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Help Afghanistan’s neighbours to help refugees fleeing Taliban: UNHCR official

OTTAWA — Canada and its international partners need to do more to strengthen Afghanistan's neighbours if they want to help vulnerable people flee the Taliban-controlled country, says a top United Nations official. Kelly Clements, the deputy UN High Com...

Online criteria for Afghan refugee program changes, applies only to those who’ve fled

OTTAWA — The Canadian government has quietly changed the criteria on its website for a special program for vulnerable Afghan refugees so that only those who have already managed to escape to other countries are eligible. The online criteria for the

GG, Legion mark 100th anniversary of poppy symbol during fundraising campaign launch

OTTAWA — Gov. Gen. Mary May Simon received the symbolic first poppy Monday as the Royal Canadian Legion launched this year’s annual national fundraising campaign for veterans ahead of Remembrance Day. May Simon accepted the poppy from Legion dominion p...

Safe houses for Afghans who helped Canadian military and NGOs will be ‘scaled back’

OTTAWA — Some Kabul safe houses, where hundreds of Afghans who helped the Canadian military and non-governmental organizations are waiting to flee to Canada, are set to be closed in two weeks because of lack of funding. An organization running the

Prime minister marks start of Thanksgiving holiday by meeting Afghan refugee family

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met a family of newly settled Afghan refugees on Saturday, marking the start of the Thanksgiving weekend with what he said was an important reminder.  Trudeau met Obaidullah Rahimi, who began working at the Canadi...

Afghan women ministers warned Canada of Taliban atrocities in June: senator

OTTAWA — Afghan women ministers made pleas to Canadian politicians for help — and shared warnings about atrocities and the erosion of women’s rights — two months before the Taliban took control of Kabul. In June, female Afghan ministers begged Canada

Families of Canadians trapped in Syria turn to Federal Court to force government help

OTTAWA — The families of Canadians trapped in northern Syria are asking the Federal Court to force Ottawa to help them. The 11 families say in a court filing that the government's refusal to step in amounts to breaches of the

200 Afghans, including female students and dancers, make daring overland escape

OTTAWA — Dozens of female Afghan students have escaped the Taliban with the help of a Toronto-based charity and are heading to Saskatoon after a daring land journey lasting weeks. Nearly 100 girls have managed to flee to Pakistan with their

Entrepreneur helping Afghans is ‘shining example of Canadian compassion’: minister

OTTAWA — A Toronto property developer who has worked tirelessly to help hundreds of people fleeing the Taliban settle in Canada — spending $50,000 to buy them essential supplies — has been praised as a “shining example of Canadian compassion”

Twenty years after 9/11, the U.S. finds itself on the other side of the looking-glass

WASHINGTON — Fiery explosions, the innocent falling from the sky, presidential vows of vengeance: America's 20-year war on terror seemed to end much the way it began.  The searing parallels that bookend the two decades — shaken commanders-in-chief prom...