Harper prosecution fund hits $20K

A fund set up by a democracy watchdog to launch a private prosecution against former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, members of his Prime Minister’s Office, and officials of his Conservative Party of Canada has reached the $20,000 mark.

There has been renewed interest in a private prosecution of Harper and his PMO after Ontario Justice Charles Vaillancourt’s ruled that their actions were “covert,” “driven by deceit,” “shocking” and “unacceptable” in a democracy in finding Senator Mike Duffy not guilty of all charges in the Senate expenses trial.

“Mr. Neubauer [the crown prosecutor] stated that Senator Duffy’s actions were driven by deceit, manipulations and carried out in a clandestine manner representing a serious and marked standard expected of a person in Senator Duffy’s position of trust,” the judge said in his ruling. “I find that if one were to substitute the PMO, Nigel Wright and others for Senator Duffy in the aforementioned sentence that you would have a more accurate statement.”

Ottawa-based Democracy Watch is seeking to raise $55,000 to cover the costs of prosecuting everyone in Prime Minister Harper’s Office and in the Conservative Party who took part in the bribing of Senator Mike Duffy.

Democracy Watch had previous called for criminal prosecutions of both Mike Duffy and Nigel Wright for the $90,000 payment Wright made to Duffy when the payment was first made public two years ago, and launched a national petition that was signed by more than 33,000 Canadians calling for an independent prosecutor to be appointed to review evidence and make prosecution decisions.

“The key legal measure for the prosecution is subsection 119(1) of the Criminal Code, which prohibits even offering (as well as giving) ‘corruptly’ any benefit to any public official ‘in respect of’ any action or inaction by the official in their capacity as a public official (even if the official never acts),” a statement released by the group said. “This subsection also prohibits the public official from even attempting to obtain (as well as obtaining) the benefit. And under section 21 of the Criminal Code, it is a violation to aid or abet anyone in violating any prohibition in the Code, and under section 24 it is a violation to attempt to violate any prohibition in the Code.”

“The Criminal Code allows anyone to launch a private prosecution for certain offences, and Democracy Watch continues to gather evidence and legal support to take those responsible in Prime Minister Harper’s Office to court for bribing Senator Mike Duffy because government lawyers won’t,” Democracy Watch added. “Please help hold these Harper Conservatives accountable for their wrongdoing by making your donation now to the Harper PMO Prosecution Fund.”

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  1. Realbertan says:

    What the Duffy verdict clearly shows is that Prime Minister Harper was unfairly vilified by the media because he refused to take selfies with reporters.

    With Bill C-51, Harper protected us from the Muslim terrorists.

    With Bill C-24, Harper protected us from immigrant terrorists.

    With Bill C-27, Harper protected us from corrupt Indian chiefs.

    With Bill C-377, Harper protected us from union thugs.

    You liberal lefty cucks are upset that Harper protected Canada and our Western Christian way of life. Now you want to jail the only man who will be able to protect our daughters from being raped by Muslim rapefugees the way the white Christian women are being raped in Sweden and Germany.

    • Anonymous says:

      Realbertan, while you have always been a troll, you at least used to write original comments. Now you’re just copying and pasting. What gives bud?

      • Sean A says:

        http://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-1.659480 Seriously Realbertan, ya desperate hate mongering bigot … Your propaganda isn’t fooling anybody : Christian Western? DREAM ON YA DESPERATE CHUMP : the people of Canada are not enslaved by any faith (we understand where they come from); we respect them … they may guide us but to hate under the guidance of desperate monetary slavers : WE THINK NOT. So, which “think tank” pays you to spew such hatred : where did your pathetic self come from?

    • Anonymous says:

      Inbreeding is not a desired outcome

    • Anonymous says:

      Spilling and grimmer count

    • Realworld says:

      Realbertan Arrogant little bish arn’t you? I have a Syrian refugee living right next door to me. The girls don’t wear blankets around their heads heck they all have pony tails and are going to school. Nice Family, though since you are an inbred all you know is that f*&^ing your cousin is OK!! Dumb Redneck doesn’t understand that there is a world outside of Alberta.

    • Turdeau not my PM says:

      I’m waiting for the news media to bash all the Liberal Senators who stole significantly more money from taxpayers than Duffy. But we know that they are all just minions of the self queen Justin.

    • Sean A says:

      WW3 : just remember who started them … Canadians are not weak in spirit and mind to be enslaved by desperate bully peasants & pirates 😛 Furthermore, they’re creative and resourceful enough to learn the truth over slandering lying false flag terrorists chumps 😛 http://www.cjpme.org/condemn_me ya pirates!

    • Mary Ann Whittaker says:

      Thank you, and you are right….Mr. Harper did a lot FOR Canada and Canadians – unlike Mr. Trudeau and the Liberals who seem hell bent on destroying this country. Nice to see someone produce facts to back up their narrative…much appreciated.

    • Anonymous says:

      Harper protect the Christian way of life??? He doesn’t know right from wrong or even follows the 10 commandments . The Bible says to love your neighbours as ones self, but most of alllove your enemies. Is loving your enemies by dropping bombs? Christians now days don’t even know the meaning of Christianity you only profess it when it is convenient . Take a good look at the US of A. All tea bags professing to be Christians.

  2. Nino says:

    democracy watch is a Lieberal group, wich still suffer from Harper Dearrangement Syndroma

    • Turdeau not my PM says:

      “Democracy” is not a word that should be spoken along with “Liberal”. The dictator Justin plans to change how we vote without any democratic input from Canadians

      • Mary Ann Whittaker says:

        Absolutely correct…Mr. Trudeau wants to get rid of the “first past the post” system of voting that has been in place for the last 150 yrs. in Canada, and has served us well. The best system in the world!! Yet, Mr. Trudeau is refusing to have a referendum to ascertain if the majority of Canadians wish to stay with our current Electoral system, or if we wish to opt for a new system. If he has his way, the system he prefers, and will put in place, will guarantee the Liberals being in power for decades to come!! Sorry, but the Millions of Canadians in this country have the RIGHT to make that decision – NOT Mr. Trudeau and a handful of his minions. We live in a DEMOCRACY – let’s keep it that way. Contact your MLA, MP, and members of the opposition (PCs) by e-mail etc. and demand there be a referendum – get any of your relatives, friends, co-workers etc. to do the same. We CANNOT lose our country due to our silence !!

  3. Andrew Bowlby says:

    Where can i contribute? yes nail Harpo!

  4. exposer says:

    well a court action like this against a former prime minister if it is successful will send a clear message to all the prime ministers who follow that if they do not do the job for which they are paid and protect the rights of canadians and our livelihood and think they can engage in using a police force to do their dirty work instead of the police force doing the job for which they are paid for and that is go after dirty people including terrorists both foreign and organized crime terrorists then canadians will fight back. This action is just what canadians need. We cant be insulted when there is only one person charged in a bribe instead of two-the one giving and the one taking.

    Bravo to those who have decided to what alot of Canadians have thought and wish they could do.

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