BC Green voters prefer coalition with NDP over one with Liberals

By Amy Chen 62% of those who voted for the BC Greens at Tuesday’s provincial election would be happy with their party forming a coalition with the NDP, while only 45% would be happy if leader Andrew Weaver sided with

Elections BC’s “How to Vote” webpage crashes on election day

By Amy Chen Elections BC’s webpage on how to vote has crashed on election day. Requests to “http://elections.bc.ca/2017-general-election/how-to-vote/” are directed to a page with the IP address, which intermittently returns a “403 Forbidden” error. A Google cache of the

Majority of British Columbians want RCMP to investigate Christy Clark over pay-for-play scandal

By Amy Chen A majority of British Columbians wants Mounties to investigate Christy Clark for giving corporations billions of dollars of taxpayer money in exchange for donations to her BC Liberal party, according to a poll by ThinkPol conducted using

Pro-temporary foreign worker group endorses Christy Clark

By Amy Chen Christy Clark is the “greatest friend of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in British Columbia” and her BC Liberals deserve four more years in power, according to a group of Temporary Foreign Worker Program supporters who are

US-designated criminal organizations receiving tax refunds under secretive BC Liberal program

By Amy Chen Firms whose assets were seized by the US after being designated a “significant transnational criminal organization” is benefiting from the secretive provincial tax refund program that was greatly expanded by Christy Clark’s government in 2014. PacNet and

Secretive tax refund recipients mostly BC Liberal donors

By Amy Chen BC Liberal donors made up the majority of corporations benefiting from the secretive provincial tax refund program that was greatly expanded by Christy Clark’s government in 2014, BC Elections donation database shows. Some of the largest donors

“Don’t Split the Vote,” environmental filmmaker urges BC in viral video

By Amy Chen A four-minute video entitled “BC Don’t Split the Vote” produced with no budget is going viral on social media, with over 360,000 views on Facebook and Youtube. The video by independent environmental filmmaker Twyla Roscovich, who says

BC Liberals sold our province to China and pocketed the proceeds

By Joyce Yip When we scrutinize BC Liberals’ deals with Beijing, one thing becomes chillingly clear: Christy Clark and co. have sold our province to China. The only people profiting this firesale are the BC Liberals and their cronies. The

BC Liberal candidate: ‘Big money in politics leads to good government’

By Amy Chen A BC Liberal candidate has defended the millions of dollars his party receives from corporate donors claiming that big money in politics leads to good government. “I’m worried about taking out philanthropists from the process,” Sam Sullivan,

Let’s Avoid Collective Amnesia at the Polls Next Week – The Innumerable Scandals of the BC Liberals

By Evan Sumner Let’s avoid collective amnesia at the polls next week and try to keep in mind the number of controversies our current government has managed to be embroiled in over the years. If you’re like me and specifics