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New sensor detects COVID-19 virus in the air within minutes

Swiss scientists have demonstrated a sensor that can detect SARS-CoV-2 in the air within minutes, which could help halt the COVID-19 pandemic in its tracks. Fast and reliable tests for the new coronavirus are urgently needed to bring the pandemic

Canada liable to compensate Chinese companies for COVID-19 losses under Harper govt trade agreement

Canada is liable to compensate Chinese companies for losses incurred due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, under the terms of a trade agreement the Harper government signed with China. Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government signed the Agreement

Spain’s economic activity halved during COVID-19 lockdown, study finds

Economic activity in Spain was an average of 49% lower following the coronavirus lockdown compared to the same period the previous year, a new analysis of 1.4 billion credit and debit card transactions during the first three months of 2020

Vancouver Airbnb host turns COVID-19 pandemic into opportunity

One Vancouver Airbnb host is turning COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic into an opportunity even as other short term rental operators are scrambling to stay afloat amid mounting cancellations. Cammy Wang is marketing her Airbnb listing at 6950 Yew Street as a

China: Banner celebrates COVID-19 pandemic in US and Japan

Images of a banner in Shenyang, China, with the message “eagerly celebrating the pandemic in the United States and wishing the pandemic in little Japan to last for a long time,” have garnered an outpouring of anger. Local citizens posted