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U.S. wants Canada to join probe of cross-border pollution from B.C. coal mines

The United States government, including President Joe Biden's White House, has joined calls for Canada to participate in a probe of cross-border pollution coming from coal mines in southern British Columbia. In a statement released last week, the U.S. ...

B.C. and First Nation reach first ‘consent-based’ agreement on mining project

VICTORIA — The British Columbia government says it has entered a first-of-its-kind "consent-based" agreement with a First Nation over land use, changing the way resource projects move forward in its territory.  The agreement with the Tahltan Central Go...

Ensure economic development serves all, Trudeau says amid Chile’s mining reforms

OTTAWA — The world is changing and all governments must fight the climate crisis and ensure economic development benefits everyone, including Indigenous Peoples, Canada's prime minister said Monday as Chile pushes ahead with reforms to its mining secto...

International commission asks Canada to join probe of selenium flowing from B.C.

The agency that mediates disputes between Canada and the United States over shared waters is pleading with the federal Liberals to join an investigation into contamination from British Columbia coal mines before the Americans move on their own.  In a M...

Alberta town endorses community-developed policy saying no to coal mining in Rockies

CALGARY — A southern Alberta town has become what it says is the first municipality to endorse a community-developed policy that calls for a permanentban on new coal exploration and development in the Rocky Mountains. "We've always wanted to keep our

Nunavut review board recommends against iron ore mine expansion on Baffin Island

CAMBRIDGE BAY, Nunavut — The Nunavut Impact Review Board is recommending the proposed expansion of an iron ore mine on the northern tip of Baffin Island should not go ahead. Baffinland Iron Mines Corp. is seeking to expand its Mary River

B.C. mine environment safeguards whittled down by amendments, university study says

Some environmental safeguards built into British Columbia mine approvals are being gradually whittled away without enough public or scientific oversight, says new university research. A recently published paper from researchers at Dalhousie University'...

Inuit fear ruling on Arctic mine expansion could hasten ongoing narwhal decline

Inuit hunters fear an upcoming ruling on an Arctic mine expansion could hasten the ongoing decline of a narwhal population that they rely on for food.  Harvesters from Pond Inlet on the northern coast of Baffin Island say numbers of the

Opposition wants Saskatchewan to share more of its oil wealth with residents

REGINA — Saskatchewan's Opposition says the government needs to share more of the wealth coming in from oil prices that continue to surge above what was forecast in the budget. The NDP is urging the Saskatchewan Party government to raise royalty

Slain Mexican activist’s supporters take case to Supreme Court of Canada

OTTAWA — Family and supporters of a Mexican activist who was killed after opposing a Canadian company's mining project are asking the Supreme Court of Canada to review a federal ombudsman's decision not to investigate the matter. The case stretches bac...