Poland to increase medical, infrastructure security

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — With a war raging across Poland's eastern border, the right-wing government is introducing a law to increase medical and infrastructure security in emergency situations.

The draft presented Tuesday by government ministers in charge of national security calls for funds to be secured in state coffers each year for the development of local first responders, for an ambulance in each county and for improving the 112 emergency call system.

It also gives regional governors more powers in emergency situations and secures for them funds dedicated to quick reaction in case of natural disasters and emergency situations. It raises to 10,000 zlotys ($2,200) from the current 6,000 zlotys the amount of money families can receive in quick response to house damage.

Poland’s key politician, main ruling party leader and deputy prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said the decisions were dictated by recent developments like the COVID-19 pandemic, floods and major fires, but also by the sudden inflow of almost 4 million war refugees from Ukraine since Russia’s invasion Feb.24.

The draft needs approval from the parliament and from President Andrzej Duda, who is a government ally.

The Associated Press