Supporters publicly abandon Liberal Party as Trudeau reneges on electoral reform promise

By Amy Chen
Social media is abuzz with Liberal Party supporters publicly abandoning their membership, some going as far as to tweet photos of themselves cutting up their party membership cards, after their leader and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to renege on his long-held promise to change the way Canadians elect their Members of Parliament.

Disillusioned supporters also plastered the Prime Minister’s Facebook page with angry comments expressing their sense of betrayal.

“Progressive Canadians have been betrayed today,” Francis Santiago tweeted as he cut up his Liberal Party membership card.

“This may not be the place for it, but I notice you aren’t sharing that you’ve backed out of electoral reform,” Darian Tichler of Vancouver, BC, wrote on Trudeau’s Facebook page. “This was a key reason why the youngest demographic voted for you. You’ve lost my vote and that of many others because of this. Thank you for YOUR service, we’ll be voting for the real progressives next time around.”

“Bringing refugees to Canada is good, but your #1 most important promise was that 2015 would be Canada’s last FPTP election,” Jeffery Nichols of Edmonton Alberta, wrote. “I was going to vote for you in 2019, but now I will actively campaign to defeat you.”

“Mr. Trudeau, although I believe that you are a decent man, your outright deception on electoral reform is inexcusable and unforgivable” Darren Evorglens of Oakville, Ontario wrote. “You will not be voted back into power again. You have lost a fan who was in your corner defending you.”

“His decision to ignore electoral reform is going to haunt him and be a big reason for his future loss,” Deborah Dewson Bray of Montreal, Quebec, wrote about the Prime Minister.
“He has disappointed Canadians not because he’s not going forward with the reform but because he broke his word and therefore the trust we placed in him. He’s not a man of his word. He’s like every other power hungry politician and that’s very sad.”

“Not reforming the electoral system is based on greed for power, not for what is in Canada’s best interest,” Jared Savage, also from Montreal, wrote. “Way to lose my confidence and my vote.”

Prime Minister Trudeau justified the decision in his mandate letter to Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould stating that “a clear preference for a new electoral system, let alone a consensus, has not emerged.”

6 Responses to Supporters publicly abandon Liberal Party as Trudeau reneges on electoral reform promise

  1. Eronne Foster says:

    Its such a swing. To go from actively supporting and campaigning for him to planning anything I can do to defeat him in 2019. Obsessed with his defeat in truth.

  2. Bob Hansen says:

    The corporate-structured party system in Canada is for the benefit of MPs and those who buy them. It is dangerous to electors. We need to abandon the party system asap, as it works against the peoples’ best interests in a free and democratic society.
    Being a corporation themselves, the parties can not serve two masters (i.e. ‘mandate’), and so, they are more interested in party power than in working for the benefit of the majority of Canadians.
    see: Direct Democracy School, and i-acuse on facebook, and http://www.i-acuse and http://www.myfreedom2017 on the internet to see a solution to this mess of governance in these territories. No changes will occur until we unwind the corporate-structured party system.

  3. John M says:

    We need reform and furthermore we need anti Fraud rules. What do I mean? If a politician campaigns and gets votes threw promises that they will make and don’t keep them , That’s fraud. The promised to do something they never planned ever on doing. I don’t know the answer , just that something needs to be done, surely somebody smarter than I can figure this out. I’m sure most Canadians have had it with the lies. So many ignorant Canadians cuss Trump but at least he is keeping his word.

  4. Greg H says:

    I had high hopes, that at least this time, we could hope for better. But no. Worse than Harper in his deceptions, and that is so truly saying something … far worse than Harper with hugely deliberate lies … time and time and time again. This half-man Justin, truly was born privileged, and truly serves privilege. The environment and social justice will **never** benefit from this half-man. I believe that his father Pierre would be ashamed of Justin. His father at least brought all Canadians a Bill of Rights.

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