Manitoba’s minimum wage must stay competitive: Premier Stefanson

REGINA โ€” Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson is hinting at an increase in the minimum wage.

At a meeting of western premiers in Regina, Stefanson says Manitoba has fallen behind other provinces and is going to take steps to address that.

Stefanson did not go into detail, but her Progressive Conservative government has served notice of a bill on minimum wage that is to be put before the legislature as early as Monday.

Saskatchewan recently announced an increase to its minimum wage for the fall, which would leave Manitoba with the lowest minimum wage in the country.

Manitoba currently increases its minimum wage every year in line with inflation, and is currently scheduled to raise it to $12.35 an hour in October.

Saskatchewan is raising its minimum to $13 an hour this fall and to $15 in 2024.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 27, 2022.

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