Vancouver Councillor slams efforts to cheer up terminally ill kids

A Vancouver City Councillor slammed a project that helps terminally ill kids enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime supercar experience, citing climate concerns among others.

“I’m being asked if public funds were spend on this supercar parade(through officer time, vehicle/gas use, other resources)?” Councillor Christine Boyle asked Vancouver Police Department publicly on twitter. “And if so, how much? Can you provide that info?”

“FWIW In the midst of a global health pandemic, #climateemergency, overdose crisis, and more… “supercar therapy” & “adrenaline-filled temporary escape” aren’t spending priorities I am hearing from the public,” the OneCity councillor added.

A social media post by the Vancouver Police Department showing its members taking part in the Driven Project supercar parade evoked the rebuke from Councillor Boyle.

The Driven Project responded to Councillor Boyle explaining that VPD members were volunteering in their days off to help terminally ill kids.

“We create special experiences for kids who are battling life-threatening illnesses,” Driven Project said. “Our supercar rides/parades with the VPD provide these children with a much-needed temporary escape from reality.”

“The VPD members seen in these pictures have been generous enough to volunteer their days off to help these kids push through tough times,” the group added. “I can’t help but think if one of your kids was fighting for their life, you would appreciate the team coming by to lift their spirits.”

Vancouver residents reacted angrily to Councillor Boyle for attacking a project that brings happiness to terminally ill children.

“When is it EVER a bad time to cheer up sick kids?” asked Michael Siedelman. “There will always be bigger issues in a city yet that doesn’t mean smaller acts that provide happiness and joy can’t be provided as well.”

“I worked at Ronald McDonald House for 10 years,” Olivia Edwards said. “The most joy and laughter the kids had was when members of the Canucks would come over or VPD motorcycle squad. The kids would sit on the motorcycles and turn sirens on-:) The glee on their faces and the giggles!!! Yes – super cars!”

“Worst take ever,” Hafeez Noorani responded to Councillor Boyle. “This is the height of smug progressivism. These kids deserve joy. Your ideological thumping needs a break, it’s kinda missing the target.”