Christy Clark’s BC Liberals overpaid favoured donor $572 million to build bridge

By Amy Chen

The former BC Liberal government under Christy Clark overpaid party donor Kiewit/Flatiron General Partnership more than half a billion dollars for the Port Mann Bridge project, documents reveal.

While bridge was to be built under a fixed-price contract, figures obtained by the CBC show the contractor was paid a total of $572 million above the agreed price[1]

Kiewit/Flatiron General Partnership[2], Peter Kiewit and Sons, Peter Kiewit Infrastructure, and Flatiron Constructors Canada[3] have between them donated nearly $120,000 to the BC Liberals.

The bridge boondoggle is not the only time Clark’s Liberals have seemingly rewarded Kiewit for the donations.

Last year, the crown corporation BC Hydro named Peter Kiewit Infrastructure as preferred contractor for WAC Bennett Dam Repairs[4]

Clark’s administration also shortlisted Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co as potential contractor for the $3.5 billion George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project[5]

Kiewit made the cut even though the contractor had put British Columbians lives in danger by using substandard material while building the retaining wall for the new Sea-to-Sky Highway in 2015, forcing the highway to be closed while emergency repairs were carried out.

Ashok Bhatti, district manager for the Ministry of Transportation and Highways south coast region, told Northshore News that repairs are needed because a review of the project showed that Peter Kiewit and Sons used parts in the retaining wall that do not meet ministry standards[6]

Executives of Peter Kiewit and Sons have also pleaded guilty in connection to bid rigging in Oklahoma[7]

BC Greens called for an independent review of the Port Mann bridge spending.

“British Columbians deserve answers,” Leader Andrew Weaver said. “A public inquiry into the management of this project must be conducted to determine whether taxpayer interests have been adequately protected.”

“Taxpayers deserve to know whether their money is being well managed,” B.C. Green caucus spokesperson for transportation Adam Olsen said. “The allegations published today raise serious questions as to whether this was the case with the Port Mann bridge.”

“We must ensure accountability and transparency so that transportation is managed in the most efficient means possible,” Olsen added.

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7 Responses to Christy Clark’s BC Liberals overpaid favoured donor $572 million to build bridge

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s more than 10x the Fastcat Ferry loss. The Massey tunnel replacement tunnel was all about funnelling more money to Christy’s donors. I sure hope the RCMP will charge her after the investigation.

  2. Bill says:

    Too Late! Do you really think any of that taxpayers money is going to be returned to the government. If there is proof of fraud by the Liberals of the day , then charge people don’t waste more money reviewing the topic.

  3. Bill Smith says:

    Standard BC Liberal Modus operandi, When they sell publicly owned assets, Donators get fire sale prices and the opposite when it publicly built projects, BC Place roof, convention center, south Fraser perimeter road… ect are all massively over budget and its donators to the BC liberal re-election fund that benefit and taxpayers get screwed on both sides of the equation!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Those fucking Liberals and their corruption!😡 I hope her and her donors get life sentence for this.

  5. Terry Bodman says:

    It’s time grassroot Liberals took back the party and put a stop to this nonsense.I encourage true Liberals to take out memberships in their local constituency organisations and get involved. This is an ideal time as the process for choosing a new leader is beginning.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Take it out of political and city manager pensions. That should cover our loss.

  7. Thomas Craig says:

    Is there any honesty in government anywhere

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