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Bloc leader calls on Trudeau to hold summit on health transfers with premiers

MONTREAL — Federal health transfers to the provinces are the most urgent political issue facing the country, Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet said Wednesday as he called on the prime minister to convene a health summit with the premiers as

Quick List: Close races where mail-in ballots are deciding election results

OTTAWA — Several federal ridings may not have an elected member of Parliament until Thursday or even Friday, as Elections Canada continues the arduous task of verifying and counting more than 850,000 mail-in ballots. Here is a list of 17 ridings

Most postal votes should be counted by Wednesday: Elections Canada

OTTAWA — A clutch of close-run ridings, including a nail-biting photo finish in Vancouver Granville, are still waiting for mail ballots to be counted to determine the final result.  But Elections Canada says it expects most of the 850,000 postal votes,...

Conservative on national council says members should review O’Toole’s leadership

OTTAWA — A Conservative who sits on the party's national council says Erin O'Toole should undergoan acceleratedleadership review by members following his election loss, marking the first open challenge to him staying in the role.  Bert Chen represents ...

Environment groups say all parties now firmly behind strong action on climate change

OTTAWA — Two years ago environment groups applauded the federal election results as a win after almost two in every three voters picked a party with a clear commitment to combating climate change. Monday's election may have returned almost the same

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney battles COVID-19 hospital crisis, internal party revolt

EDMONTON — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, facing a mushrooming COVID-19 hospital crisis that now threatens to topple him as leader, accepted the resignation of his health minister Tuesday. Kenney said it was Tyler Shandro’s idea to leave the health port...

O’Toole triggers campaign review after loss, saying no one more disappointed than him

OTTAWA — The Conservatives will review their disappointing election loss, Erin O'Toole said Tuesday as he underscored his commitment to ensuring the party is battle-ready for the next campaign. "We've started a process that will involve all parts of th...

Three new Indigenous MPs secure ridings for NDP and Conservative parties

There are likely to be three new Indigenous members of Parliament in the House of Commons following a federal election that had a record number of First Nations, Métis and Inuit candidates. Blake Desjarlais, who is Métis, was declared the winner

François Legault says he has no regrets about taking sides during federal election

MONTREAL — François Legault says he has no regrets about his support for the Conservative party and his criticism of the Liberals during the federal election campaign. The Quebec premier says his stance was in defence of the province's autonomy and

Jagmeet Singh defends NDP’s election showing despite little caucus growth

Jagmeet Singh says he feels secure in his leadership despite the NDP's seat count barely shifting after a pandemic election in which Canadians consistently ranked him as the most popular leader.  "I’m really here because I want to make a difference,"