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“Don’t blame Trump for Quebec,” Canadians blame their own right-wing leaders for mosque massacre

Canadians are blaming their own right-wing leaders, not the United States President Donald Trump, for the shooting by a suspected far-right-inspired attacker Alexandre Bissonette at a mosque in Quebec that left six people dead and five others critically wounded. “No,

Calgary Imam likens Harper to Idi Amin

An Imam in Calgary likened the outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Uganda’s former brutal dictator Idi Amin yesterday, drawing fire from Canadians across the political spectrum. “Stephen Harper’s legacy as Prime Minister of Canada. ” Prof. Imam Syed B.

Subject Harper to RCMP criminal investigation over offshore tax haven scandal, 3 out of 5 Canadians say

A significant majority of Canadians (61%) want to see Stephen Harper subjected to an RCMP criminal investigation over his and his government’s role in the KPMG tax haven scandal which allowed billionaires to pay no taxes while obtaining federal and

Harper government’s economic record worst in Canada’s post-war history, new report shows

By Mary Simpson As Canada slips into a recession with real gross domestic product falling in May for the fifth consecutive month, a new review of the economic record of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government paints a damning portrait of nearly

Enforcing inequality: Harper Government creates two classes of Canadians

By Faizan Butt The federal government’s recent legislation, dubbed Bill-C24 came in to effect this week. The new law is already creating waves among legal scholars and civil rights proponents. But, the Harper government is no stranger to controversial legislation.