How did Liberals turn Tory surplus into a deficit? former minister Raitt asks

A former Conservative cabinet minister is alleging that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s two-and-a-half-week-old government has turned the Tory “surplus” into a deficit, and wants to know how the Liberals did it.

Lisa Raitt, the MP for the Ontario riding of Milton who served as the Minister of Transport in Stephen Harper’s cabinet, made the accusation in after Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced a $3-billion deficit before factoring in the Liberal campaign promises in the government’s first fiscal update Friday.

The Tories had forecast a $2.3-billion surplus for this year, but the Parliamentary Budget Officer confirmed last week that Conservatives’ projections were based on unrealistic growth figures.

“The Liberals took this year’s $1.4 billion deficit and turned it into a $3 billion deficit,” Raitt, who is seen as a potential candidate for Tory leadership, asked in a post on the Conservative Party of Canada Facebook page. “They need to explain where that money went”

“How did Justin Trudeau’s Liberals turn a surplus into a deficit so quickly?” Raitt asked. “SHARE if you want to see some real transparency!”

Canadians did not seem to be amused by Raitt’s post, coming in the heels of a similar statement by former Conservative Finance Minister Joe Oliver that was subjected to much derision.

“By all means the Liberals should explain it to Canadians,” Jeremy Nuttall, The Tyee’s Parliament Hill reporter said. “But I don’t think Raitt will like it.”

“You couldn’t make it up,” Businessmen Mike Radan from Appin Ontario said. “Nobody would believe you.”

“The jaw dropping stupidity of this lot is beyond compare,” @Frankenstein68 tweeted. “This goes beyond covering their lies − right to ‘delusional’”

“And She’s supposed to be The Smart One in the bunch?” Larry A. Musser asked. “Wow!Are they headed to the Trash Bin of History or What ?”

“The Conservative Party of Canada can no longer rely on their base believing whatever they say” Joel Parkes tweeted. “Their talking points look fragile and silly.”