Desperate Harper hires TFW tobacco lobbyist to lead campaign in violation of election law

Stephen Harper has hired a temporary foreign worker known for lobbying against the introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes to lead the Conservatives’ sagging campaign, in violation of Canada’s election laws which prohibit foreigners from influencing voters.

Conservative’s hiring of Australian Lynton Crosby in response to polls showing the party being relegated to the third place violates S. 331 of the Canada Elections Act, which states:

No person who does not reside in Canada shall, during an election period, in any way induce electors to vote or refrain from voting or vote or refrain from voting for a particular candidate unless the person is
(a) a Canadian citizen; or
(b) a permanent resident within the meaning of subsection 2(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Philip Morris International (PMI), owner of the Marlboro brand, hired Crosby’s firm Crosby|Textor in 2012 to successfully derail British government’s attempts to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes.

Studies have shown that plain packaging saves lives by making smoking less appealing, especially for children.

Crosby, who helped former Australian Prime Minister John Howard secure four consecutive election victories and British Prime Minister David Cameron obtain a majority defying pollsters mostly by using “wedge strategies,” once went on an anti-Muslim diatribe during former London mayor Boris Johnson’s election campaign telling Johnson to focus on traditional Tory voters instead of “f******* Muslims.”

Crosby made headlines again after leaked documents showed that he advised private healthcare providers on how to exploit perceived “failings” in Britain’s National Health Service.

“I do not discuss internal campaign matters,” Harper in response to reporters’ questions about Crosby.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Time to approve a Syrian refugee = 4 years
    Time to approve a TFW = 4 weeks
    Time to approve a TFW for the Conservative Party = 4 minutes

    • Susan says:

      Spot on, Daniel.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Garry says:

      This entire system of government is broken yet you apathetic idiot masses continue to spew the same old partisan bullshit. I DON”T NEED OTTAWA TO SPEAK FOR ME ANYMORE BECAUSE THEY NEVER HAVE! Democracy is bullshit as the taxation without representation line is still being flaunted in front of your moronic apathetic faces. Parliament was instituted way back when because of the disperate nature of the communities scattered across this vast country. It was the perfect opportunity for the corrupt power-driven socialist elite of those times to control the population using party unity to further their agenda’s. Only weak minded morons see this system as perfectly fine whereas the more intelligent see it for what it is…..broken. I don’t need politicians, mainly LAWYERS/LIARS to sit in Ottawa and do exactly what they are told to do by their leader, not what they were voted in to do. Watching morons make stupid comments about a prime minister that should have been hung for treason years just boils my blood as none of you have a sense of country or solidarity anymore thanks to mass over-immigration. I hope Canada burns in hell for what you people have let it become because it WILL be the battle ground of the future. Who gives a fuck about some stupid banana bender anyway when there are more important issues to try clean up like FIPA/NEXEN?C-51. You people make me sick!

  2. Katies says:

    In Australia, we call him “The Lizard of Oz”

  3. Realbertan says:

    You guys are really reaching here. He’s an Australian. A white guy. Or as Jason Kenney would say, he’s “culturally compatible”, and as the Minister has repeatedly said, they’re very welcome here.

    As Chris Alaxender made it abundantly clear, it is the Muslims wearing niqabs who are the terrorists. They come to Canada disguised as refugees from Syria.

    You folks are trying to distract Canadians from the single greatest threat facing Canada today: Thomas Mulcair and his socialist soft-on-terror attitude.

    • Susan says:

      Um. We’re talking about electoral law here. Try to keep up.

      • Realbertan says:

        Mulcair is a French citizen. Why does the law not apply to him?

        • Wayne says:

          I believe @Realbertan you should check your facts . Mulcair was born in Ottawa & I don’t believe being bi-lingual does not make you a French Citizen !!!

          • Wayne says:

            sorry about my syntax “does not make” should read MAKES

          • Dianna Inkster says:

            He’s a dual citizen. He is Canadian by virtue of birth and he is a French citizen because his wife is a French citizen and proabably a Canadian as well.

          • Fred says:

            Hmmmm….RealAlbertan: I was born in Ontario, schooled in BC, married a gal from Quebec, learned and speak both French and German, speak all 3 languages and served 15 yrs in the RCAF…I am Canadian, my wife is a French heritage Canadian and so are the Mulcairs. He has the right to run and I have the right to vote either for or against him. It is blatantly unfair to make untrue statements about the man and his wife. Vote against him, sure, but don’t show your own ignorance.

          • Anonymous says:

            MUlcair became a dual cozens of FRance when he married his FRench wife.

        • G in BC says:

          Mulcair was born in Ottawa…get a map and look Ottawa up.

        • Real Albertan says:

          You’re an idiot. Quit making Alberta appear neolithic with your meandering.

        • Bornandraisedalberta says:

          I love the NDP and the values they entail. Anyone who says we all don’t see the truth on the matter didn’t watch the last provincial election. NDP won by a land slide. Alberta voted them in after 40 years of being shit on and scandals.

          • Bryan says:

            And immediately 1/3 of Alberta makes plans to move to Sask my province. We’ve also had big business move in due to the taxes being imposed.

            I bet your so happy with the NDP you don’t even realize the 15.00 minimum wage was a tax grab.

            They get taxes on your wage and they get taxes at the end of year by inflating the wage and jumping people in to higher tax brackets.

            Alberta residents would have profited more of a 13.00 minimum wage and a bigger tax break.

            It’s clear to see you don’t understand the inner workings of finance.

            So please keep Rachael over there and keep your NDP loving ass out of Saskatchewan.

            Remember they just finished ruining my province for 40 years.

          • Bryan says:

            Also add I don’t support Harper. He is a deviant man. Having said that I don’t support socialist scum that post Manifestos on their website devulging how they will take over all Industy including banks.

            Any of you know what the CCF was?

            I support my premiere Mr Brad Wall not because he is Sask Party but because Saskatchewan saw growth and change under Brad wall. We suffered under the NDP losing or family and friends to Alberta. Such is not the case anymore. People have come home from Alberta because it’s good in Sask.

            OPEC screwed you on the oil not the conservatives. Put all blame where it is due not just where it suits you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Right Susan. He’s just trying to cloud the real issue. It illegal to have him influencing an election.

    • Jimmy-Bob says:

      Are you Harper or Crosby? It’s hard to tell.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your comments realbertan are what distract Canadians from the REAL threat!! HARPER! N9w he is the real terrorist. Terrorist to our economy, our farmers, our sciences, our very way of life, our international reputation, our rivers and lakes, our border safety, our veterans, our lower income citizens, our democracy, our freedom of speech, our privacy rights, our good paying jobs with benefits, our retirement plans, have I missed anything? Oh almost forgot the most important thing…the threat to our Canadian Values…

    • Chris Darlington says:

      Socialist? Hardly. You’re a racist and a bigot. End of story.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ah yes, the right wing us vs them, left vs right argument. Man that gets old! lmao

    • G in BC says:

      What’s being “a white guy” have to do with that a prerequisite? The only terrorist I see, is Harper..selling billions of dollars worth of arms to Saudi Arabia…

    • Realredneck says:

      Pipe down, gramps. Your days of blindly following the blind are over. Real Albertans are no longer conservative rednecks, we are the youth looking for change in the face of hypocrisy. Go plough your barren fields while the children sort out your mess.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha you got ook on the brain

    • Judy Sayeau says:

      Muslims wearing niqabs?? How silly, and that they come to Canada disguised a refugees from Syria, …they absolutely are Muslims. Really, I am sure that terrorists are mingled in the masses, how do you determine who to let in to Canada? I wish I knew. The world should be trying to solve the syrian issues so that the refugees can go back. This is stupidity thinking that we all have to be compassionate and let them all in.

      • cdnski12 says:

        How many Syrian Refugees have carried out terrorist attacks in Canada? How many successful Muslim Terrorist Attacks have there been in Canada in the past 150 years?

      • polymot says:

        Why would terrorists risk life and limb to get to Canada…the war they are fighting is in Syria not here. If they wanted to come here, which they don’t, they can buy a plane ticket, not take to a leaky boat and risk drowning. Harper is using terrorism as an excuse to ignore the refugee crisis. We should be welcoming thousands of these well educated, talented and hard working people. They will be an asset to this country just like the Ukrainians, the Hungarians, the Czechs and the Ismailis who came in large groups in the past. Nobody works as hard as those who have, through no fault of their own, lost everything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fucking cowboys.. Go home redneck

    • You really are a piece of work, eh?

    • Not in BC says:

      @Realbertan – excellent troll 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      The biggest threat is Stephen Harper

    • Anonymous says:

      Terrorists eh? Stop watching Fox news

    • Pat Dion says:

      You are kidding right? That has to be sarcasm because no one can be that stupid.

    • Bertram says:

      Yah…..your a Realalbertan alright. Living in the sewer hole of Canada…Syncrude brown noser.

    • Mike says:

      A white guy? Culturally compatable? Racist much!

    • Anonymous says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about I hope you know. That’s hands down the most ignorant thing I’ve read all week. Thomas Mulcair would be an excellent prime minister.

    • Anonymous says:

      Man don’t bogart the dope.
      Sound like a great hallucinogen, two up mate

  4. Jimmy-Bob says:

    How is this news?

    Lizard of Oz is a racist, homophobic, pro-private healthcare, pro-big business conservative. In other words, Harper’s mirror image.

  5. Don Peters says:

    Once again he will say he did not know or just plain avoid it. Every election politicians seem to all ways avoid anything controversial. Think its time that someone with real gonads steps up and restores the faith in the Canadian system. Now we just don’t have a leader in any of the partys

  6. Realbertan says:

    Mulcair is a French citizen. Why is the law not applying to him?

    Does this pathetic rag that passes for a newspaper protect him because he is a Muslim-loving socialist who furthers your gay agenda?

    Harper promised to stand up to the immigrants, Muslims, terrorists, pot heads, unions, homosexuals and Indians. He has kept his promise except for fighting homosexuals.

    I’m confident if we give him another shot at being Prime Minister, he will once and for all bring back sanctity to the institution of marriage by ending gay marriage and defeating the gay agenda. He will do so while growing our economy and protecting us from terrorists.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thankfully comments like yours are exactly what Canadians need to hear!! How exactly unCanadian Harper really is!! I am a Canadian born and raised and I can proudly say I do not support any of the values you have listed. Like most Canadians I believe in multiculturalism diversity and freedom of choice…all CONS should just move to the USA they seem to fit in perfectly there…

    • JT says:

      Wow. Just…wow.

      Racist, zenophobic, fearmongering, homophobia while rejecting truth, all in one post.

      Impressive just how messed up conservative thinking really is.

    • FrenchCanadian says:

      Realbertan: I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or really believe what you are saying.

    • Anonymous says:

      Personal details
      Born Thomas Joseph Mulcair
      October 24, 1954 (age 60)
      Ottawa, Ontario

    • Anon says:

      We dont need sheep here! Continue to UNeducate yourself and live in a hole.

    • Paleskinned says:

      HAHAHAHAH I can’t tell whether you are joking or really serious?

    • martman says:

      He is also a Canadian. Bigot much?

    • Ann Omnibus says:

      you’re a moron.

    • Dexter Dangdoodle says:

      Hey Pard’

      I think the handle ‘Realbortian’ might be a little more appropriate in your case.

    • Puxin says:

      Read the article to find out. The law says that people who reside in Canada are allowed to participate. So, even if you cling to your BS notion that Mulcair isn’t a Canadian citizen, you cannot deny that he is a Canadian resident.
      Now, find another way to shift the focus away from the fact that your beloved Harper broke the law.

    • Not in BC says:

      LOL I think @Realbertan wants to see Mulcair’s birth certificate.

    • Duane Stevens says:

      you are so funny you should join comic relief… most “realbertan’s” are probably scratching their heads thinking oh Allah… he’s trying to speak for all of us…. if only he knew what he was talking about… gay agenda… get a grip or pull your head out of your A-hole… there is a whole world happening around you and you only want to d rabble in shit..

    • Bertram says:

      Give it a break…..the only thing your concerned with is your paycheck. As far as Albertans are concerned the environment is their own personal toilet.

    • Anonymous says:

      To realbertan: racist, selfish, homophobic, swine! There is no gay agenda! Piss on you, you crude oil soaked piece of fecal matter. We need to stop the oil corporations agenda to pollute our country and continue lobbying politicians with their filthy lucre. Redneck, backward moron!

    • Bornandraisedalberta says:

      Just because this retard has Alberta in his name, does not make him the spokesperson for Alberta, and provincial line hating is bigotry. ^

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, you call yourself “realbertan”? I know many Albertan’s and a lot of family there. You asshat are not real anything!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I cant believe people are seriously going to vote NDP. I’m leaning conservative but one thing is for sure I’m cancelling out one of the votes for Mulcair. Look what NDP is doing in Alberta, bmf

    • Anonymous says:

      So, what has the NDP done to alberta that you are in disagreance with?

    • cdnski12 says:

      Yee-uup. The NDP has undertaken a huge job to right the wrongs of 65 years of previous fascist, Oil Oligarcy supported, right wing fascist AB Provincial Govts. Should take few more weeks.

      • Bornandraisedalberta says:

        The people in Alberta wanted change to happen. If we didn’t why was the such a strong vote for it? Albertans are not an oil company, they are Canadians like the rest of Canada, and a large portion of Albertan residents are from out of province coming for work. Please don’t forget we are all in this Canadian mixing pot together… vote for what’s best for Canadians.

  8. Mike Perham says:

    There is no law against hiring an advisor, that’s all he is. He has no personal interaction with voters so can not influence them in any way.

  9. Midnight says:

    Hilarious, Realbertan is clearly voting ABC. He’s citing all the reasons we should evict Harper.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s hilarious when people comment about what the ‘NDP are doing to Alberta’. They have barely been in power and have not yet tabled a budget because they are waiting until after the federal election. How about we talk again in a year; once they’ve actually had time to do things. Hell maybe they won’t be the best, maybe they will. What’s so wrong about giving them a chance? I mean after 40 some odd years of conservatives in power maybe a change is a good thing

  11. In regard to the Conservatives hiring of Australian Lynton Crosby as a consultant, note that the commissioner of elections has ruled that “providing advice to a campaign or working for a campaign is not considered inducement.” Section 331 of the Elections Act does not apply in this situation. Other Canadian political parties have also hired foreign consultants and there is nothing wrong with learning from the successes and failures of others.

    What is distressing about the Conservatives hiring Lynton Crosbie is that it almost certainly signals more hard-core, divisive, wedge-politics tactics will be employed by them in the balance of the campaign. And that approach has nothing to do with a rational consideration of issues and policies and everything to do with stoking fear and division.

  12. Greg Miner says:

    Let’s see. The Wizard of Oz hid behind a curtain. Stephen Harper hides behind closed doors. The Wizard of Oz couldn’t give the cowardly lion a heart either. How appropriate.

    At this point, God Himself couldn’t change my mind about Stephen Harper, much less the Wizard of Oz.

  13. ASScommitteChair says:

    Speaking for the Anyone Save Steve Commiittee I believe a sharp look at the polls of Canadians nationally and Particularly those of Quebec show a vast Majority around 58% favor Mulcair.given a landslide in Quebec it is hard to fathom a Liberal Victory .
    The second choice of almost everyone who is voting eithrer NDP or Liberal is each other. It may take strategigic voting to defeat the Steve Party ( the one that insists on calling itself Harper Government of Canada) Otherwise Divide and conquer is what we will see for the next four weeks. If the Conservative hatchet job destroyed the ability of Trudeau to get elected just think what it might do to Mulcair in the next few weeks. Methinks they may be the architect of their own demise.

  14. ASScommitteChair says:

    I was going to call it the AXH but it lost out in a tight three way race and now no one remembers what the other acronym was or what it was about. Glad you asked Anyone eXcept Harper and of course it’s a silent “H” like Harper when uniquely unrehearsed questions are asked. Cause there aren’t any.

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