,” Eby said. “It is a program that offers extremely low fees, very favorable rates, and simple rather than compound interest. In fact it has been criticized for being non-means tested and actually being too favourable in its terms. Seniors who want to stay in their houses and defer taxes are welcome to do so, and many are already using this program.”

The Attorney General was planning to explain this to homeowners at a town hall meeting last week, but had to cancel the even over security concerns after the BC Liberal leader and the Leader of the Official Opposition Andrew Wilkinson urged his supporters to crash Eby’s meeting[4]http://davidebymla.ca/news/may-1-forum-and-community-office-cancelled-and-closed-due-to-safety-concerns-please-read-davids-letter-below/.

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8 Responses to Wealthy Vancouver homeowner likens BC NDP housing reforms to Nazi race laws

  1. bob says:

    use of [sic] in your article is demeaning.

    • Derby says:

      Standard practice when the person being quoted is unable to string together a proper English sentence. That ambulance-chaser is demeaning himself; the writer’s obligation is to report what was said, not to cover for the speaker’s failings.

    • James Dunlop says:

      As was pointed out, [sic] is meant to indicate that the source is being quoted directly, and that the inability to spell/write properly is that of the subject being quoted, not the author of the article.

      Given that the guy is claiming prejudice against the wealthy notwithstanding the favour clearly being shown in the tax comparison, he could _use_ some demeaning, but [sic] ain’t it.

  2. GregH says:

    Great example of one of Philip Mirowski’s elements of Neoliberal practice. Once a rule that benefits the wealthy is in place, it’s very difficult to correct it. In this case, even when there are reasonable examples right next door.

  3. nonconfidencevote says:

    Unbelievable .
    How does increasing taxes on a house worth millions equate to Nazi raxe Laws?

    What a pathetic comparison.

  4. earl hickey says:

    I think it is undeniable that some of the motivation for the Foreign Buyer’s tax and additional tax on homes above $4 million are related to the influx of money from Chinese buyers. There is a constant stream of comments on Reddit and other blogs that express open resentment towards wealthy buyers from china and real estate agents who market and sell properties to them. There is also open resentment towards the children and spouses of these buyers. They are openly labeled criminals and money launderers and often much worse than I can repeat here. Anyone denying this is being purposely naive or dishonest. that I believe is the basis for the claim that these new taxes are founded in part , in racism.

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      So we continue to allow housing to be purchased as a speculative investment? By anyone?

      To hell with people who cant afford to buy, cant find a place to rent while homes sit empty?

      Call it racism, whatever but when tax paying Vancouverites cant afford a house in Vancouver……there is something seriously wrong.

      This tax will only affect a group fo speculators looking for a fast buck.
      Hammer them all with extra taxes…. it doesnt affect the average person who wants to buy a place and (shock shock) LIVE THERE and raise a family FOR YEARS one bit.

      No. Tax the shit out of the flippers, speculators and scam artists making a fast buck.

      This Law should have been implemented YEARS ago.

  5. Romeo Sierra(avatar) says:

    What they don’t mention is if the seller has previous capital losses. That would reduce any capital gains they might have to pay from the sale.
    Also Quebec introduced the same situation sales taxes on the seller of a home.Why did they do that? Well because people where flipping homes as if they were tooth paste What ended up happening is false and massive price rises were lifting the price of all homes .But people who wanted to buy a family home were being priced out of the market.Homes are long term places to live in. They should not be used as if they are short term stock or options because then everyone gets hurt when the market falls out of the house prices.In the US it almost collapsed the entire world financial system.

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