Hold #Texit referendum or pay the price, Texas secessionist leader warns elected officials

Texas secessionist leader has warned that elected officials who ignore the Texans’ desire for a referendum on independence for their state from the United States will pay a price.

“The political class did not listen to the people and they paid the price,” Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, said in a released statement in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election as the next US President. “The people of Texas have stated emphatically and repeatedly that they want a full and open debate on Texas leaving the union and a binding vote on the issue.”

“And they want the bill making it happen passed in this session,” Miller added. “Do not ignore them or they will most assuredly send you a message in 2018.”

Miller’s said that his message was a “warning to the political class in Texas. Specifically, to the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor and every member of the Texas House and Senate.”

Miller claimed that Texans merely voted for Trump out of fear of Clinton.

“We know that many Texans cast their votes out of fear of a Clinton presidency. We know that many cast their votes to send a message or to shake up the system,” Miller added. “We know that over 6 million Texans didn’t think that this election would change a single thing and made the decision to sit it out. We also acknowledge those that could not, as a matter of conscience or principle, cast their votes for either candidate offered up by the major parties.”

The TNM leader does not expect a Trump presidency to usher in change.

“There will be a new President, but the Congress that rubber-stamped horrible governance is still in place and virtually unchanged,” Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, said in a released statement. “There will still be hundreds of thousands of pages of Federal laws, rules, and regulations, administered by hundreds of Federal agencies and 2.5 million unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats that will continue to be the real power. The Federal debt is still going to climb over $20 trillion and deficit spending will continue unabated. Our currency will continue to be regulated merely by the speed of the printing press.”

Miller claimed that the TNM has garnered over 325,000 pledged supporter, and lamented that while California’s secessionist movement #Calexit has attracted the attention of Californian politicians, the same cannot be said about #Texit and Texan politicians, even though the movement in the Lone Star State started much earlier than that in the Golden State.

“Perhaps it’s time that Texas politicians stop dragging their feet and give the Texas people, this legislative session, a referendum where they can decide for themselves whether they will remain with the Union or Texit,” Miller warned. “If the Governor and the Texas Legislature continue to ignore this issue, it may be that they will pay a heavy political price should California beat us to independence.”