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Flipper sues buyer who lost half a million selling waterfront property for loss

By ThinkPol Staff A Vancouver speculator who tried to make a profit of $200,000 through an assignment flip is now suing the eventual buyer, who allegedly owes him $600,000 after being forced to sell the West Vancouver waterfront property for

Realtor blames typo for 6x attempted flip, claims markup is only 100%

On Sunday, ThinkPol published a story about how a real estate speculator is apparently attempting to sell for $15 million a Coquitlam property they bought for $2.6 million less than a year ago. Now, the realtor listing the property is blaming

More than 1 in 3 Yaletown condo sales appear to be flips

By ThinkPol Staff More than a third of all condos currently listed for sale in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighbourhood appear to be attempts at flipping by speculators. ThinkPol analyzed all 128 of the currently available MLS listings for condominiums in Yaletown