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Feds’ curb on debate of online streaming bill condemned as draconian by Tories

OTTAWA — The federal government is cutting short debate by MPs of its online streaming bill, a move Tory MPs have condemned as "draconian" and "disturbing." They say curbing scrutiny of the bill line by line in committee is an attempt

Online streaming bill will generate $1B a year for Canadian creative sector: minister

OTTAWA — The online streaming bill will generate at least $1 billion a year for Canada's creative sector, including Indigenous programs, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez told a committee of MPs on Monday.  Rodriguez disclosed the figure before the Hou...

Creator of popular kids’ YouTube channel slams federal online-streaming bill

OTTAWA — The Canadian creator of a children’s YouTube channel with 34.2 million subscribers has condemned the government’s online-streaming bill as a "bad piece of legislation" written by people who don't understand how digital platforms work. Morghan ...

CRTC to get new chair as role of broadcast regulator expands

OTTAWA — The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission chair is to be replaced within months and Canadian Heritage is already accepting applications for the $328,000-a-year role.  Ian Scott and his broadcasting vice-chair, Caroline Si...

What’s Canadian? Minister to modernize definition of a Canadian film and TV program

OTTAWA — Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez is set to review what qualifies as a Canadian film or TV program as part of a move to modernize the country's broadcast laws.  The definition of Canadian content is at the heart of a

Hollywood, foreign film productions reach record high in Canada in COVID’s first year

OTTAWA — When the pandemic first hit, the world shouted "cut." Cameras stopped rolling, film sets went black and stars with seven-figure salaries were sent back to their hotel rooms. But a report by the Canadian Media Producers Association on the

Feds signal room for tweaking online streaming bill in committee

OTTAWA — The federal government has signalled it is open to MPs tweaking a bill that would subject streaming companies, such as Netflix, to the same rules as traditional Canadian broadcasters. Chris Bittle, parliamentary secretary to the heritage minis...

Nova Scotia announces $8 million for sound stage, $15 million to boost film industry

HALIFAX — Nova Scotia is investing $8 million to help build a sound stage to further boost the province's film and television production scene, which has grown significantly during the pandemic, Premier Tim Houston said Tuesday. Houston also announced ...

Heritage minister says Netflix, Disney should contribute more to Canadian culture

OTTAWA — Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez says streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney and Amazon Prime are "the new big players" and should contribute more to Canadian culture.  In a debate Wednesday in the House of Commons about a bill to

CRTC lacks expertise to regulate online streaming, YouTube: experts

OTTAWA — Internet experts have cast doubt on whether the body the federal government wants to regulate streaming services and video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and Netflix has the expertise to do so.  They have also questioned whether the Canadia...