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Canada cancels deportation of healthcare hero

The Canadian government has suspended the deportation order issued against Filipino COVID-19 frontline health worker Carlo Escario following a public outcry. “Elated by the news that the government did the right thing by cancelling the removal of our client, Carlo

Number of young Irish visitors skyrockets in Vancouver

By Marina Wang Vancouver residents may have noticed the whimsical inflection of the Irish accent has become all too common in the last couple years. According to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, the number of temporary resident visas and work

Researcher highlights impact of deporting immigration lawbreakers

By Drew Penner In February, when a federal judge refused to throw out the deportation order for a Chinese family found guilty of fudging papers to stay in Canada, many cheered, thinking about all the potential housing they dreamed that

Citizenship industry rife with fraud and criminality, immigration consultant warns

By Drew Penner Canada has much stricter barriers to entry than many citizens realize. Our average of around 250,000 yearly immigrants over the past decade suggested by the federal government’s advisory council to tick up to 300,000 or even 450,000