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Upcoming census release to show how country is aging, detail gender for first time

OTTAWA — To Parminder Raina, age is really just a number — scientifically speaking. Raina, the scientific director of the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging, points to the difference between complex movements a young person can do compared to the...

Documents detail push, and pushback, on Liberal promise to block unvaccinated from EI

OTTAWA — Internal government documents show that the Liberals' pledge to prevent unvaccinated people from accessing jobless benefits didn't eliminate all avenues for them to enter the employment insurance system. The briefing notes prepared for Employm...

Ontario PCs exploring raising injured workers’ compensation if re-elected

The Ontario government says it is looking into raising compensation for workers injured on the job, but the proposed change wouldn't take effect until after the provincial election. Labour Minister Monte McNaughton, who announced the plan on Wednesday...

Law combating modern slavery and child labour a priority: minister

OTTAWA — Labour Minister Seamus O'Regan says the Liberal government is planning legislation to make Canadian companies ensure that they are not using slave labour or exploiting child workers overseas. In an interview, O’Regan said he is preparing a "co...

Liberals’ budget signals shift to soon let labour groups launch trade challenges

OTTAWA — One of the country's largest unions says a small change promised in the federal budget could leave a large impact on efforts to prevent Canada from being flooded with cheap goods that threaten domestic industries. Once the legislative changes

What to know about inflation, the labour market and Bank of Canada rate hikes

OTTAWA — The Bank of Canada is moving ahead with another hike to its key policy rate in the face of decades-high inflation rates and record-low unemployment rates. Here's what to know about the connection between the interest rates, inflation and

B.C. government worker union says contract talks with province at impasse over wages

VICTORIA — The union representing more than 33,000 British Columbia government employees says contract talks with the province have stalled over differences in wage proposals.   B.C. General Employees' Union president Stephanie Smith says the governmen...

Hollywood, foreign film productions reach record high in Canada in COVID’s first year

OTTAWA — When the pandemic first hit, the world shouted "cut." Cameras stopped rolling, film sets went black and stars with seven-figure salaries were sent back to their hotel rooms. But a report by the Canadian Media Producers Association on the

Unions look for details on federal budget pledge to ease access to training funding

OTTAWA — The head of the Canadian Labour Congress expressed worries on Tuesday that labour groups could be left out of talks over a federal pledge to let workers access skills training programs before they become unemployed. Congress president Bea Brus...

Court rejects bid to ban imports from China’s Xinjiang region over labour concerns

OTTAWA — Activists concerned about forced labour have lost a court bid for a general ban on the Canadian importation of all goods from the Xinjiang region of China. The Federal Court has rejected their application to overturn a Canada Border