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Feds’ curb on debate of online streaming bill condemned as draconian by Tories

OTTAWA — The federal government is cutting short debate by MPs of its online streaming bill, a move Tory MPs have condemned as "draconian" and "disturbing." They say curbing scrutiny of the bill line by line in committee is an attempt

Canada target of Russian disinformation, with tweets linked to foreign powers

OTTAWA — An analysis of over six million tweets and retweets — and where they originate from — has found that Canada is being targeted by Russia to influence public opinion here. The study by the University of Calgary’s School of

Consultants to Russian oil, including PR and advertising, targeted in fresh sanctions

OTTAWA — Advertising and public-relations agencies have been banned for working for Russian oil and gas firms as part of a new wave of sanctions designed to increase pressure on the Putin regime. The latest round of sanctions following Russian Presiden...

Online streaming bill will generate $1B a year for Canadian creative sector: minister

OTTAWA — The online streaming bill will generate at least $1 billion a year for Canada's creative sector, including Indigenous programs, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez told a committee of MPs on Monday.  Rodriguez disclosed the figure before the Hou...

Google contacts each MP over fast-tracking of online news bill through Commons

OTTAWA — Google has taken the extraordinary step of writing to every MP and senator expressing fears that the online news bill is being rushed through Parliament without proper debate or consideration.  In its letter, Google warns that the bill needs

Vocal critic of Liberals’ online streaming bill partly funded by YouTube and TikTok

OTTAWA — An outspoken critic of the Liberal government's online streaming bill received funding from two of the biggest digital platforms in the world. Scott Benzie, founder of Digital First Canada, told a parliamentary committee on Monday that his org...

Creator of popular kids’ YouTube channel slams federal online-streaming bill

OTTAWA — The Canadian creator of a children’s YouTube channel with 34.2 million subscribers has condemned the government’s online-streaming bill as a "bad piece of legislation" written by people who don't understand how digital platforms work. Morghan ...

Bill would give CRTC power over user-generated content, but it won’t use it: chair

OTTAWA — The chair of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission says a federal bill would give it power to regulate homemade videos posted on platforms such as YouTube. But Ian Scott predicts this would never happen as the broadca...

Russia shuts down CBC/Radio-Canada Moscow bureau, removes journalist accreditations

OTTAWA — Russia's Foreign Ministry says it is shutting down CBC/Radio-Canada's Moscow bureau and revoking the accreditations and visas of its journalists. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Wednesday that the move is in retaliation for O...

Over half of young people see racist content online about immigrants, poll suggests

OTTAWA — Over half of Canadians under age 35 come across racist or prejudiced remarks about immigrants on the internet, a new survey suggests. Forty-two per cent of all respondents to the online survey by Leger and the Association for Canadian