Voter gets ballot pre-marked for the Conservatives

A Vancouver voter has taken to social media to warn Canadians about possible vote fraud after receiving a ballot pre-marked for the Conservatives today during advanced voting for the federal election.

“To all Canadians: I went to vote today in early voting, and noticed that my ballot had been pre-marked, with what looked like black streaks, in the ‘circle’ where you mark your X,” Chris Quarrie posted on Facebook. “I showed the election officials and they were concerned.”

“They threw it out as a spoiled ballot,” he added. “I got another ballot, and it was marked as well, in the same way = a second spoiled ballot (Incidentally, one ballet was marked beside the Conservative candidate, and one beside the Green candidate). I finally got one that was clean.”

“Please make sure your vote counts!” the schoolteacher urged Canadians. “Ask for a clean, unmarked ballot.”

The pre-marked ballots were discovered at West Point Grey United Church in the Vancouver Quadra riding, where Conservative Blair Lockhart is locked in a tight battle against Liberal incumbent Joyce Murray.

Mr. Quarrie’s post has been shared nearly 20,000 times amid widespread fears that Stephen Harper will resort to electoral fraud to cling to power as the Conservative Party of Canada has been convicted of criminally cheating at the last three elections.

The Tories pleaded guilty to the “in and out” Scandal in 2006 while Stephen Harper’s ethics spokesperson and Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro was jailed for electoral overspending and fraud that took place during the 2008 election.

Conservative staffer Michael Sona was jailed over the 2011 Robofraud 2011 Canadian federal election voter suppression scandal.

The not-for-profit Council of Canadians last week launched VoteWatch, a service to report voter suppression Canadians may experience or witness.

“We’re asking voters to be vigilant, given the fraudulent robocalls that marred the last general election and the changes to voter identification requirements,” Garry Neil, Executive Director of the Council of Canadians, said. “If someone tries to stop you from voting or you can’t vote because of the new ID requirements, let us know.”

Meanwhile, international organizations are sending teams to Canada to monitor and assess Canada’s electoral process, especially the impacts of Fair Elections Act and widespread vote suppression tactics adopted by the Conservatives.

[Photo Credit: Dennis S. Hurd]

45 Responses to Voter gets ballot pre-marked for the Conservatives

  1. Timothy Shay says:

    The government is interfering with the basic democratic right to vote. In fifty years of elections, federal and provincial, I have never seen such a purposeful interference with access to a polling station. Although I had both card and full ID I stood out in the rain with several older voters for well over an hour. I watched several people leave after an hour of waiting. Many were older immigrants and very surprised by the denial of access to the building. Several were visibly confused by the volunteer election official who kept referring to the voting cards as tickets. He demanding that each person show their “tickets”. I think if ridings are compared regarding this interference with access to polls which occurred nationwide, we would most likely find there was expedited access in long time Conservative ridings and elevated interference and confusion in NDP and Liberal ridings. Harper’s government has broken election law during the last three elections and I doubt his strategy will change now. Check your neighbourhood trash bins for dumped ballots. In Harper’s Canada underhanded tactics have become the norm…contrary to true Canadian values.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re reading a very left leaning news article here. If you get the whole story, you would know that he was given another one with the green party ballot spoiled. It was a printing problem, they happen stop being a baby

      • Denis says:

        You clearly didn’t read this article, they mentioned the green party ballot

      • Anonymous says:

        Having ballots also marked off for a party that is no threat to the outcome of the election (sorry, Greens) is called “plausible deniability”.

        It is likely a printing problem, however the sad fact is that this election now has to be monitored by outside parties, among other things typical of other less-than-democratic countries.

        Whether you like it or not, this is all thanks to Harper, given his sketchy track record with previous elections.

      • CJD McIntosh says:

        Anonymous … the whole story was given in the article!

      • Anonymous says:

        Right wing scumbag! The conservatives HAVE cheated in the last 3 elections. The Green Party “smudges” are a clear right wing tactic to deflect, notice how it was marked Con or Green, not Liberal or NDP the TWO left wing parties that can unseat these right wing neo-con idiots.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anonymous, hey. What do you have to hide? Oh the cons [email protected]#k up your a$$.no wonder when you walk you lean so far to the right

      • I believe in Canada and Harper has harmed our great nation! says:

        All ConBots and trolls are going to disappear after Oct 19 and the entire Internet is going to emit a great sigh of relief. Cannot wait to experience that eminent, Silence of the Harper Trolls!

      • Mr. Knowitall says:

        Baby? Aren’t we a mature meathead. I’m sure that he noted the mention of a mark next to the other party but if the voter hadn’t looked any two marks (they could all be liberal plus his) makes the ballot null & void, period. Instant voter suppression, goof.

      • Kuni says:

        Umm, this article mentions said “one beside the Green candidate”

        So to recap: You shot off your gate before even reading what was said.

        So it would appear that the whole story is: If you are to cheat, slip a few in for the Party that is not the main competition to make it look good.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very NDP of you to mention only the parties you don’t like. Clearly not a Conservative made issue, but, rather a ballot that was somehow damaged.

      One should be careful of being to quick to blame, there are many out there who do not need many words to run with a wild story.

      And this done by a teacher?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Conservative vote rigging has begun. Call the UN observers, we need an outside investigation. Canada is not a democracy as long as Harper is in charge of it.

  3. Peewee says:

    There was another one that had a darker streak beside the green party.

  4. Interested says:

    fear mongering!

  5. Anonymous says:

    In Abbotsford they took the poll box
    out to the parking lot to accommodate
    Someone who can die but not walk and stopped voting. I thought they would have a mobile box rather than take a full box out of the building

    • Joshua says:

      Nope. The foll poll box needs to be carried out to the person who can’t come into the polling station.

      If there was a box just for curb service, and only one person needed help in a night, the DRO would reasonably have a good idea about who voted for what– which goes against the needs to have a secret ballot.

      This is done so their vote is mixed in with the other votes from their area, insuring them anonymity.

  6. jessie harvacon says:

    i went to vote and the ballot was marked beside the ndp.

  7. Bluejay says:

    It’s called a spoiled ballot. Defined in the Canada Elections Act thus:

    ““spoiled”, in relation to a ballot or a special ballot as defined in section 177, means

    (a) one that has not been deposited in the ballot box but has been found by the deputy returning officer to be soiled or improperly printed”

    Ballots get smeared in the printing. Ordinarily the Deputy Returning Officer would keep these ballots in the ballot book and not give them to voters. They are kept and counted as spoiled. They are not thrown out. Spoiled ballots are not at all unusual. There is certainly good reason for Canadians to be vigilant, but maybe the teacher who reported this should learn a bit more about how ballots are printed before spreading fear and suspicion all over the place.

  8. RA Skel says:

    Bit of a mis-leading and biased title. From what I understand Elections Canada is a non-partisan agency of Canada. Secondly, as noted by many previous comments, there was also a ballot with a Green Party marker. If you are going to report an event such as this, be honest and fair. Please.

  9. C. Brooke says:

    It may be just a spoiled ballot and it may not be. With past fraudulent behaviour by the Conservative Party in past elections one has to be suspect. Left leading article ror not. To all the people spouting off about the Green party mark … Green party vote = split vote in that particular riding which would be in the Cons favour. Now if the mark had been for the Liberals and not Green that would be a different story. But it wasn’t. The fact that they are bringing in outsiders to monitor is enough of a flag don’t you think?

  10. fmsportsguy says:

    If people are interested in knowing why elections Canada are having glitches, it can be traced back to contracts they have with CGI. Here’s a link to a site where in the comments section, someone lays out a disturbing picture of CGI activities!

  11. Joe Public says:

    So there was one marked near the Cons candidate, and one near the Green candidate, but your headline only mentions the one for the Cons, as if to imply that they rigged some ballots. Gotta love the mainstream media. There’s no such thing as unbiased reporting anymore. We have to read every news source there is to get a balanced view of events because each paper puts it’s own spin on things.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Too stupid to get it? Let me explain it to you, slowly, conservitard. A Green smudge is beneficial to the Cons, do you not realize how much of a left wing country this is? One fucking ignorant far right piece of shit party for idiots and how many on the left? The Cons have cheated the last three elections, it is how Harper operates. Soon, you right wing scumbags will go back to voter obscurity and the rest of Canada (overwhelming majority), will go back to fixing all the disasters Harper shit out during his tenure.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Id like to know what country out ballots where printed in…
    We are notirious for outsourcing government printing.

  13. Enough BS please says:

    This is just a way for the losers to scream “foul” if their party doesn’t win. No party is perfect and I do recognize the Cons have made mistakes(I have a hard time keeping a family of 5 in order) but in BC it was liberals who pushed “Site C”, fought with our teachers( anyone remember being pissed about that), put all our eggs into LNG. Just to name a couple fubars.You think a federal Liberal Gov would be better for our nation? NDP can’t even keep his own financial books balanced and you want give him the country chequebook? Social media has done a great job of putting a new shiny bandwagon for everyone to jump on! People a scared to disagree on line or they might offend someone on their friends list! Get a spine! GO HARPER!

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you for real?? BC Liberals are not part of the Liberal Party of Canada.

    • Doc Jeremic says:

      do some research Harper and the Libs are the ones who will not balance the books not the NDP in fact NDP govts have kept the books balanced more than any other party in Canada = the party who will help you and your family and balance the books is the NDP and only the NDP

  14. Doc Jeremic says:

    LOL yeah of course they marked one for the Green Party since the Cons know the Green party cannot win — by the way printing errors never happened before Harper came into power — by the way Harper has interfered with every election with robocalls and other kinds of fraud so it is not like some sort of error that just happened he does this every election

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