Trump has the lowest first 10-day approval since approval ratings began

By Amy Chen

Donald Trump’s approval at the end of his first 10 days is the lowest since the approval ratings began six decades ago, according to the most recent GALLUP poll.

At 43%, President Trump is 10 percentage points behind Ronald Raegan, who was at 53% at the same stage in 1981, and 12 percentage points behind Bill Clinton’s rating of 55%.

In comparison, President Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama enjoyed 64% at the beginning of February 2009.

The all time record for most popular President at the 10-day mark was held by John F Kennedy, at 72% in 1961.

Trump also earns the dubious distinction of becoming the first President to be more disliked than liked so early in his term, with 52% disapproving the new occupant of the White House.

Trump enjoys a solid 89% support among Republicans, but only 42% among independents and an even more dismal 13% among Democrats.

Trump’s approval numbers have not changed in a statistically significant manner since his inauguration, suggesting that his flurry of executive orders in the first week, including the controversial ban on visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries coming to the US, has had little effect on improving him appeal.

The GALLUP poll results are based on telephone interviews with approximately 1,500 national adults and carries a margin of error of ±3 percentage points.

3 Responses to Trump has the lowest first 10-day approval since approval ratings began

  1. Cynthia Leander says:

    I don’t approve.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trump is the worst hate monger ever to be elected accidently in the free world. I would like to think people voted for him based on blowing up the dysfunctional government but are now regretting what that means to a megalomaniac. 2 of his 3 wives are immigrants. His grandfather was Jewish and he hid it as he was afraid of discrimination. Their real estate holdings did everything in their power to discriminate against all minorities. The USA is being lead by one with no leadership skills, no political experience, one who doesn’t think about the big picture and is making the USA look stupid, ignorant and self centered. Corporations need to stand up to him. State government needs to stand up to him. Republicans must have some common sense people to oppose him. People need to protest in the loudest terms if you really want democracy to succeed. He wants to be a dictator and as a bully has run his private company as such. Can’t run a country this way and uphold democratic constitutional laws. Especially with all the nepotism and conflicts of interest.
      Those in the defunct coal mining industry or the rust belt…do you really thing he cares about you? He has surrounded himself with billionaires and promised them big tax cuts. What will you get? He won’t open old coal mines or force car companies to open in rust belts where there is limited skills to run the new high tech companies. Wise up my friends you have been taken to the cleaners. You might both be homophobic, white supremacists, anti-women, anti abortion, evangelicals but for democracy to succeed and you to continue to live on government support you need to suck it up.

      • John M says:

        Are you a Canadian or American? Because if you are Canadian , we can not talk, Our Prime Minister wants to destroy what little is left of our Canadian culture. He is disgusting. I would take Trump over him any day. At least at the end of his term you would still have a country to call our own.

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