Tory cabinet minister slams Liberals for deficit new government will inherit

A former Conservative cabinet minister slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government Tuesday for the for the string of deficits that the newly minted Liberal government is projected to inherit.

Tony Clement, the MP for Parry Sound-Muskoka who served as the Treasury Board President in Stephen Harper’s cabinet, made the accusation in response to Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Officer’s report showing that the Conservative’s federal budget projections were based on unrealistic assumptions of economic growth, and revising the GDP growth forecast for 2015 from 2.1% to 1.1%.

“The PBO confirmed today exactly what we said during the campaign — that Liberals will run significantly larger than revised deficits,” Clement said. “The Liberals were telling Canadians that they’d run $10 billion per year deficits. The PBO said that they’re already starting nearly $13 billion behind.”

“We want to know how the Liberals will avoid falling deeper into the fiscal hole,” Clement added. “Our concern as the Official Opposition remains that the shortfall will be made up through pockets books of hard-working Canadians using tax hikes on their paycheques, removal of benefits they rely on, and cutting services they need.”

Canada’s on social media reacted Clement’s statement with anger and ridicule.

“And whose fiscal irresponsibility did that?” Larry Lootsteen of Kitchener, Ontario asked Clement on Twitter. “Who also added $150B+ in new debt? Oh yeah, that was your team. Forgot already?”

“How in the world is this the Liberals fault, 1st week on the job?” Jonathan White asked. “This is YOUR %$#@ing mess!”

“Brilliant move, sir,” a user who goes by the handle cyberwuff tweeted. “Create a structural deficit, lie about it, lose the election, then criticize LPC days later.”

“Thanks for your incompetence in leaving a deficit,” RCAF veteran Roy George Sr. responded. “You all should be charged with mismanagement of taxpayer funds.”

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau feels that it’s too early to decide whether the Liberals should carry out a course correction.

“It’s way premature to go after decisions on whether we would re-think our platform commitments,” Mr. Morneau told reporters on Tuesday. “We believe that what we put forward in our platform were the right approaches to dealing with what we see as tepid growth and this [report] just reinforces the need for those sorts of commitments for Canadians.”

97 Responses to Tory cabinet minister slams Liberals for deficit new government will inherit

  1. Fix It Again Tony says:

    The Tories are like Russian matryoshka dolls.

    They’re full of themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Love your comment!

    • Anonymous says:

      What we say to our mechanics in ITALY. FIAT.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Paul C says:

      First I want to say that I’m sending this to 50 undisclosed recepients. I espescially
      want people who wanted change and wanted Harper out any costs. Now you know the price.
      Oh yeah Harper left a

      Well……..another lying Liberal to match the one in Ontario.

      The first big broken promise is one we knew to expect a while back, and that was to keep to deficits under $10 billion for the first two years of the mandate.
      Instead the Liberals almost tripled that number – hitting deficits of $29.4 billion and $29 billion.

      they’re projecting to add a total of $118.6 billion to the debt over the next six years?

      Here’s another major pledge they’ve broken: “After the next two fiscal years,” the Liberal platform reads, “the deficit will decline and our investment plan will return Canada to a balanced budget in 2019.”
      They actually said they’d ring in a $1 billion surplus that year. Instead the budget puts us a further $17.7 billion in the hole.

      Here’s a third whopper of a broken promise: They planned to bring the debt-to-GDP down every year of their mandate.

  2. Realbertan says:

    Well said, Mr. Clement. In Alberta, the NDP turned the PC surplus into a deficit. And now in Ottawa, the Liberals have turned Conservative surplus into a deficit.

    Keep voting for godless commies you fools!

    • Anonymous says:

      What PC surplus. Prentice’s last budget was multiple billion dollar deficit….

      • Diesel says:

        Realbertan ….you must be one of those stupid fuckers that kept voting the pcs in for 40 fucken yrs . Giving away all are resources and letting other countries sell us back the finished products .you think a newly appointed government could cause the damage the lying pcs have done in 40 yrs in a mere 7 days . You need re at the begining of your name but it should be followed by tard

    • Proud Albertan says:

      Realbertan, you’re either a planted troll or an idiot. Either way, thanks for the laugh.

    • Fredwards says:

      In 7 days the Liberals did that???what have you been smoking??? The conservatives have been governing Canada for 7 years prior to the october 19th election. Clement should look in the miror for the responsible party.

    • Jim Bodner says:

      Can you actually believe what you wrote? Take a look at the Canadian Taxpayers Foundation website, a conservative website, if there ever was one – look at THEIR numbers as to what the PC under Harper inherited in 2006 (consecutive declining defecits and a total federal debt of 481 Billion) and compare it to what Harper left when he was deservedly turfed from office. A total federal debt estimated (we won’t know the actual bad news for a while yet) to be in the neigbourhood of 613 billion dollars and a bald faced lie about a projected surplus that was actually a defecit. What do these two scenarios have in common? Lies from a PC government attempting to preserve an undeserved mandate that had expired – it is just too bad that the rot was undetected for so long in Alberta, it will probably take longer to recover there.

    • Anonymous says:

      You bozo you clearly didn’t read the PBO report. The conservatives lied…there never was a surplus. They conjured it out of thin air. The Liberals have inherited the gong show.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which part of the Conservatives making unrealistic growth projections don’t you understand? And for your information, the Ae Alberta NDP is having to deal with problems the Tories created by undertaxing the oil industry. I see the Tories are preaching to an audience of simpletons.

    • Sean Palmer says:

      The budget deficit was inhereted from the bullshit Tory government. You’re an ignorant fool. If you like god in state some much, move to America. Oh and maybe look of the definition of communism. That’s if you can read.

      Government deficit works in times of recession to build the economy. It’s worked for decades. Keynes was a pretty smart guy. You are not.

    • Rick Mason says:

      [email protected] the real Albertan ,you need to take head out of your lower posterier then you will be able to smell the fresh air of Alberta and actually see what your great Conservatives have left you. It sure isn’t a lasting legacy to be proud of.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just like the mercury in the North Athabasca causing cancer to First Nations, the clearcutting of Canadas Borreal forests and the lack of federal protection for water ways, this clean air sounds wonderful. Where do you keep the “clean air”?

    • X says:

      This is an example of when satire and extremism become indistinguishable on the internet.

    • lalaland says:

      All in one week? that’s why they won , we like fast results. LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      Explain your claim…

    • Anonymous says:

      Ur an ìdiot. There was no surplus on either accord…federal or provincial!!! The pc govt on yet both accords fucked all of us and any party taking over….the ndp and liberals just STARTED! How is it even possible they can start with a deficit??

      • Fred says:

        And now they tried (hopefully unsuccessfully) to f**k us with this TPP deal, which would have lined their pockets like NAFTA did, but took the rest up us into the doldrums.

    • michael geroge says:

      Conservative Government leaves $43 Billion dollar hole in so-called ‘balanced’ budget.

      Just a week after taking over the ship of state, the new Liberal government has had its first peek in the engine room and there are signs of smoke: as the Parliamentary…

    • open minded says:

      such a comment from realalbertan should be an embarrassment to all Albertans. How can a government in power for one week be held responsible for the fiscal mess inherited from their predecesors?!! The situation is exactly the same in Alberta where an incoming government was left with a deficit from the PC party. 40 years in government and no Heritage fund, no stable economy, and a collapsing oil and gas sector.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a moron. The deficits are what Harper left the Liberals. They are Harper deficits.

      There’s any easy solution. Increase GST to 6%. It funds the Harper deficits and the $3B middle class tax cut.

    • Anonymous says:

      What an idiot you are you don’t turn a a lied about surplus into a deficit in 10 days. Has Alberta gone brain dead.

    • Anonymous says:

      In one week ?

    • Lorne says:

      You’re being satirical here, right?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahahahahahaha!!! Talk about revisionist history! WHAT PC surplus??? How pathetic can you be???

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re an idiot.

    • luc charles says:

      Are you for real?Your dear Con government left a huge deficit and already you believe that it’s the Liberal’s doing.Holy fuck batman.Get your head out of Harper’s ass

    • leftdog says:

      Are you serious? The New Dems have been in power in Alberta for a few short months and have not spent any amounts that would have spawned a deficit! 44 years of PC Corporate Welfare culture has caused your problems .. tying your pathetic right wing mindset into a tax funding mechanism for Big Oil. Thank gawd that a majority of Albertans finally tired of the kind of lies and corrupt government that the PC’s practiced.

    • andre says:

      Realbertan: that is the most idiotic statement…. please look it over to see where you have erred

    • Lilliput says:

      Mr. Realbertan, that’s hysterical. The Liberals have ruined Canada in a week and the NDP have ruined Alberta? It couldn’t be the fact that oil bottomed out? Canada and Alberta had their brains so fixated on oil that they lost all reason.

    • Cliff says:

      Get your head out of the bucket idiot

    • Rich Cooper says:

      Alberta’s economy was based on $100/barrel oil. Now it’s $40. Oil sands are not even profitable at that price. The real question is, why did the Conservatives run a budget that pretended oil was always going to be $100, even though it’s been slipping for years?

      • Lseven says:

        That’s easy, because the oil companies kept telling them oil would stay over 100 because that’s what they wanted and the oil execs show no ability to see the difference between what will happen and what they want. Add to that the Cons were merely lapdogs to the oil execs.

      • Anonymous says:

        But in the 2000 era when oil was 25 bucks a barrel they weren’t making any money right

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you on crack? The Liberals inherited a deficit that Conservatives bravely held up as balanced budget. There was no ‘balanced’ anything! Perhaps it went to support the Ford Brothers’ legacy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Revisionist history at its best! Seriously delusional. What’s a commie? Oh yes, I remember! A paper mache puppet used as a foil do military industrialists could get government money? Awesome!

    • Rhonda says:

      Troll…scrolling at 3am…obvious troll. 😉

    • Dylan says:

      Are you well????? Your comments concern me and I want you to get the mental healthcare that you clearly need. Get out of your basement and ask your mom to take you to the Clinic.

    • rowrbazzle says:

      You’re being humorous, right?

    • gtasue says:

      Realbertan – Seriously – the new government doesn’t have their offices yet? Read it again – the CONSERVATIVES left a huge deficit and LIED about it! Or are you one of those people whose ideology doesn’t let them believe facts? Godless commies??? Get with the 21s century!!

    • Anne says:

      You sir are an idiot or just an under educated jerk. It is impossible for either a Prov or Fed gov to have deficits this early in their tenure. Also both the Feds & Alta started out with deficits. You Cons are all sore
      Losers and should crawl back under your rocks!

    • Anonymous says:

      The conservatives had never managed to balance a budget in all off their years in power. So now mr clement cries foul? It must be nice to live in Tory land – too bad it’s not the real world. Good luck in your future endeavours mr clement. I am hoping it won’t be in Canada – the tea party may have need of your services however …

    • Richard Clair says:

      You must be a realbortion. I suppose you blame the falling price of oil on the NDP. Your rightwing neocon jackasses are unbelievable. Get a grip on reality. Maybe if those successive Tory gov’s in. Alberta had been a little brighter than cutting checks to drunk oil workers so they could fly to vegas and snort cocaine in Fort McMurray your province would have some savings.

    • Anonymous says:

      Religion has no business in politics

    • Lexx says:

      Are you a freaking retard REalAlbertaN??? Do you have one brain cell in you not to realize the Cons LIED like thieves to the world, as they always do, and now the Liberals will have to clean up Hitler’s mess. What an idiot you are to make such a stupid statement.

    • Andy says:

      Are you a complete idiot..?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Real Albertan. Just how far up your ass is your head anyway. After 44 yrs of Con rule in your province u have the gall to blame the new NDP gov. for the mess Alberta is in.
      Blame urself and every other Con supporting Albertan for this mess.
      One example of how idiotic Cons and their supporters are.

      Remember the Heritage Fund that was created by Lougheed in the 70’s, that was subsequently emptied by Klein? That fund was created to share the resource wealth with future generations. It now has at most $80 million. Not much money after 40+ yrs of Con rule.
      That is because morons like u dos not want to pay a Provincial Sales tax and to pay for that privilege you have no Heritage Fund.
      Now, Norway copied that program back in the 70’s but they followed the rules and did not steal from the fund (cuz they had a competent government and an electorate that was not as selfish as the Con supporters in Alberta) that now holds over $1.5 trillion currently.

      Hmmm, u may want to reexamine ur support for ur Cons and perhaps start paying a fucking sales tax instead of being so greedy. It is ur children’s future u stole from. That is pretty sad.

  3. brad zuck says:

    Im pretty sure this is fake news story on a fake news story page, this is obvious fiction designed to incite more toxic hate from liberals and ndp`rs. I`d say it was successful!

  4. pat bredl says:

    The election is over. You lost, so suck it up. You are a little early out of the gate for the next election. I am not a Liberal, but boy did I sigh with a great deal of relief when the conservatives were gone.

  5. Paul Cummings says:

    Typical Conservative response. How are you going to be fiscally responsible when there is a 13 billion dollar deficit and you’re only in office 10 days…..Hello…..what government allowed that to happen. It will be fun to see how the “official opposition” will answer to the mess they left the Liberals and what the liberals will do to fix the fiscal mess an all the messes left behind! This is just the beginning…..

  6. Janey says:

    Ummm…Conservatives slam Liberals for inheriting massive pile of Conservative-created fiscal dung? That’s rich…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tony Clement, like ALL Conservatives (and especially the inner circle around Hitler (sorry Harper), lied, cheated, provoked, made things up, were only interested in helping their partisan cronies in the oil and other big businesses, afraid of the media and one covered face for a citizenship swearing-in ceremony, and still 30% of Canadians voted for them?

    Come on … we are surely smarter than that as Canadians. Those people with ANY intelligence, welcome the change from the previous hateful Harper government, to the new world of political openness of science and fact based processes. Clement just likes to make things up. Ugh!

    • Anonymous says:

      And don’t forget the hotline for “Barbaric Practices”. This WAS the Conservative party and still is the same. They will NOT learn!

  8. Anonymous says:

    We now have a government for all canadians … not just the wealthy.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Stephen Harper has had eight consecutive deficits and added $150-Billion to Canada’s national debt – MORE THAN every Liberal government in the past 50 years combined. Now that is what I call good fiscal management! Yeah Harper, Clement, and the rest of the self serving Conservatives.

  10. Dave Marco says:

    it’s like……. the cons burned down the house , and now they’ll complain (as official opposition) about the water bill for extinguishing the fire….

  11. Rick Mason says:

    What Tony Clement does not tell Canadians, is why he allowed the sell off of good Industries,the give away of most of the others and now there are NO jobs. HARPER does not see how the American Companies played him like a Fiddle.He let them into Canada, let them take over an Industry to run it into the ground . As they sent production back to the U.S. now after they have stolen every ones, Pension, Benefits,which were earned over 50 yrs. Guess what? No more competition.Big corporations know what they are going to do 5to10 yrs. ahead of time. Go figure.

  12. Dave Degrassi says:

    15% of $13 billion debt inherited by the Liberals occurred when the Conservatives “lost” it. This is beyond shameful, it is Criminal.

  13. Robert says:

    All well my liberal friends. As long as tony and friends proceed in a manner that reflects they learned nothing, then all good. Heck please get these right wing nitwits out in the media selling outdated conservatives antics as much as possible. As we saw in the election, the more they speak the closer they come to dipping below 30 base

  14. Jerry Prager says:

    When Clement was last in power in Ontario under Ernie Eves, Tony was one of a chorus of liars bragging about the Common Sense Revolution having once again balance the book under Jim Flaherty – Mike Harris’s last finance leader before Eves wuit to run for the leadership, and Janet Ecker, who replaced Flaherty when Eve’s took over the Revolution. Then they lost the election. The Provincial Liberals discovered a 5.6 billion dollar hole. The Toronto Sun came to the rescue of the Tories, and invented the use of Fiberals, because the Libs couldn’t keep their promises. The Sun, and the Tories, never again spoke about the lie to the Ontario people or legislature, and Jim Flaherty went on to be described as the greatest finance minister in Canadian history, when he was in fact, incompetent, as was Eckers, or else Harris and Eves had lied about balanced budget all through their Common Sense reign, and the Sun didn’t care. Clement was one of those liars.

  15. MJ says:

    Conservatives Using Nutjob Thinking.

  16. Mike says:

    Don’t know what’s worse here… the politics or the use of language and lack of copy editing in the reporting.

  17. Mike says:

    As opposed to the Conservatives who kept saying they’d balance the budget and then run a deficit?

    • deleted says:

      Does it really matter who we elect,they all have a plan on how to spend billions of dollars, has anyone of you ever felt the effect of that money being spent personally. i dought it,the problem is not one of them can come up with a plan on how were ever going to pay it back.We as country produce 2% of the worlds emissions ,if we cut are emissions to zero would still have no noticeable effect on the world stage but the government is smart they get everyone hung up on that meanwhile they drag our country down while were crying about fossil fuels.Obama says are dirty oil but i bet the city he lives in Produces more garbage ,carbon than the country of canada combined

  18. There is a great gift waiting for humanity, that’s all of us. Check out what Karen Hudes whistleblower for/and acting lawyer for the World Bank. Question: Do we love each other enough to give each and every one of us an equal lift out of this political/fiat mire.

  19. Sick of these pc clowns says:

    How dare this POS tony clement open his mouth and say anything. His fellow CONS screwed over Canadians for the last ten years with their lies and smoke and screen politics. They took a country from large surplus to a country of massive debt and deficits. These POS CONServatives should be investigated and held accountable for everything they have done in the last 10 years. They should be stripped of their golden pensions and their off shore bank accounts seized. I am still wondering where the 3.1 billion dollars is.

  20. Dieter Heinrich says:

    This gives Trudeau the opening he needs to raise $13 billion more in taxes. Effective government needs more revenue. Let me rephrase: WE need government to have more revenue. All the economists were agreed that Harper should not have cut the GST. Trudeau should restore it, and use a part to cut payroll taxes instead. Raise corporate taxes. They are stockpiling cash and apparently don’t need more.

  21. Lexx says:

    TONY CLEMENT IS A FEKKING LIAR AND THIEF! He created so many FALSE stories about the Public Service and spread his propaganda like the Nazis did with the Jews 70 years ago. Textbook Sadism by a PSYCHOPATH that really should be tried and executed for treason, or institutionalized with the likes of Charles Manson….he’s just as Crazy. Between him and Jim Flaherty not sure who did more to ruin the country with Harper with their incompetence and deceit. I’m completely disgusted in Clement, and would petition to remove his corrupt soul form government. The Progressive Conservatives were not my favourite party but they were honest….The Harper ultra conservatives were the worst bunch of bullies, and liars to ruin this country and hopefully the Libs with the NPD will help recover from the damage done.

  22. YouGot2BeKiddingMe says:

    So many Liberal armchair economists here. You watched a few episodes of CBC and the puppets Rick Mercer and Rex Murphy and instant leftist economists spring up preaching nonsense. The media feeds you sound bites of Liberalist propaganda about the constant PC bashing that you never even bothered to look for the facts. You soapbox your arguments on some CBC generated graph and that $100B argument. Seems people have forgotten their history or feel uncomfortable reminding themselves the Liberals sunk this country in the late 60’s and 70’s that started this mess. Don’t forget that Mulroney inherited billions after Trudeau and Clark left and paid high interest on Liberal debt during the recession when interest rates skyrocket from ~12% to ~22%. Yes, the Liberals make you believe that they were more successful with Paul Martin at the helm but cannot anyone recall the austerity measures?? Do you not recall when healthcare was cut 40% by Paul Martin? He literally brought Canada’s economic growth to -3.5%, $400-billion in lost revenue, and unemployment rate of over 9%. The Liberals in 1997 gained surpluses not by what THEY did but what the BANK OF CANADA did which was slash high interest rates down to 8% when the Liberals came back to power. This was the economic kick which propelled the surpluses but that only last 4-years when Canada started sliding back down into deficits… Even Harper enjoyed his first few years with surpluses but when the 2008/9 recession hit it would have mattered not which party was in power because the results would have been the same. Lastly regarding oil… The brain dead masses commenting on the oil economy should stop. It is a natural resource… No different than agriculture, solar, hydro etc. I am not sure how the hell you can export hydro or solar energy to China??? And I’m not sure how these alternative energies can build cars, computers, etc etc. They are masses of energy… Not physical matter. There a billions of people who depend on oil… That includes you idiot.

  23. james says:

    Good thing oil can’t run out haha sorry just kidding… though you can sell China solar panels and maybe investment in alternative fuels and oil replacement products would be a smart choice before it does run out. Also would serve to help environment I would imagine. I think that there were many good points raised but we should all remember that we are all canadian and love this country no matter who we vote for, and no matter what there will be people who love or hate parties and candidate’s. All we can do is hope our choice was the right one because we never really know until they’re in. Keep it calm guys we just entrench each other further if we try and force ideals upon one another when the truth is almost always somewhere in the middle. We should work on solutions not throw accusations, I’m not usually one to say anything but with all the troubles these day’s I felt a need for expression, thanks to the lefties righties and all in between. Together we continue to build a unique nation

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