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Victoria welcomes the first cruise ship to dock in Canada in more than 2 years

VICTORIA — The first international cruise ship to dock in Canada in more than two years arrived in Victoria Saturday morning. Ian Robertson, chief executive officer of the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority, says the Koningsdam cruise ship arrived arou...

Starting Friday, vaccinated travellers to Canada don’t need a COVID-19 test

OTTAWA — The eye-watering sensation of a swab up the nose will no longer be a cost of admission to Canada for vaccinated travellers as of Friday.  The government announced it would do away with the requirement for COVID-19 tests for

Vaccinated travellers won’t need COVID-19 test to enter Canada as of April 1

OTTAWA — Vaccinated travellers will no longer need to show a COVID-19 test to enter Canada beginning April 1, Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos officially announced Thursday. The change comes at the very beginning of the tourist season and the tail end

Vaccinated travellers will no longer need a COVID-19 test to come to Canada: source

OTTAWA — Vaccinated travellers will no longer require a negative COVID-19 test to come to Canada as of April 1, according to a source in the federal government.  The change is welcome news, just in time for the tourist season, said

As new Omicron variant looms, White House urges Congress to restore COVID-19 funding

WASHINGTON — With inflation spiralling, gas prices soaring and the soil of Ukraine now sown with the seeds of another great-powers conflict, the White House issued a pointed reminder Tuesday about another international crisis the United States isn't qu...

Federal government lightens travel restrictions in time for March break

OTTAWA — Vaccinated travellers will no longer need a molecular COVID-19 test to enter Canada starting Feb. 28, and can instead opt for a potentially cheaper and easier to access rapid test.  The change comes as sunny news to some travellers

As border blockade persists, Canadians fear a pretext for more U.S. protectionism

WASHINGTON — Escalating blockades at the Canada-U.S. border are weakening one of the most fragile links in the vital North American supply chain — a link that has nothing to do with transport trucks, highways or bridges. Rather, it's the

Ottawa increases warnings about Ukraine, urges Canadians to leave over Russia threat

OTTAWA — The federal government is now warning against any travel to Ukraine and urged all Canadians currently in the country to leave Monday as concerns about war with Russia escalate. Last month Global Affairs Canada warned only against non-essential...

Airlines cancel flights, call for travel restriction rollbacks des[ glimmers of hope

Canada's two main airlines continue to slash their schedules and demand that Ottawa roll back COVID-19 travel restrictions to staunch the cash bleed — though experts see glimmers of hope on the horizon. WestJet Airlines Ltd. has cancelled 20 per cent

Airlines, airport ask government to drop arrivals testing requirement

MONTREAL — Canada's largest airlines and its busiest airport asked the federal government Monday to drop its rule requiring vaccinated travellers to test on arrival for COVID-19. In a letter to Ottawa and the Ontario government, Air Canada, WestJet and...