Canada’s recession ‘self-inflected’, Unifor says

The Conservative government’s poor economic policies are responsible for Canada slipping into another recession under Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s watch as officially confirmed by Statistics Canada this morning, according to the union Unifor.

“Working people see the weakness in our economy every day in their own struggles to find decent work, in the difficulties their children are having starting a life and the challenges faced by this country’s seniors to live in dignity in retirement.” Unifor National President Jerry Dias said.

Statistics Canada reported this morning that the country’s GDP declined by an annualized 0.5 per cent, putting Canada into a recession, defined by Federal Balanced Budget Act as two straight quarters of GDP decline.

“Canada is in a recession today due to the failed economic policies of the Harper government that left the Canadian economy vulnerable even before oil prices fell,” Unifor Economist Jim Stanford said. “In recent years the economy has shown a longer-run pattern of very weak growth, miserable export and investment performance, and the erosion of many key industries.”

“That has left the entire economy on the edge of recession in the first place, so that bad news in one sector can actually push the whole national economy into negative territory.”

Unifor, Canada’s largest union in the private sector, representing more than 305,000 workers, released a study in August, co-authored by Stanford and fellow Unifor Economist Jordan Brennan, comparing the Harper Government’s economic record to that of previous prime ministers. It found, based on 16 economic indicators, that Harper Government had the worst economic record since the Second World War.

Harper refused to admit that Canada is in recession on the campaign trail today, claiming that the economy outside the energy sector was enjoying strong growth, even though official government statistics show that the economic downturn has impacted all sectors of the Canadian economy.

“Even with June’s growth, this deeper weakness is still very much evident,” Stanford said. “Much of our problem was self-inflicted, in the form of bad policies: needless austerity, and a profound failure to stimulate business investment and exports.”

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9 Responses to Canada’s recession ‘self-inflected’, Unifor says

  1. Realbertan says:

    It’s rich of unions to complain about recession. Unions are the single biggest drag on the Canadian economy. I’m so glad that Stephen Harper and Pierre Poilievre have worked hard to bust the union mafia. I will vote for the Conservatives again in October so that can finish the job they started and get rid of the remaining unions.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Some legacy of “MISS-MANAGEMENT” by “YOUR” corrupt dictator.

      “Even with June’s growth, this deeper weakness is still very much evident,” Stanford said. “Much of our problem was self-inflicted, in the form of bad policies: needless austerity, and a profound failure to stimulate business investment and exports.”

    • Ingrid Voigt says:

      Just wondering if you will be celebrating or taking the day off, or expecting overtime pay for Monday. You can thank a Union for that one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, Union bosses not keen on being accountable and transparent… Bill c377 requires financial statements and salaries posted and they write this and brainwash people. All numbers are relative. Compare our growth with the G7 or G20. We are living in a globel environment. World trade decreased for the first 6 months of the year, this is not only Canada. Also, the Conservatives has a minority and majority government during the 2008 Global recession and recovered better than most G7 countries.

  2. Glenn says:

    Stephen, you really have to stop posting comments, it’s making you look even more desperate.

  3. d says:

    Sick of hearing bitch and complain about the oil sector fallout. The shit is outdated and the new technology for cleaner and more affordable energy is making massive strides everyday. But that’s neither here or there. My biggest complaint comes from the lack of love givin to new business. I am in my second year of ownership. I employ five full time staff and several part time staff. The money I pay my employees is then put back into economy. I have not seen a single break or a helping hand from our government. The only possible thing I could maybe get is supplemented pay for immigrants or students but absolutely nothing for hiring a average Canadian. If we don’t start supporting small business soon, everything is gonna be a monopoly, there will no competition to keep prices in check and basically we gonna be screwed… Just to say

  4. Gary says:

    I seem to recal a big fat check going to GM to save jobs. How is that fair to Ford who did the right thing and chunked down to weather the storm.

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