Customers abandon CIBC after bank axes Canadian workers and ships jobs to India

By Amy Chen CIBC customers are abandoning the bank in droves, with some even posting photos of themselves cutting up their bank cards on social media, following the financial institution’s decision to fire 130 Canadian workers and force them to

Trudeau’s Liberals losing to leaderless Conservatives in polls

By Amy Chen A leaderless Conservative Party of Canada has overtaken Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party in the most recent Forum Research poll[1]Conservatives inch ahead, which suggests that If an election were held today, the Conservatives would win 170

Commercial AirBNB hosts thrive despite “crackdown” in Vancouver

By Evan Sumner Some hosts have as many as 35 different listings on AirBNB. This is despite claims of a crackdown on such commercial operators by the City of Vancouver and AirBNB. According to an analysis of AirBNB data carried

O’Leary: The so-called Canadian Trump

By Evan Sumner A growing number of Canadians are considering joining the Conservative Party of Canada, but not for the usual reasons. They are doing so solely for the opportunity to vote against current leadership front-runners like Kevin O’Leary. In

TFW program supporters endorse Kenney

By Amy Chen Jason Kenney is the “greatest friend of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program” ever, according to a group of Temporary Foreign Worker Program supporters who endorsed the former federal employment minister for the leadership of the Alberta PC

Kevin O’Leary: One Business Record That Leaves Something To Be Desired

By Evan Sumner Kevin O’Leary, like most businessmen, has a long history of success and failure. Though his successes are rarely so big as advertised and his failures often much larger. An article published by The Globe and Mail in

Jason Kenney & the Temporary Foreign Worker Program: Will his past come back to haunt him?

By Evan Sumner While Jason Kenney’s chances of being named leader of Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives on March 18th look good, his leadership bid could still be derailed by his reputation as the former Minister of Employment and Social Development. Particularly

Supporters publicly abandon Liberal Party as Trudeau reneges on electoral reform promise

By Amy Chen Social media is abuzz with Liberal Party supporters publicly abandoning their membership, some going as far as to tweet photos of themselves cutting up their party membership cards, after their leader and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided

Trump overtakes Putin as the most talked about person in Russia’s media

By Nadezhda Vasilieva United States President Donald Trump has ousted Russian President Vladimir Putin as the person referenced most often by Russia’s news outlets in the month of January, the country’s largest private news agency Interfax reported, citing their own

Trump has the lowest first 10-day approval since approval ratings began

By Amy Chen Donald Trump’s approval at the end of his first 10 days is the lowest since the approval ratings began six decades ago, according to the most recent GALLUP poll. At 43%, President Trump is 10 percentage points