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Federal government gives $77 million for new fire-resistant buildings in Lytton, B.C.

LYTTON, B.C. — Harjit Sajjan toured the ruins of Lytton, B.C., on Tuesday, witnessing the full impact of what a wildfire did to the community when it raced through the village in June last year.  Just before the tour, the minister

Inquiry begins hearing testimony on Ottawa’s off-the-rails transit system

OTTAWA — Hundreds of public servants and downtown workers trudged shoulder to shoulder down the sidewalk on the outskirts of Ottawa's core on a dreary October 2019 morning, making an unexpected march to work. Laptop bags slung over their shoulders, the...

‘It’s gotten into a ridiculous situation’: Housing costs concern southwest Ontarians

Shazelle Santana desperately wants to move from her one-bedroom apartment into a larger unit but has been unable to afford more space. The London, Ont., resident says her seven-year-old son is growing fast and the family needs more room, but the

‘It all comes back to lodging’: electrician says lack of housing slows construction

KUUJJUAQ, Que. — Daniel Gabois would usually be out hunting this time of year.  Flocks of Canada geese have started to appear overhead in their V-formations, returning to nesting grounds in the northern Quebec region of Nunavik. That's the signal for

SNC-Lavalin to pay $30M under agreement with Quebec over bridge bribes

MONTREAL — SNC-Lavalin Inc. says it will pay Quebec nearly $30 million over three years to settle criminal bribery charges stemming from bridge work in Montreal. The charges against SNC-Lavalin and SNC-Lavalin International related to events that occur...

Quebec takes over Montreal rail line, sending another project back to planning stage

MONTREAL — The Quebec government and the City of Montreal are taking over a light rail system proposed for the east end of the province's biggest city, sending another major infrastructure project back to the drawing board.  Quebec Premier François Leg...

New investing orders should make it simpler to deploy funds: Infrastructure Bank CEO

OTTAWA — The head of a federal infrastructure agency says a new set of investing orders from the Liberal government should make it simpler to deploy more funding in the coming months. The recent federal budget added to the Canada Infrastructure

Canadian manufacturers hope for exemptions from latest Buy American provisions

Canadian manufacturers are once again facing the risk of being hit by U.S. protectionism and the need to fight for crucial exemptions.  The challenge comes after the Biden administration announced new procurement guidanceMonday that requires the constr...

‘We must do better:’ Nunavut leaders optimistic about housing money from Ottawa

IQALUIT, Nunavut — Leaders in Nunavut say they're happy with territory-specific housing money in the federal budget even though the amount is well below what they say is needed to address a long-standing housing crisis.  The Liberal government budget l...

B.C. ready to proceed with permanent repairs to flood-damaged Coquihalla Highway

HOPE, B.C. — The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure says it is moving ahead with permanent repairs to a key B.C. highway damaged by catastrophic flooding last November. A statement from the ministry says it has begun the process to select