Canada will be forced to accept unlimited number of TFWs under TPP

Canada will be forced to grant work permits to an unlimited number of temporary foreign workers who are nationals of the other member countries under the terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, according to the final text of the deal released today.

The Canadian government will also not be able to impose any tests or certification as conditions of granting entry to Canada to work for the temporary foreign workers.

Section 12-A. Canada Temporary Entry for Business Persons states:

Canada shall grant temporary entry and provide a work permit or work authorization to Professionals and Technicians and will not:
(a) require labour certification tests or other procedures of similar intent as a condition for temporary entry; or
(b) impose or maintain any numerical restriction relating to temporary entry.

The government will also be forced to issue work permits to spouses of the TFWs coming under the TPP.

Canada shall grant temporary entry and provide a work permit or work authorization to spouses of Professionals and Technicians of another Party where that Party has also made a commitment in its schedule for spouses of Professionals and Technicians, and will not:
(a) require labour certification tests or other procedures of similar intent as a condition for temporary entry; or
(b) impose or maintain any numerical restriction relating to temporary entry.

Labour rights activists and experts had earlier speculated that TPP would open the floodgates to the TFW program.

“The provisions could be problematic for how we govern the use of temporary foreign workers,” CBC commentator Armine Yalnizyan said last month. “You remember the RBC example? where a multinational brought in temporary foreign workers to learn how to do the job properly so they could take the job to India and eventually displacing workers.”

“We want the temporary foreign worker program to show that these transfers are not displacing Canadian workers,” she added. “But that this is not what we are talking about in this trade deal.”

The final text of the TPP is much worse than expected, according to the Canadian Workers Advocacy Group.

“Prohibiting the government from attaching any form of testing or certification as a condition to entry would see many unskilled foreign workers taking up skilled positions,” the organization stated in an email. “Not only will wee see wages for skilled workers plunge as a result, but unskilled workers doing skilled trades or engineering work also puts Canadian lives in jeopardy.”

“If Mr. Trudeau cared one bit about Canada and Canadians, he would tear up this treaty,” the group concluded.

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  1. CFIB says:

    Why do we keep ignoring the elephant in the room? Employers hire TFWs because Canadians are lazy, as CFIB president Dan Kelly said.

    “The strengths of some of the TFW workers, in terms of their work ethic is, it pains me to say this, but, sometimes it is better than that of their Canadian counterparts,” Kelly said.

    “I do think that there are an increasing number of employers who believe that, despite the higher costs that the TFW program often will bring to them,” that temporary foreign workers are worth the extra expense because they are more dependable than the domestic workforce. “Sadly, we are hearing that.”

    • Canadians First! says:

      Dan Kelly is an affront to Canadian workers. I sincerely wish there was a way to charge him and his ilk with treason.

    • Sask says:

      Are you kidding me? Canadian workers in any skilled trades are some of the hardest working pee on this planet! And higher cost to the employer is a joke as well. The average wage or any tfw in my trade is rought a third of what any trade worker in Canada would get. Put 20 tfws in your job or work place and let me know how you feel about the tfw program

      • gordon says:

        It will be like the welders they brought from Ireland to Longharbour NFLD.. lol. They spent big $$$$$$ on them and had to send them all back home. Couldn’t do the work.

    • anon says:

      You are insane.

      Sure, yes, maybe some foreigners have better work ethic than the average Canadian…But the thing is, when we give away a job a Canadian would do to a TFW, we displace a Canadian worker. Often, these Canadians end up on welfare. Then, the Canadians who are lucky enough to still have jobs will have to foot the bill.

      Now, when a TFW can be paid 15% less than minimum wage, as well as the fact that the federal government has been known to subsidize their wages, accomodations, and even flights, how exactly do they cost “more”?

      The thing is, is that the government foots the bill. Employers NEVER do things because they are more expensive.

      Anyone who believes that this is a reasonable justification to displace Canadian workers needs to lay off the kool-aid and come back down to earth.

      • Anonymous says:

        15%. Uhhh I would look carefully at other parts of the agreement as I know in the EUROPEAN UNION companies were allowed to pay wages of the employees country of origin. Whose to say that’s not coming in also. Scrap this farce in its entirety.

      • Anonymous says:

        keep in mind a big driving factor in the TFW program- aside from the cheap wages- is the ability of the employer to put up their TFW’s in housing they own. the employer is then in the lovely situation of having their real estate investments being paid by the wages of their employees. ( which are written off as a business expense against income) It’s beautiful, tho a little sickening for the rest of us.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good answer it’s very common in the agriculture industry and has been for years

      • skattan says:

        I’m a gainst TFWs. I believe that rather than have TFWs, these workers should be given residency and then citizenship. That being said, it seems that with the TPP “professionals and technicians remuneration (will be)at a level commensurate with other similarly-qualified professionals/technicians within the industry in the region where the work is performed. Such remuneration shall be deemed to not include non-monetary elements such as, inter alia, housing costs and travel expenses.”
        Also, I believe that the 15% clause was eliminated by the Conservatives in 2013.
        No more TFWs but allow immigration for some “unskilled” labour.

    • Rich says:

      Plain and simply stated foreign workers work for less and are not unionized. They also are not required to meet safety and work standards…that are rubberstamped anyway by their employers. Companies get richer bringing in foreign workers than using Canadian workers.Not because they work harder.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve seen literally 100 foreign electrical workers brought in to long lake years ago , not one had a job as an electrician before they came here under false pretenses, meaning they were definitely not skilled labor, they did fk all for months and their employer charged each of them 1000 a month to rent a townhouse in Edmonton that the company owned plus paid them crap wages, all these programs are is greedy corporations creating false issues, they need their projects built. We don’t, after all if foreigners come here work and leave. OUR economy SUFFERS. No matter how the parasites in government and business try to sugar coat it

    • Mack Donahue says:

      It’s amazing how hard people work when you have the power to send them back on a slow boat to Manilla. You fucking slave trading racist fool.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fuck you kelly. Explain to me why when I was a 2nd year electrician I had to instruct your “journeyman” TFW how to do his job. As a journeyman now I work with these people that all got residency in 2007 and still they have no idea what’s going on. We should all leave Canada now people and move to a 3rd world or 2nd world country with our money and leave our politicians with no tax money to spend on this nonesense.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah it is crazy that these people even are allowed jobs here. No foreigner should be allowed to work while we have people looking for jobs. To many guys cannot read blueprints. It is sad when we worked an extra 2 hours of OT and two foreign journeyman couldn’t figure out a basic wiring of a light through a contactor. I went in for 2 mins and found it was wired properly they just couldn’t find the right breaker

      • Anon says:

        Have experienced the same. How long until this crap gets people killed? It’s not unlike this:
        America’s airlines send planes to El Salvador, China for service by undertrained technicians

    • Anonymous says:

      You are one good slave .. and are the biggest part of the problem.

    • Leonard Gould says:

      Bonjour, Monsieur Dan Kelly! You represent a rare breed, indeed, in today’s mArket place, a pristinely preserved fossil of the wrong-headed variety, who until one week ago, could be seen in Ottawa and Calgary masquerading and parading as sage and be-speckled economic advisers to the Harperites; Although examples of your tribe can still be found in Calgary, and observed in their native habitat, you have become an endangered species throughout the rest of the land ( and province). However, like your Republican genome-mates south of the border, you seem incapable of grasping the lessons in economics, politics, andabsorbing the

    • Tom Christie says:

      I have seen lazy foreigners, ones that lie, ones that just did not understand and ones that just did not want to understand, as they thought their way was better, ones that did not like Canadians and anyone white, and I have met bosses as ignorant and stupid as you are.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a crock of shit
      I’ve worked with them
      They are lazy and cannot keep up with our Canadian workers
      And when they do work
      We have to go behind them and fix all their mistakes

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr kelly should lose his freeking job to tfw and see how he likes it. Basically when we go to a jod and we gind out that we are working with tfw we should let them lead to show how much they fuck up. The boss will say why did you let do that and we he is suppose to be skilled tradesman should have known better. I gueelss he will have to fix it. How do uou like me now.

    • Vladislav Kouchnarev says:

      You’re right – skilled Canadian workers are too lazy to work for minimal wage/hour (Plus unpaid overtime). How dare they expect a wage that they can live on?

      Meanwhile, their employers are raking in record profits.

  2. Zane gates says:

    I think it’s worth noting that this story appears to be completely bogus. It’s alarming that I’m seeing it shared on Facebook as if it’s a legitimate news story.

    • Jim from Calgary says:

      The sections quoted are from the final text. I checked for myself, out of disbelief. This story is a verbatim representation of the treaty’s text.

      Are you a corporate shill, perchance?

  3. Ryan says:

    Where is the part about unlimited tfw’s in the agreement?

    • Eric says:

      Did you read the article?

      “Canada shall grant temporary entry and provide a work permit or work authorization to Professionals and Technicians and will not:
      (b) impose or maintain any numerical restriction relating to temporary entry.”

  4. Robert G Allen says:

    I a a 3rd generation Canadianand I cannot get a job. I feel that I am going to have to apply for TFW status that way they will give me and my spouse a house , give us both high paying jobs and $250,000.00 to get started. I know these people need our help , but what about the people that were born here, raised here, paid taxes here. HELP US FIRST. Once there is 0 unemployment then help others. I have applied for jobs that I am fully qualified for and someone who cannot even speak our language ( English or French) gets the job. It is sickening. The McDonalds in Parksville is staffed with 75% TFW’s.

    • Anonymous says:

      I find it hard to believe that you were rejected by McDonald’s… They take minimum wage jobs that most Canadians don’t want and think they are “too good for”.

    • Wonderer says:

      I agree I am a Certified Safety Officer, worked in the oil and Gas industry for 15 years, i recently went for a Interview..landed the job.but then was replaced by 2 TFWs who had certifications from their country but not Canada..totally illegal. But the oil company HR Rep( no Name ) explained to me that this was a Temp solution to the TFW issue and the Gov’t would be subsidizing half the wage. So the company only had to pay half the wage of mine to 2 workers.
      Makes me feel like a foreigner in my own birth country Sad.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve been reading a lot of these comments, but I felt the need to respond to yours. I am in the same industry as you. I’ll start with this; it is by no means illegal to hire someone with foreign training or certifications in safety. As it stands, the level of education for a lot of “cso/ncso”s in Canada is a joke. Everyone thinks that by taking a few introduction to safety courses and getting a cso or ncso should mean that they automatically know everything there is is to know and expect a high wage coming into the industry. Fact is, occupational health and safety professionals in a lot of foreign countries have to have a much higher level of education in the matter. Do yourself a favour and finish you Occupational Health and Safety certificate or diploma as a start, then complete your CRSP. You won’t worry about finding a job then.

        • anon says:

          Are you “touched”?

          He has worked in the industry for 15 years…

          Canadian safety standards are among the best in the world.

          On industrial work sites it is very important for everyone to be on the same page. To have the same training in safety standards…the idea that an OSH worker can come from another country without having to be trained to Canadian standards is insane and highly dangerous. We have safety standards for a reason, and this profit-over-people approach is ruining our country.

        • Anonymous says:

          Fuck Off

        • Wonderer says:

          I am a NCSO, CRSP, CSP, NEBOSH Ceritified with a Bachelor degree, so before you make comments about my education, and depth of my qualifications think twice.As for CSOs and NCSOs this is a starter to the industry but by no means they are Jokes, it is the basis of a career on the HSE Industry. If you don’t have field experience you are just another highly educated paper pusher.
          And anon is right in his comment below, the NEBOSH Cerification was a joke, a OSH worker or someone who has a OHS diploma ( which can be acquired online “whoopy”) But a OSH worker the same as a CRSP or Canadian standards thats a laugh.
          That being said I now have a job as a Corporate HSSE Manager. I am not against Immigration just against unqualified immigrants that come to Canada sucking out system dry.

    • Anonymous says:

      I happen to work with TFW and not one of them have received a money bonus from the government! They live paycheck to paycheck. Working for a retail company. In an oil patch dominated area. Some work two to three jobs. Just to have a roof over their heads and send support to their families back home. The company I work for has hired Canadian after Canadian. And do you know what I see, lazy people with no education who think they deserve $20 an hour and who blow shifts to do drugs and get drunk. Who come to work high or drunk and get pissed that they loose their job. My city is drowning in this issue. As are many of the cities in northern BC and AB. I understand that it is not perfect. And some companies and TFW may take advantage of this. But it’s not so black and white.

      • Wonderer says:

        For: Anonymous

        Hear that little Violin its just for your ears,

        I am a Canadian, born here paid taxes for the past 40 years, Lets take care of the issues in Canada not other countries, I make my money here and reinvest it back into Canada I don’t sent it away.
        If a TFW resume comes across my desk with a OSH certification, it gets filed under “G” (garbage) its not worth the paper its printed on. I hire only Canadian certified workers and Canadians first. Call me a “Racist” don’t care this has nothing to do with race. Canadians First and Always and they come in many different colors.!

      • Wonderer says:

        Anonymous : You work in the retail industry, not quite the same industry as mine.
        To say that all Canadian workers that got hired with your company are drug addicts and alcoholics is a just plain Racist. Are you a TFW?
        Here is a though if a TFW wants to come to Canada, then get a degree from a Canadian or American University, a degree from a reputable school ( Not a online school )
        Companys must by Law hire Canadians first, if they cannot find a Canadian worker anywhere?? then hire a TFW temporarily until a Canadian worker becomes available, then fire the TFW .

        This issue with TFWs will destroy wages in Canada.
        This has to be stopped now.

  5. Geoff cronk says:

    Keep the foreign people out of Canada because where are all the legitimate Canadians going to work when this country fill up with foreigners, I SURE AS FUCK WILL NOT BE THE FOREIGNER IN MY OWN COUNTRY, ETHNIC CLEANSING OF CANADA IS THE BEST ANSWER AND MOST PRODUCTIVE

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok Hitler, calm it down please.

      • Wonderer says:

        This is a concern for all Canadians..yes 90 percent of us come from parents or grand parents who were immigrants. The point is some of these TFWs will be hired as skilled workers when they clearly are not. This concerns the SAFETY to all Canadian citizens, for example a TWF gets a position as a overhead crane operator, they may have the Certifications from their country but since the Can govt cannot check on the credentials to verify
        quote” Canada shall grant temporary entry and provide a work permit or work authorization to spouses of Professionals and Technicians of another Party where that Party has also made a commitment in its schedule for spouses of Professionals and Technicians, and will not:
        (a) require labour certification tests or other procedures of similar intent as a condition for temporary entry; or
        (b) impose or maintain any numerical restriction relating to temporary entry.
        If you don’t see the danger in that you have issues
        And to make stupid remarks like Anonymous above, just shows how close minded some individuals are.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello /r/metacanada!

    • A4life says:

      Lol wtf? Ethnic cleansing? This is what is wrong with humanity assholes like this. Unless you are inuit shut the fuck up. Cause known fact that they are the only real idigenious people of this nation. Go to the states I’m sure they would love to have you lead some fucked up government campaign for that sole purpose. If anything first nations people should take their land back which may I add is the entire fucking nation of the so called “united” states of terrorism. Fucking communist

  6. Ken says:

    This is insanity by big corps driving down wages and benefits, construction one of the last bastions of good middle class jobs, may ad well fuck us too

  7. anon says:

    My roommate, from south korea, was shocked when i explained her recent training wage at a jugo juice. She didn’t believe me that she would be getting paid 15% less than the minimum wage I would get…that places like starbucks, mcdonalds, tim hortons, etc, have been going hard at hiring TFW and work visa foreigners because of this very reason. Willing to bet I would not be able to get a job at jugo juice because why would they pay me full price when they can pay a non-canadian and non-resident 15% less than minimum wage? This is a massive threat to the canadian economy.

    Canada is a huge country, and we have lots of space to be taking in refugees and immigrants. However, minimum wage is minimum wage for a reason. Safety standards are here for a reason. We are not Qatar, and I hope we start reversing this whole serf style employment situation…

    My story: I finished top of my class at a top school(was on wait list for over 2 years to get into 6-month program) for a millwright trade certificate. Tried getting a job after…was laughed at, at the union hall…said it was all TFW’s and I would not get a job, and the union didnt want me. Why would the government(federal and provincial) spend millions of dollars subsidizing my school, and my education(which was excellent), just to give better incentives to companies to hire TFW than to continue training the future Canadian workforce? Well, shortly after that, OPEC turned up the taps, and the resource based economy in Canada took a huge hit. I will never be a millwright. I wasted a few of my years on this for nothing. Nevermind the tuition, and rent, etc… What a waste. It’s completely thrown my life off the tracks. I can’t help what OPEC does, but I am sickened that my own government sold my future down a river for a song.

    It disgusts me. Anyone who justifies the TFW program isn’t even a real Canadian, as far as I am concerned.

    • Anonymous says:

      This does not surprise me about your story. I myself am a millwright working the oil and gas industry. I was lucky enough to get hired into a semi large company elsewhere and finished my apprenticeship. For the last several years I have been working the north and can tell u that since I have been here I have worked with all races and 98% of non canadian ‘journeyman’ I have worked with are completely incompetent and yes lazy too. I don’t like tfw’s pulling the race card and yes, they have. I hear a lot about white Canadians being too lazy to work and I find it’s the opposite. I like to work, I don’t like carrying around someone who knows nothing and doesnt understand what is required from them and does LESS and gets the same money. These imports land here and write a test with an interpreter that most likely gives them the answers because there’s no way anyone I’ve worked with would pass a red seal certificate exam. NONE. One in particular couldn’t pass (multiple times) a confined space course. A one day course. Because he didn’t understand. It’s frustrating and also raises concerns towards safety. Canada needs to stop this practice before it’s too late. This is not a hate speech, it’s my own personal experience.

      • anon says:

        I’m a hard worker. I don’t drink or do drugs. I have a ton of applicable job experience…and even though I graduated top of my class at BCIT a few years ago, I know that I will never be a millwright. You are lucky you have a job.

  8. Scott says:

    We can thank Stephen Harper for the tfws. Hopefully Trudeau will fix it. If not… say good bye to decent wages and hello to unemployment. I got laid off in December of last year and it was because of tfws. I just got a job…today…at less than half my old wage…outside my field of training. I feel sorry for the tfws..but they are killing the economy here in Canada. We can’t spend money in Canada if we can’t work to earn it. But we still can vote….

    • Anonymous says:

      Harper actually put restrictions on tfw’s. The liberals were the ones who opened up the program to non skilled workers.

  9. PRM says:

    TPP is a bad deal for Canadians. We will get more products from overseas at lower and lower cost, but we will lose in wage base, employment, and standard of living. Our environmental protections will be worthless. And we will pay astronomical fines to corporate interests from participating countries if anything we do impacts profit, or possible profit. Will PM Trudeau attempt to fix it? Does he even have the legal means to do it now? I am concerned.

  10. Disgusted says:

    Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

    FOR BUSINESS PERSONS Section B 4 (a)

    4. Canada shall grant temporary entry and provide a work permit or work
    authorization to Intra-Corporate Transferees, and will not:
    (a) require labour certification tests or other procedures of similar intent
    as a condition for temporary entry

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yes some replies are true but then there is lots that doesn’t fit,I’m a b pressure welder and so far the Canadian guy’s I’ve welded and worked with told me they won’t even try to weld that type of metals and are very impressed with how I weld that I teach a few rig welders,no problem there I’m always willing and then you get apprentice that are almost 5 to 10 years older then I think but why only now are you coming into the trade when you got only few years left,so where were all the skills these years and most of the new apprentices and journeyman want Forman position but cannot even read a drawing and I’m talking only oil fields.

    • Dennis says:

      why come now when only few years left?
      good question. answer most people don’t stay in the same job or field anymore..would be better if you have to adapt to what you can do and change jobs with market forces. also getting older may need to change job example bieng a scalfolder, floor layer, concrete form worker or other heavy labourer position is nice…but not when your hot 50 years old… should have been a doctor or

  12. Christine says:

    Could everyone please keep their language clean. If you don’t have the intelligence or capability of expressing your point using respectable verbiage, how are can we trust that you are capable of intelligent evaluation of any subject? Using crude language makes you sound like you’re an unreasoning hothead. There are acceptable ways to express disagreement. Please use them.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This will hurt some Canadians for sure!

  14. reg Dahl says:

    The last job I had 2002 paid 35. hr. with lots of overtime. A co-worker made the same and his wife was an reg.nurse. Before tax looks good but what about after tax? Bad deal? Paying between 60-70% tax bill in Canada is just slavery to NON PRODUCERS! The CRA and DOJ are FASCIST STYLE agents that rape the working class for real! What Cdns need is TAX LIMIT LAW for Fed/Prov/Muni . PERIOD . How can this status of no limits work?

  15. reg Dahl says:

    Privatize the CPP ? Why ? YOU get to control where YOUR money goes? And predatory agents can’t claw or steal it! Have current evidence on this.
    CPP must be either mis-managed or corrupted WHY? The top exec is paid? 4.5 million per year??? Divide that by 12 months. I know what the others are paid and the hard working Cdns would vomit!

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