Syrian refugee among Paris terrorists, Greece confirms, but Trudeau will go ahead with resettlement plan

Syrian refugee among Paris terrorists, Greece confirms, but Trudeau will go ahead with resettlement plan

A Syrian refugee was among the terrorists who slaughtered 129 civilians during the attack in Paris last night, the Greek government has confirmed, but the Canadian government will go ahead with the plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada by the year’s end, according to a senior official from the Prime Minister’s Office.

“With respect to the case of the Syrian passport that was found in the area of the terrorist attack. We announce that the passport holder had passed by Leros on 3/10/2015, where he was identified, based on EU rules, as these were established on the Summit Meeting about the refugee issue,” Greek Alternate Minister for Citizens Protection Nikos Toskas said in a statement released today. “We do not know whether the passport was checked from other countries through which it is possible the holder passed. We will continue the painstaking and persistent effort, under difficult circumstances, to ensure the safety of our country and Europe, insisting on the full identification of those that pass through the refugee stream.”

A senior official from the PM Justin Trudeau’s Office told reporters in Turkey today that the government remains committed to the promises the Liberal Party campaigned on, but assured Canadians that that the refugees will be chosen in a “safe and responsible” manner.

Meanwhile, a petition demanding that the PM Trudeau extend the Syrian refugee resettlement deadline has garnered more than 55,000 signatures.

The petition, started three weeks ago by a user from Edmont, Alberta, is also addressed to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Minister John McCallum, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister Ralph Goodale, and National Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan.

“Consider the Canadian Citizens and their security as well as the Economic burden that this would create,” the petitioner wrote. “Consider all outcomes prior to admitting this many people in from a whole other culture. First and foremost it is your duty as our government to protect Canadians first.”

“Rushing this process undoubtedly compromise the safety and security of Canadian citizens, as well as permanent residents,” the petition warns.

The majority of signatories expressed security and economic well-being of Canadian citizens as their motive for signing the petition.

“I’m signing because I care about Canadian people’s safety and Canada’s safety. In the current economy situation we have today in Canada,” Hong zhang from Calgary, Alberta said. “Mr. Trudeau, please take care of your own people before thinking about taking in refugees. The risk is greater than good cause.”

“With the events in Paris it has become very clear that terrorists who threaten our way of life are using them as a Trojan horse,” Cole Huber from High River, Alberta said. “To continue in this manner of letting everybody into Canada will inevitably be a huge drain on our economy during a recession as well as a threat to Canadians lives and well being.”

“I am signing this because I don’t want to see what happened in Paris happen in Canada,” Lisa Liu from Ottawa, Ontario wrote. “I want my tax money used for the right reasons and right people, not for the people who might turn around to kill us.”

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  1. Alan says:

    As Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau is duty bound to protect the safety and security of Canadians. His commitment to campaign promises, and his compassion towards the Syrian refugees is admirable. But he must not be naive. He must not be bull headed.

    If he misses his refugee settlement deadline by six months, the vast majority of Canadians will forgive him. If an ISIS fighter sneaks into Canada and does a repeat of Paris here, no one is going to forgive him.

  2. Please close. Our borders for the sake of up to your responsibilities that you were elected for…listen to the voice of the Canadian refugees but later when everything has been sorted out
    .also do. A though check on who is coming into Canada and if they can support themselves…I am a senior and barely get by on my pensions. My worries are who you are bringing in , where you are housing them(military bases are supposed to be guarded but what happens when you put a bunch of refugees in is no longer a secure place) and who is going to support them…the tax payers have little to live on after all the TFWs taking over Canadian jobs…leaving many Canadians unemployed. Please stand up for Canadians, Canada and what our forefathers fought and died for…our land and freedom.

    • Canadian says:

      Dear Christine.
      Let me just say how I wish you looked back and realized that our forefathers gave blankets infected with chicken pox to natives, and committed numerous barbaric acts that rival the ones committed by terrorists today.

      And let me also add that you are likely part of the waves of immigrants that came into canada, not part of the “founding forefathers” lineage (who were also immigrants)

      Please stop the bigotry

  3. Jake says:

    Instead of the playing with the politics of terror, why don’t these redneck albertans read about the countless studies showing that refugees have been the hardest working people in this country, filling economy gaps that were required of a growing economy and that Canada simply doesn’t have enough of its own people to fill in substantial gaps in the economy (whether labour is imported as skilled labour or refugees who will likely fill up Lower paying jobs)

    Also, please read a basic economics book.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seeing as a good deal of Canadians do not produce anything, economists included, we have to import people who actually have the skills to be productive so that we could live off them. IF we did not have the resources available to sell off, we would be a third world country. Is borrowing money good basic economlcs? Is subsidizing 40.00 dollar an hour auto assembly jobs good basic economics? Is throwing more billions to Bombardier good basic economics when Quebec is a have not province? It is no wonder that the British Sanitation Engineers had a much greater economic predictability accuracy than the economists. Pofessionals? Than where is the responsibility?

    • Concern Canadian says:

      Refugees are the hardest working people in this country? Where did you get your statistics? Maybe you meant the “other” immigrants. By “other”, I meant those who came here under “working visas”, skilled/professional immigrants, investors and such. People who came here with the intention to work and settle and to contribute to the Canadian society. But refugees? I guess like you, I don’t have enough statistics to tell. In all fairness to them, I don’t know. But what I know, though, is from family member and friends who’s work are directly involve in settling these type of refugees. And from the feedback I get, about 90%-95% of them have problem or even refuse to integrate to Canadian culture, either do not like to work or don’t stay working for too long and are more happy to rely on government support. A lot of them think that its their “right” to be provided by the government since the government “invited” them to come to Canada. What do you think? As for me, I will be concerned……

    • Anonymous says:

      U must be from the frog side of the country.. what do u have to give… Alberta is the money making province in this country and he is now even changing that… he wants to take the rite to protect ourselves away.. and puts us in the face of danger… good job Trudeau… doing a heck of a job.. This county is going to s”’t real fast… what ever happens… I hope trudeau is held accountable

    • Anonymous says:

      Jake….. Pfft… Naive…. Read into every thing he is doing… Trudeau has a good heart… But failure is what he is setting us up for… his want to be a peacekeeping nation and the manner in which he is doing is actually ripping the country apart.. powerful people don’t care what the rest of us beggars think… as long as they remain in power… saying that Canada is a peaceful country where guns cause violence and ridding the good people of there protection and hunting abilities will bring the criminals to their knees.. For they will have no more reason to be criminals is naive… Hoping that just because we are a nice loving country that terrorists will cease their activity..and be good just cause we opened our doors to them is naive… I’m all for peace… But liberals defiantly go about it the wrong way… RCMP/POLICE are here for our protection of the good people… not to disarm and and scare the people into believing we are the bad… Take a good long look at what we are to become… and maybe just maybe u liberals will take ur heads out of ur dark cavern

    • Anonymous says:

      Redneck albertians….. low… But ok…. Conservative alberta… Trudeau talks peace… we keep the peace… Giving up our oil is what keeps us safe… not the military… not the suits that give it all away… and defiantly not Trudeau (obviously)… It has a lot to do with alberta… And what we
      Work hard to pull from the ground… The common citizens don’t move from alberta to Ontario to make good money and give their families a better opportunity to succeed… Or move to Saskatchewan because their is more work unless u farm…. They come here… To conservative Alberta… Where we don’t know s”t I suppose… but we have work and we prosper and we feel safe… this jealousy of the west is getting monotonous… we have been working harder and harder to accomidate work for the rest of our country… So that Canada at least has sumthing to play with when it comes down to to finances we need to reamain a country… how about lets just take that away…. what do we have now… Fish? Wood?? ICE!!?? are we major manufactures of some wonderful tech that the world can’t live without… Besides hockey…. Nope we all just Canadians… Friendly always polite and ready to say sorry… we started as a multi cultural country.. And will always remain 1… But when u open our doors to a differt country with a different lifestyle and outlook on life… and are nice enough to give them power and make certain changes to i them… u are no longer the awesome Canada u once were

  4. Giselle Gushuliak says:

    1. Our leaders: Listen to your people.

  5. IJay says:

    I say NO,what are you thinking !!!.They will slowly do what they are doing to the poor Belgium people, Belgians are leaving there own country to get away from them . They are demeaning to women ,they will never respect anything we have. They cannot stay here ,they must not be allowed to become Canadian or be kept by my tax $ ,sent them back to there own country,it is only asking for trouble.We should be allowed vote who the hell we are going pay to keep here and they are going to produce more children who believe a bomb is a way to go ! Seriously , this is serious !.Europe is asking for trouble allowing them ,proof is in Belgium and anywhere else they have invaded ,they are like a virus ,spreading sickness.!If Trudeau is going to let them in against everyone’s right to vote and wishes they should have to go home when it is reasonably safe and not be allowed to stay here permanently,make it a rule.Then they can apply to come here as any other immigrant had to and I bet very few would pass the process!

  6. Embarrassing Government says:

    Are we Canadians? When I take a trip to our capital city I don’t see the same kind of people I grew up with, I feel like a minority!! Every time I turn on the news and hear of an arrest for a violent crime or murder the names of the arrested are not names of students I went to school with. I feel as a proud Canadian our governments have betrayed us , we need to unite and stop this importing of refuges that clearly are not screened properly. They are letting syrians into Canada with diseases like TB, this is sick and wrong! If we are going to help the Syrians set up camps over there and feed, cloth and medicate them. I think we should close the borders to those that can’t accept our religions and beliefs. The borders should be closed to those who want to come here from war torn countries where they are raised in an environment where a human life means nothing. What makes anyone think that these people will come here and change their ways, many were raised to hate us . Would you capture a wolf and expect it to be a great pet? Hell no I say, we will and are in danger already by those we have already let in, we must stop the importation of those with radical religeous beliefs!

  7. I do believe there is a void in Canada to fill the minimum wage type jobs. How about a Philipino ? When was the last time you met a violent one?
    But can we bitch that our youth are lazy and don’t want to work for a minimum wage? I say no, why would you if you can make 3-4 times more as a tradesman in the oilpatch, these jobs should be reserved for out Canadian born youth. I have worked in many camps in northern Alberta, these camps are over run with less diserable immigrants , many who don’t have a home. Once they figure out how to milk the system they quit work and many join gangs and get involved in crime. Don’t tell me i’m wrong because I’ve worked with these guys, they don’t even try to ne productive at work, they hide behind their unions and cant be fired, they are playing us tax payers!!

  8. Leola Marchand says:

    Leola Marchand We are afraid because we can not identify crazy. We are willing to send our military, and bombs to create a facade of feeling safe. So if we know our government is killing people in another country, than we are being protected. If we let thousands and thousands of people die in another country then we could save one Canadian life?? Canadians are among the most privileged in the entire world, so we come first. We are not safe! Crazy comes from every County. Who thought that by taking the Grey Hound in Canada that you would get your head cut off? We are not safe from terrorist just like we are not safe from the mentally ill. We can not let people die so that we feel safe. If by pretending that stopping the refugee that will in fact stop terrorism in Canada you are wrong. We have thousands and thousands of immigrants from that region, including previous Syrians, people from Pakistan, people from Iran, people from Iraq, Turkey. How may of them are terrorist? The Conservatives are sounding alot like Donald Trump. Sometimes crazy makes more crazy. Looks like it here.
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