Albertan fined $543 for ‘FUCK HARPER’ sign, plans Charter challenge

An Edmonton man is planning a charter challenge after police fined him $543 fine for displaying a “FUCK HARPER” sign on the back of his car.

“Yesterday, a Ponoka RCMP officer pulled me over and tried to extort me into removing my anti-Harper sign from my car and threatened me with a $543 ticket if I refused,” Rob Wells of Edmonton posted on his Facebook timeline. “I informed him that the matter of my signs had been thoroughly reviewed by police lawyers and crown prosecutors and it was not illegal.”

“I informed him that the matter of my signs had been thoroughly reviewed by police lawyers and crown prosecutors and it was not illegal,” Wells added. “When I refused to let him trample on my Charter rights, he gave me a ticket.”


Wells was cited for violating section 115(2)(e) of the Traffic Safety Act, which prohibits drivers from engaging “in any stunt or other activity that is likely to distract, startle or interfere with users of the highway.”

Wells claimed that he had been previously warned over  “FUCK RALPH – NO PRIVATE HOSPITALS” bumper stickers.

According to Wells, Edmonton Police Service issued a service directive, dated October 31, 2000 after he filed a harassment complaint against the service over the incident, which read:

“Members have recently been involved in complaints where citizens have displayed political signs containing profanity on vehicles. Research conducted by the Legal Advisors’ Section determined that displaying such a sign does not constitute a violation of Stunting under the highway Traffic Act or an offence under the Criminal Code.”

Wells announced his intention to plead not guilty and mount a Charter challenge against the ticket.

“I’m pleading not guilty and giving notice that I intend to raise a Charter Challenge defence,and I’m requesting full disclosure,” Wells said. “They are going to have to spend a lot more than my $543 before the dust settles on this one.”

23 Responses to Albertan fined $543 for ‘FUCK HARPER’ sign, plans Charter challenge

  1. Cheena Graham says:

    Good for you! Go get ’em!!

  2. billy wright says:

    Fcuk harper

  3. Shane says:

    I’m going to throw rocks at this car if I see it

  4. John says:

    I’m sorry for the Albertan, but Harper has repealed the freedom of speech, especially against Conservatives…

  5. ray says:

    Yes Double F++k Harper !

  6. Jeff says:

    Fuck Harper!

  7. Anonymous says:

    yep freedom of expression , mmm where that one went…. and Harper I hope you go away!

  8. Geoff says:

    FUCK HAPER!!! FUCK HARPER!!! FUCK HARPER !!!! He’s a piece of shit get him out, selling canada off in pieces 1) wheat sold to Saudi Arabia 2) cuts funding for everything 3) sold water rights to nestle (pipping water out of hope B.C.) 4) increase tax for small businesses 5) sold mining and forestry to the highest bidder. I hate HAPER 100% he should crawl under a rock and die, FUCK YOU HARPER

  9. Anonymous says:

    Okay, seriously, look.

    Is it freedom of speech? Sure, and they have a right to that. But the profanity is public unexceptable, the neon pink colour and message DOES act as a distraction to drivers, not to mention the sign is impairing his rearview.

    It’s illegal.
    He deserved his ticket.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not required to have a window one the back of a vehicle. And box vans and moving trucks have big multi cored signs. If that is too much for you to handle, go turn in your license sissy.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad your fighting that ticket, we have no rights anymore in this country, sad reality.

  11. Dennis says:

    glad you had fun with your we gotta pay blood sucking lawyers to fuck around with this at taxpayers expense..bright side is it will keep the cops busy and not harrasing others…some one mentioned harper sold off all our resources..maybe but he did it to creat jobs and wealth..Id be worse… id build a pipe line to pump the north sask.river to C
    alifornia for 100/BBL…lol

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