Canadians invite California, Oregon and Washington to join Canada

Canadians are inviting people in the United States Pacific coastal states of California, Oregon and Washington, where United States President-elect Donald Trump lost heavily to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, to secede from the US and join Canada.

“Dear California, Oregon, Washington – I’m sure we can work something out if you want to join Canada,” Chad Harris, a reporter from Kamloops, British Columbia, tweeted.

“California, Oregon, Washington, I, for one, will accept you with open arms into the liberal bosom of Canada,” Alex Middleton of Calgary, Alberta agreed.

“Now is the time for Canada to prepare to add 3 provinces, Washington, Oregon and California,” fellow British Columbian Craig Heber from Tofino shared the sentiment. “Guaranteed means to grow economy would be adding the sixth largest economy in the world to ours.”
Some extended the invitation to Nevada, also won by the Democratic candidate.

“To the west coast of the United States, if you want to you can all become Canadian Provinces, since you voted closer to the experiences we have as Canadian,” Calgarian Andrew Mercier said in a Facebook post. “Therefore WA, OR, NV, and CA you are now provinces, also bring all the goodness that you have to us!!!”

Others want Hawaii, another so-called “Blue State” and outgoing President Barack Obama’s birthplace, to become a Canadian province.

“Dear USA west coast – Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii – come and join Canada, we’d welcome you!,” Torry Courte, a musician and songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia, tweeted.

“California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii,” Rick Spence from Toronto, Ontario, tweeted. “Don’t bother to count the votes. Join Canada. Just try us out for four years.”

How do the disgruntled voters in the West Coast states feel about joining?

Douglas Cole of Beaverton, Oregon, summed up the feelings of many shocked West Coasters in a humorous open letter.

Dear Canada,

We, the fine people of Washington, Oregon, and California, wish to secede. We offer our people, our land, and our resources to you, Oh Canada. We promise not to fight this, but instead, to fight FOR this. Although, you being…you know…Canadians, we’re confident in a polite transition as we become your fourth territory, Washorefornia.

Or Calorington.
We’re fine with either.
Just please take us.
Pretty please?

With Love and Great Respect,
The Western Former US States

“These days I love daydreaming about Washington, Oregon, and California all ceding from the US and joining Canada,” Scott Dixon of Mercer Island, Washington, posted on Facebook. “Besides that this would form a country that had one of the largest economies in the world (California is #6, Canada is #8 by GDP), it certainly seems like the American West coast has more in common with British Columbia then it does Idaho, Utah, and Arizona (In my daydream Nevada also cedes but becomes it’s own mad-max themed nation-state).”
“Hey Canada, I have a proposal for you,” Dave Lewis, of San Francisco, California posted on Facebook. “I say we take Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii, combine them with Canada and make one amazing country. Lots of new coastline. Who’s in?”

“Dear Mr Trump, I’ve figured it out,” Patrick Heffernan of San Diego, California posted. “End the deficit by selling Washington, Oregon, and California to Canada. We don’t mind.”

A merger with the Pacific states would more than double Canada’s population from 35 million to 83 million, while tripling the GDP from US$ 1.5 trillion to US$ 4.5 trillion.

2,002 Responses to Canadians invite California, Oregon and Washington to join Canada

  1. Wolfbay says:

    A word of encouragement to freaked out Democrats. It’s very likely there’ll be at least a recession within the next four years
    And the Dems will comeback yuggee. Fed debt 20 trillion, private and corporate 60 trillion, state and municipal debt huge,unfounded liabilities 100 trillion, interest rates at 5,000 year lows and rising, unrest around the world. Although the president has little real control over the economy, Trump will become the next Herbert Hoover and Dems will take over for a long time. This might be when a break up in the USA is more likely.

    • Anonymous says:

      Last I checked we ALL live under and abide by the same government, why are you trying to create MORE divide in the US? If that’s the definition of “encouragement” in your mind…then he feel extremely sorry for you.

      • Anonymous says:

        *I not “he”…

      • Anonymous says:

        Check again. We all live in the same country, but each state governs itself… so it doesn’t get more divided than that

      • Ed says:

        I clearly recall that Texas themselves spoke of secession, but you didn’t seem too awful concerned then… why the crocodile tears now? The GOP was ready if Hillary had won, and the GOP/tea party thought that was just great. So now that the US stands to lose half of their economy, now you think session is wrong… are you always this hypocritical or is today special in some mysterious way? No one needs your pity or your approval. You get one vote, just like everybody else does. And only if you live in those named states. I do.. I live in California, and I agree, it would be nice… universal healthcare without fighting for it sounds good just for a start. And their national leader isn’t a complete mental nut-job, too, which is also inviting.

        • High Schooler in Oregon says:

          I’ve been nervous to live in America lately, and with recent events, so has the majority of high school students around me. We’re scared, and many of us just like me can’t vote yet and feel powerless. Everyone I’ve brought up this topic with has been so excited. My parents and family, my friends, and my not-so-friends all get a little shine in their eyes when I bring this up. We want to be part of Canada and want to be involved in making it happen. Not everyone in CA, OR, NV and WA are worthless, brainless, drug addicts that are sucking up all the welfare. It’s not fair to the rest (much larger portion) of us when people assume such. Every city, state, and country has it’s issues. Obviously what we need is change. A good change. So please please please take us Canada! We need help! SOS from the educated portion of the USA. I personally would be so happy to join you Canada. You wouldn’t regret me I swear! Wouldn’t hurt to have an aspiring Veterinarian. 🙂

          • washington says:


          • Sick of your cause‼ says:

            Not all Californians want to be a part of Canada. Speak for yourself‼I’m a 5th Generation Californian & I am a Trump supporter & I am not supporting any crazy idea of my state that is owned by the federal government acting like a bunch of spoiled children turning the rest of of us over to a socialist country‼ Grow up & put up with it‼ Just like I put up with your Muslim, terrorist, lying, THEIF, President for eight years‼ Then 8 long years of those corrupt Clinton’s & that Blow Job KING disgracing the Oval Office‼That guy would jump a dog in heat‼ So get your head out of you ass & deal with what MOSF OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS WANTED FOR THEIR PRESIDENT‼ I’m not some dumb hick. I live in LA & work with a bunch of you liberal crybabies in the Whiny Entertainment Business‼ It’s not all of them either, just the ones who can’t get a job‼ I’m so sick of this garbage‼Do you even know what it would take for you to even accomplish this?? There is no way in hell it will ever happen without our President approving it‼ Good luck‼

          • BC grandma says:

            What a nice posting! I’m a great grandmother in Canada who would welcome you with open arms! I’ve never been back east here because I vacation in beautiful Oregon, Washington,,California, and Hawaii. We west coasters share similar philosophys and attitudes than we do with the conservative east coast It would be very exciting to have your states join Canada.
            Don’t be afraid, my dear. You need all your resources to grow into confident, independent adults and your schooling is an important tool to achieve that goal. Enjoy your youth, and don’t allow any person to rob you of your joy and your future good memories. Keep your faith and hope alive.
            A big hug for you and your buddies.

          • Marty says:

            Please don’t be scared. But I’d highly recommend that you stop watching mainstream media and cut back on social media as well. All the doom and gloom is propagated by the reports by sensationalist journalism. Media reports have become nothing more than click-bait. It’s easy to tell by the titles. Search out your own news sources with your own built in BS meter. It’s easy to detect crap journalism which constitutes about 80% of what’s out there. Free thinkers are a good thing just don’t be a free thinker who follows the lemmings.

          • Lakota Night Hawk says:

            Hey Sick of your cause!!, your president might not have “jumped a dog”…YET, but think about the things he has jumped…children, prostitutes, porn stars, etc. You don’t have much of a leg to stand on, so just quit already.

        • Sherri says:

          Right on.

      • Jim says:

        LOL, you should come out from under the rock… we are NOT going to recognize “your president’, your government led by Criminals.. nor you.. We ARE divided, will REMAIN divided as long as the Criminal charlatans are wielding their ignorant behavior around like the idiots they are.. We will not be deterred from uprising and your type of ignorance. LOL please, please, don’t waste your foolishness or sorrow on any of us.. We are weeping with tears of humor over your intense stupidity! What a joke..

        • Duke Nucem says:

          Prime Minister not president. I think you’d benefit from our educational systems. If ignorance is your platform for debate then no rebuttal is needed. You’ve said enough…..Man did you miss the mark. Keep your chin up though and whatever wits you do possess. I pray that your misgivings about this purely hypothetical scenario don’t hinder your ability to see the crisis before you. Instead I hope you point your energy toward helping those that you can. Please look after your neighbours, family, friends and community. When that’s done and all this tragedy is behind us will be the right time to be wrong.

      • sydney says:

        i would rather be CANADIAN i am ASHAMED to be american and whos fault is that you ask? well, he just so happens to be the president of the united states.

        • Anonymous says:

          Can’t say that I blame you.

        • Rimor says:

          Agreed, I for one hate having to live in this country, and Trump isn’t exactly making it any better. If the west coast were to join up with Canada, it would be so much stress off my back, and for that to happen would be extremely refreshing. No more would I have to live in the same country as some of the unnamed things that reside there.

        • patricia says:

          Me too Sydney. The idea is fine by me.

      • Rahula Bhikkhu says:

        Yeah but we don’t want to live under the same government. Fuck the USA. I’m all for joining Canada!

    • Win says:

      If your definition of “encouragement” is creating more divide amongst the American people…I feel extremely sad for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know much about Canadian law but if they legislate by majority rule then soon they will realize they need an electoral college or those states will rule them. And that’s hardly fair. ROFL. They’ll send ’em packing at that point.

      • We do not need the Electoral College. Our voting system is just fine. At least it would give Quebec a run for its money.

      • Anonymous says:

        We use a first past the post system, based on specific demographics in condenced populations electing different ridings, so it could definitely throw off our system of checks and balances. How about instead we just colonize Calorington as a dependent nation state with no vote? I’m sure you wouldn’t mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haven’t you been watching the news for the past 8 years, we are already there that to the Dems and Obama. Why do you think Trump won

    • Jose A Dantos says:

      Put Puerto Rico on the list too!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank You – I’d love to join you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m in…..nuff said.

    • What about Minnesota we are neighbors Canada who wants to live in a Trump nightmare . GOP can keep their sinking ship .

    • Anonymous says:

      I’M on Social Security Medicare and Medicaid and wish I could! A DISABLED SENIOR LIVING would be impossible for me! If I could take my earned benefits, I’d leave as soon as I could sell my house! Trudeau is a gem!

  2. TTMartin says:

    Canadian Tar Sands Oil!

  3. Rocky says:

    The upside for the Unified States, we would lose States with very high debt, California especially, we would lose a good share of our Criminal and Welfare Recipient Immigrants, we would lose California that is a big drain on our energy because they have Regulated most of theirs out of business. The downside, my Cousins that live in those States would have to move back to their birth States. We would lose the Majority of Progressive Liberals and turn our Country primarily Conservitive. It would be like a great Christmas Present.

    • ohm says:

      Is a conservative who can’t spell conservative (and capitalizes words arbitrarily) worth listening to? Maybe, when the conclusion is right, even if the reasoning (like the spelling) is wrong.

    • Diane Joy says:

      California has the sixth largest economy in the world. We will do just fine. The bible belt states would have to stop relying on our support. You are the welfare states – you take more than you give and we are tired of supporting stupid people. We have it all – access to ocean trade, clean rivers, mountains, deserts, clean air, drinkable water, educated people…

      That’s right, stupid state, keep your conservative policies, go ahead and wallow in your own filth and pray. And don’t try immigrating to California – we don’t want you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said!

      • Anonymous says:

        Water…. lol

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow……that is, by far, the most hateful, bigoted comment I have ever heard. Not one bit surprised you are a progressive Liberal. You scream for equality and tolerance but actually have none at all.

        • G says:

          The point is that the divide was created (again) by a flawed system the puts in office the candidate that lost the popular vote. Currently, highly populated states do not receive equal representation in the electoral college, so less populated states decide the election as each voter receives more sway in contrast to the popular vote (which is conveniently in opposition to the Constitution). Currently in the US, there is a Conservative movement against science, women’s rights and articles in the Constitution. Those who paid attention in Civics class know how wrong this is and are tired of the lies and “alternate facts” (can’t believe Conway was dumb enough to coin this phrase). I would like to suggest that Hawaii be added to the succession movement as the voters there share the beliefs of Pacifica. The Pacific coast will thrive, as will the Eastern Seabord, if they follow the secession movement. The poor, less populous states who supported Trump in the mid-and-southern-states will be nearly landlocked, with a great reduction of federal funds (as more economically solvent states are no longer supporting them). But that is what they voted for so it meets their wishes. They got their candidate and all the flaws that he brings to office. BTW, this is not hateful in any way. It is entirely factual. There will never be agreement between the liberal states and the conservative states on so many human rights issues. The issues on each side are, honestly, non-negotiable. So, let’s just agree to disagree, shake hands and move on. Good luck to all!

          • Anonymous says:

            You are really sick

          • Anonymous says:

            The point of the EC is so California, Florida, etc. can’t decide the entire election. If that were the case, then candidates would only go to the states with the highest populations rather than the smaller states.

          • Sherri says:

            Agreed, G.
            Those who take offense at your comment should know that the angst of the Left toward the Right primarily arises not from a hatred of the Right, but from the fact that even as we watch our predominately conservative government leaders make one ill-advised policy move after another, all the while we are painfully aware that our own fate is being decided by the voting Right who keep electing these people.
            It’s rather like being shackled to a person diving off a boat who doesn’t know how to swim and isn’t wearing a life jacket.
            Yes, we do have irreconcilable differences.
            The remedy is a divorce.

        • Anonymous says:

          Tolerance for the willfully ignorant is overrated. Welcome to the new liberal. We are done taking care of morons.

        • Anonymoose says:

          I’m sorry it upset you then, cupcake. I hear Breitbart’s offering free counseling to those traumatized by such naked liberal aggression. Also a nice pair of leather boots and a fancy armband, just in case the latest trauma victim doesn’t have their own set already.

          But I have to ask, did it never occur to you that after putting up with little more than insults, ridicule, and general disdain from the right-wingers for several decades, maybe we’ve just decided to stop giving you free passes? Year in and year out, being called soft, spineless, cowardly, un-American, lazy, useless, traitors, etc.

          So we’re done tolerating the intolerable, but we welcome you to equality- we had our turn, now it’s yours. You and everyone else trying to undo all the progress that’s been made over the past fifty years are going to get exactly what you’ve been giving us all along. Here’s hoping you fare better than the GOP politicians literally running from their liberal (or even MODERATE) constituents rather than face them.

        • Mark Lanzarotta says:

          Since when do liberals have “toleration” for a bunch of Far Right hatemongers? Since never! Did Roosevelt ever tolerate Hitler? You’re reasoning shows the characteristic lack of reason typical of conservatives. You people are so horrible and disgusting, it would be a pleasure for all Californians to join another country that doesn’t have so many rural prejudiced oafs.

      • Anonymous says:

        You go girl!

      • Lizbeth Coleman says:

        Well said! ????????

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        I love when tolerant, inclusive liberals speak their “real” mind.

      • Anonymous says:

        That about sums it all up. Should have just let the south go it alone in the 1860’s.

      • Anonymous says:

        Will you let someone in from Chicago?

      • Anonymous says:

        Am from Portland.

        We don’t want you either, California.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bless your heart. Wow

      • Eli says:

        As a progressive living in Arizona, it’s comforting to know I could make it to California on a full tank of gas.

        I myself have the resources to pay my own way once I get there (not to mention a high demand skill,) but hopefully California will have a generous refugee policy for those of us who would much rather live in a country where human rights and basic decency are respected instead of living with a President like Junior Mussolini.

    • Tom says:

      Do really know much about Canada’s involvement with the NWO? Or about Islam and Muslims in Canada? Sharia law?
      I suggest you also look into beastiality. Uh huh. Its legal in Canada. Pedophilia might be, too…which will only interest the pedophiles but not parents!
      If you find Canada to be something you’re interested in, I suggest you apply for a visa and good luck!

      • Fred Ogden says:

        I resent tha fact you say bestiality and pedophilia are legal in Canada. They are NOT!
        There is no sharia law in Canada and there never will be.

        You use the word ‘research’. If you did any, you have purposely distorted it and imply bullshit. That is what all the right wing supporters do, in both our countries. Shame on you. We wouldn’t want YOU in Canada.

      • Anonymous says:

        Tom, you show your ignorance by not knowing anything about Canada. Your comments are not only fake news but could be classified as “alternative facts’ to the truth. Stay where you are. Canada doesn’t want ignorant people.

      • Anonymous says:

        This guy is seriously on drugs. Bestiality legal? Paedophilia legal? Nothing this person says is the truth!

      • theresbob says:

        Yes…but in Canada we ruled out first cousin marriages in the 19th century knowing we’d improve comment pages in the 21st.

      • Mike Robinson says:

        LOL! Another wonderful dispatch from the world of “alternative facts”!

      • Anonymous says:

        Careful with the pedofilia. You’ll attract the religious right nut jobs like Roy Moore.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, that would be such a great Christmas present — having this country become ruled by bigoted, hypocritical conservatives who are stupid enough to think that my home, California, is made up of criminals and welfare recipients (although California, if it became a country on its own, would be one of the richest countries in the world, and free of NASCAR, KKK, and the uneducated white males who put Trump in office).

    • Anonymous says:

      Merry Christmas!

    • Rimor says:

      Okay, what did you just post? Because I can’t read it. One more reason to leave the USA, we wouldn’t have to deal with as much people like you.

    • Daniel says:

      The USA would lose its access to the Pacific Ocean, so I don’t think they would agree to it. But perhaps if you left a strip of land between Oregon and California, or a strip of land south of LA to the USA – perhaps the rest of us might be happy to bid you goodbye. 🙂

      All the Hollywood types have been threatening to move to Canada – this way they wouldn’t have to move…

    • Mark Lanzarotta says:

      Yes, and then you can finally learn to spell worth a damn, Einstein.

    • Mark Lanzarotta says:

      It would be a great Christmas present for Californians to join a land where people know how to spell.

    • Rahula Bhikkhu says:

      Conservatives are retards who don’t know what’s good for themselves.

  4. Kim says:

    Please, please, please—-people of the West Coast—vote now to secede and join Canada. I will be on the next wagon train west! O, Canada…..!

  5. cwigginton says:

    Except for any federal land managed by the BLM and National Parks, That should stay with the U.S., being the property of all Americans. The borders would have to route around our land, so it would not be as clean as what was drawn out and they would probably get significantly less than what they are expecting. The U.S. would not have to worry about all that nuclear waste from San Onofre’s shuttered plant, it could stay with California forever.

    • dj says:

      Congress wants to sell off public lands anyway, so we will buy them. And Nevada just loves nuclear waste – I’m sure they will take it.

    • JJ says:

      Property of all Americans? What oil company do you work for? The National Park Service is under a gag order issued by Trump. Republicans want to sell off public lands (bill introduced by Congressman Jason Chaffetz, R-UT) and drill for oil in the National Parks. (Rep. Rep. Paul Gosar R-AZ). As for nuclear waste staying in CA… American politicians are a cheap buy… a few hundred thousand dollars to a politician and the nuclear waste will be on it’s way to AZ or some other state forever.

      • TM says:

        Haha gag order??? You know that was blown out of context right lol. Everything is on pause cause of department heads being replaced this happens with every new president. The reason why it is still on hold is because the Democrats didn’t show up to vote for the okay. So it is the Democrats that are holding up the EPA but nice try lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        You do know the the gag order was blown out of context right lol? Every thing is on pause because department heads a changing every president does this smart ass. It’s funny to cause they tried to put in the new department head but the Democrats didn’t show up to vote so the reason the EPA is still on freeze is because of the Democrats but nice try. Lol

  6. Arnie Perlstein says:

    You Canooks forgot to include the entire northeast, Minnesota, Wisconsin, & Illinois. Then we’re really talking!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I couldn’t afford Canadian taxes, so no thanks.

      • NArs says:

        Anonymous, How about free health care? would you like that?

        • Anonymous says:

          If California ever became part of Canada I would move out of Canada!!! We don’t want your illegals thank you.

          • Mark Lanzarotta says:

            Maybe we can just throw you into North Dakota when we Californians move in to your prairie oilfield. We will be sure to bring an undocumented worker to take your place. He will say “Ole” instead of “Eh.” Then Canada will be festive, full of Tacos rather than Tories.

      • Anonymous says:

        Canadian taxes aren’t very high at all. Depending on which province you live it varies of course. You have to take into account that you don’t need to actually pay for health insurance anymore because all Canadians are entitled to free health care. To an extent. So if you take that money that you were initially paying for your Healthcare and add it to the increased taxes you’ll receive, it won’t be much of a change. Canada also has higher minimum wages then the US federal level. Enjoy

      • Neil says:

        Canadian taxes are not as high as you might think if you consider all of the services we receive including free health care. There is also the fact that our wages are much higher than the U. S.

        Bottom line is that most Canadians have a higher take-home-pay than their Southern neighbours, have a better education, a better health care system, and an all-round better standard of living.

    • Daniel says:

      Wisconsin has already turned Republican – don’t think they would want to go.

  7. Charlie Dean says:

    We could just take those states by force and deport the liberal scourge from our borders……

    • Anonymous says:

      If you think you could take the West Coast… or even California alone, by force, you’ve bumped your head. Hard.

    • Rimor says:

      I highly doubt Canada could take the entire west coast by force. Also, Canada wouldn’t just dump out so many hard working individuals, that would throw the economy out of balance.

  8. Davo says:

    California is in a tug of war between Mexico which claims it as their historic legacy and now with Canada. As one of the 11 states where more people are on welfare than in the work force, either country might be in for a rude awakening with the ceding of California.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Don’t abandon the rest of the blues! What will we do? Can we come with you?

  10. Franken says:

    This reminds me of that novel from the 70s… Ecotopia

  11. Anonymous says:

    Simple don’t like what’s going on in your state leave. Move to Canada.

    • Rimor says:

      … What?

    • Rahula Bhikkhu says:

      “Simple don’t like what’s going on in your state leave. Move to Canada.”

      Another retarded comment by a retarded Trump brown nose idiot. If you don’t know how stupid this comment of yours is, get educated. Or is schooling against your religion?

  12. Dani says:

    Hey Canada we’re ready to go into seed with you since friends going to do nothing but kill more people who aren’t the elite and who are just middle-class or or even on the homeless that we have already it’s just going to get worse so please let us become one with you then maybe we might have a chance to live a life we love instead of resenting the life we have because of the man whom Jerusalem is already falsely following and I’m sure when we all realize is the Antichrist himself will be begging you to love us instead

  13. Lynn Underhill says:

    They are also states where Canada is not trying to leave it’s dirty pipeline.

  14. Rita Kimmel says:

    This is not a California effort, but rather a far-right Russian group looking to break up the US. See, among others, a 2/3/2017 article in San Francisco Chronicle.

  15. sarah says:

    Hello from Indiana. My family hates what is going on. All of it! Always wanted to move to the west coast but didn’t want to leave children and grandchildren. We are all ready to go now! Please, people of Canada tell me this is actually a possibility.

  16. Nancy says:

    Why didn’t you ask Minnesota to join you, Canada?

  17. Sharon says:

    OK, I’m Canadian and I would welcome California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii to join us. You are such nice people and so welcoming that we feel you would fit right in. We welcome lots and lots of people except for those that burn crosses, paint obscene stuff and distroy property that belongs to all of us. But so do you! We’ll get on nicely. Also, we’re going to legalize weed.

  18. Patricia Chen says:

    Where do I sign up to join Canada? California is a great place and my home, but I really want to live under a federal government that delivers peace and Healthcare, among other things. My husband and I have been talking about immigrating to Canada for 25 years.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I say hell yes!

  20. Oregon Girl says:

    I say hell yes! -oregon

  21. toogoodaperson says:

    Might as well join Canada. In November’s election-scrum, not one single vote in Oregon, for President, mattered one way or another. It’s as if we don’t exist in the USA. Not one ballot from Oregon offset the red state electoral total that went to the Con Man. Also, our primaries are so late in the year that the Dem and Rep candidates are already decided — in fact, every election cycle, mullet heads in Iowa and New Hampshire set the agenda (and, boy, do they have agendas) for the rest of the country — and politicians in Oregon are too fearful to move our primary voting up to offer a little West Coast perspective in the campaigning. California has a big complaint, too. One person, one vote? Not hardly. No thanks to the Electoral College, one voter in Wyoming, for one example, carries the same weight as 20 voters in California.

  22. ryk tompkins says:

    If anyone is really serious about this, I say it needs to be expedited. Our new republic secretary of state in Oregon is already trying to figure out how to gerrymander democrats out of power here, and if he does our opportunity will be lost

  23. Radha says:

    So, I ask, how do we make it happen?

  24. Friendly Coloradan says:

    Oh OH Oh! Colorado, too!!!!!!

  25. Minnesota Native says:

    Please take Minnesota too! Please!!!

  26. jl says:

    Really if America is so divided perhaps we should I’d be all for it. Plus the Canadian snowbirds wouldn’t have to leave Canada to go spend the winter in Palm Springs. Some of our Burger Kings could be turned into Tim Horton’s, it’s owned by a Canadian company after all. Question tho would all our radio and tv stations have to start with a C instead of a K?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Why sit at your computers and smart phones and talk about it? I say don’t let the door hit you in the ass!!! ???? BYE

    • Sherri says:

      Anonymous –
      Why sit at our computers and smart phones and talk about it?
      That’s probably because those on the Left tends to be smart enough not to execute until they have first assessed and considered the assessments and expertise of others in the group, which necessitates fact-finding and yes, — actual discussion.
      Among other things, they also want to first explore whether there might be any unanticipated adverse long-term consequences that could result from their actions.
      The reactionary Right tends to skip all that. Which is, of course, the primary reason they so often get it wrong.

  28. John Smith says:

    I’m for the United States of Canada. Let Jesusland sink in it’s own fetid theocratic swamp!

  29. Elizabeth Archerd says:

    As a Minnesotan, I am deeply hurt that we have not been invited. Half the USA already thinks we are Canadians. Something about the way we talk.

    Consider us Manitoba-Baja, and please let us in. We know beer, moose, long-johns, and many of us actually enjoy ice fishing. There would not be nearly the cultural assimilation problems you will have with Southern Californians. Just sayin’.

  30. sydney says:

    im from washington and i would love for nothing more than to have canada adopt us!!! i really wish this would happen, its probably not going, but i really want it to

  31. Morgan says:

    As a Canadian there are a few problems I see with this idea.

    If the west coast of the U.S. joined us it would more than double our population. In effect the people living in the new provinces would have the capability of determining a large percentage of our government.

    A possible solution this particular issue would be to let each state join slowly over time. One state joins, wait five years, second state joins (if they still want to).

    But a bigger issue is that when your family is in turmoil you don’t abandon them, you try and help them through it. For better or worse the west coast of the United States are still part of the American family, I know times have been tough, but abandoning your family should be last resort (or almost a last resort, as civil war would be worse).

    I would hope that you would try and save the other U.S. states before jumping ship. Educate people in other states, raise awareness of issues. But if you join a new family, please make sure it isn’t premature.

    • Mark Lanzarotta says:

      Tell you what. California will join Canada if you kick all the Albertans out. They are a bad element.

    • Sherri says:

      Morgan –
      After over 200 years of “turmoil in the family,” it’s become apparent that what we actually have is irreconcilable differences.
      Here, that’s grounds for a divorce. And for good reason.

  32. Angela says:

    Canada sounds great the people are more united I would love to join Canada as I am also afraid of the way America is going.

  33. I’m a Canadian so I would love all the state you want join Canada so let’s go and make a better community

  34. Mark Lanzarotta says:

    Okay, but keep in mind that California has more people than Canada. Maybe you should join us, eh? Don’t forget Alaska too. They may not be very liberal, but they may be thrilled to actually be contiguous to a country they belong to. Of course Quebec will leave, maybe even the Eskimos and other First Peoples. But you’ll have California, and a brand new capital called Sacramento. And you can leave the Commonwealth and have a real chief of state. How about Jerry Brown? And won’t it be fun when New England and the Mid Atlantic states also join Canada. Then those irritating red states can have a nice gun-toting time all by themselves with King Donald and his corrupt billionaire Dukes. And a bunch of crazy serfs who will beg to be used as doormats.

  35. Mark Lanzarotta says:

    If you got every single blue state on both coasts, as well as Minnesota, to join, the country would need a new name. How about Usona, an acronym for United States of North America. The flag could be a bear holding a maple leaf.

  36. Mark Lanzarotta says:

    If the blue states join Canada, who will be left in America? A bunch of people who don’t know how to spell.

  37. Oregon boy says:

    I would rather be Canadian
    I ♥canada
    Please accept us

  38. Rahula Bhikkhu says:

    People that still think the USA is the greatest country in the world are utterly stupid and uneducated. We might be 80th…maybe. Canada is far better, as are many countries. What proves the stupidity of USA #1 morons is them always saying how free the USA is. LOL! They actually believe it’s the only free country in the world. Seriously, they think all other countries don’t have free speech, democracy, etc. The USA is not very free any more. It’s owned by corporations. Anyone with half a brain would know this.

  39. suimaoga says:

    As a Canadian there are a few problems I see with this idea.

    If the west coast of the U.S. joined us it would more than double our population. In effect the people living in the new provinces would have the capability of determining a large percentage of our government.

    A possible solution this particular issue would be to let each state join slowly over time. One state joins, wait five years, second state joins (if they still want to).

  40. Really if America is so divided perhaps we should I’d be all for it. Plus the Canadian snowbirds wouldn’t have to leave Canada to go spend the winter in Palm Springs.

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