Onni claims Hong Kong promotion was unauthorized, promoter received award from Onni

By Amy Chen

Vancouver developer Onni Group has responded to weekend’s ThinkPol article about 1335 Howe condo being sold to Hong Kong residents for “cheaper than in Canada”, claiming that the promotion company acted without authorization, even though the promoter had received an award for being the “#1 Producer” from Onni.

“In response to the article published by ThinkPol we would like to clarify that these claims are completely false,” Executive Vice-President Chris Evans stated in a release. “The Onni Group has no connection to Hong Win International’s marketing efforts, and did not authorize any of their sales promotions mentioned in regards to our Vancouver and Toronto properties currently being sold. These statements are 100% false and are not condoned by Onni in any way.”

“We have been in contact with Hong Win International and they have ceased all of their marketing efforts and apologized for their error,” Evans added.

While Hong Win International has deleted its Facebook page, and removed all references to Onni from its website, archived images show that Onni awarded Hong Win promoter Ken Tong a trophy for “outstanding sales performance”.

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One Response to Onni claims Hong Kong promotion was unauthorized, promoter received award from Onni

  1. Bridge Seller says:

    Hey Onni, your #1 promoter is using your branded material, but you still deny you had a connection to it?

    Sure, we believe you.

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