Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives lied to Canadians at least dozen times during the campaign

By Rohana Rezel
Andrew Scheer wants voters to believe he’s Mr. Clean. But the man who wants to be the next Prime Minister of Canada and his Conservative Party have lied to Canadians at least a dozen 14 15 times during the campaign.

  1. Conservatives lied about the RCMP investigating Justin Trudeau [1]
  2. Conservatives lied about the efficiency of carbon taxes[2]
  3. Andrew Scheer lied about the UK sending a pedophile child murdered to Canada [3]
  4. Conservatives lied about the Liberals imposing new tax on home purchases [4]
  5. Conservatives posted fake photo to make it look like Justin Trudeau was meeting with extreme right and racist activist Faith Goldy[5]
  6. Conservatives posted photo deliberately mis-quoting Rick Mercer[6]
  7. Andrew Scheer lied about being an insurance broker[7]
  8. Andrew Scheer lied about how Canada’s Foreign aid is spent[8]
  9. Andrew Scheer lied about the Federal Government taxing 94% of all new income made[9]
  10. Andrew Scheer lied about immigrants jumping the queue[10]
  11. Conservatives lied about Trudeau is spending $90,000 to upgrade “his summer home”[11]
  12. Conservatives falsely represented tax loop-holes for rich citizens as support for small businesses [12]
  13. Andrew Scheer lied about Liberal’s wanting to increase GST [13]
  14. Andrew Scheer lied about Liberals wanting to decriminalize hard drugs, despite Trudeau’s denial[14]
  15. Andrew Scheer lied about how elections work in Canada[15]

Acknowledgement: This list is based on a list originally posted on twitter[16] I have attempted to improve it by adding sources.

Update 19:04 PDT: Added lies 13 and 14 based on feedback we received from readers.

Update 13:16 PDT, October 19: Added lie 15 based on readers’ feedback.


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52 Responses to Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives lied to Canadians at least dozen times during the campaign

  1. gary stark says:

    im a vet and i havent heard of anyone speaking for the old age pensioners im on oap and cant afford a dentist for my self or my wife but all these imigrants get vit free im about ready to throw my vets plates in the garbage and each of you lie to protect yourselves so i decided not to vote for any of you jagmeet is not allowed in india or the states whats he doing in our politics

    • Brian Gonsalves says:

      Hello Mr Stark, I can imagine your pain. I have heard that you can get great dental care for a reasonable price at dental schools. The students are closely supervised and they do good work because they want to pass their exams. Give it a go to be practical. All the best and thank you for your service.

    • Jason says:

      You weren’t paying attention. Trudeau promised to increase the OAS by 10%.

    • Guy Bird says:

      I worked at Walmart from age 76 to 79 and 6 months. No problem. Get of your butts.79

      • Deb says:

        I was a single mother raising three children by myself with a deadbeat dad. I worked hard until I turned 63 and then all my problems Started with my health. Not all of us can be reliable to hold a job. So get some compassion

  2. kathi dunphy says:

    Gary, Curious to know what is it that Jagmeet is doing that upsets you…

  3. Maxwell says:

    I dislike all the political parties, but I know each year that I won’t vote conservative until I’m making a million dollars.

    That’s because the PC party speaks to 3 groups:

    1) Business owners – this is the smaller minority of votes for PC, but the push for deregulation and less taxes makes the PC party most attractive. If you make over $150K a year, there’s an advantage to voting PC for lesser income tax.

    2) Religious – probably the core group of voters are people who are identify with a religion and topics of pro-choice/life are important.

    3) Xenophobes – yes, a very large group of voters – generally outside of urban city centres are scared of immigration. The PC party and (people’s party) are the ones who like to fan the flames on this one.

    • Rob says:

      Trudeau lied for 4 years….he lied he would balance the budget.. He lied that he wasn’t involved in snc corporate corruption. Be lied about Jody Wilson… He lied about his India trip… He lied about blackface and his racism towards blacks… The list goes on.

      • David Stanley Stark says:

        Rob – that is the list, and it’s mostly a silly list. SNC corporate corruption is a misleading characterization. Trudeau lobbied JWR to take a different prosecution choice. SNC was corrupt, yes, but what Trudeau did was legal, but ruled unethical. Please be precise. He did not lie about Jody Wilson, he lobbied Jody Wilson. He did not lie about his India trip, you are just trying to get leverage out of his silly outfits. He did not lie about blackface, he admitted and apologized. Now let’s talk about you: you’ve just repeated conservative talking points. Please be honest: are you on their payroll?

        • Anonymous says:

          Trudeau bought a pipeline to try to save jobs and votes in Alberta and Saskatchewan. He is going to increase the carbon tax far higher than now . He is for Natives. So if he is for natives and their views . Why is he going to push the pipeline right through their land to the coast.

          • Anonymous says:

            You referring to them as ‘natives’ really tells the rest of the readers everything they need to know about you. You should be ashamed, if you had any self respect.

        • Nanny says:

          Our own Howie Mandel lists Trudeau’s accomplishments

          By Howie Mandel.

          Trudeau 4 years of accomplishments:


          Here’s a list

          -Your minister of finance engaged in insider trading – should be a 10-year sentence.
          You blew the Asia Pacific deal.
          -You blew the helicopter deal with the Philippines.
          -You blew the pipeline deal (he’s now trying to save himself from it).
          -You blew the deal with China.
          -You blew the deal with Europe.
          -You invited “irregular” immigration and the taxpayer foots the enormous bill for it.
          You alienated the United States – our largest trading partner.
          -At the G7 you pledged $400 million to Education around the world along with another $180 million to the Global Partnership for Education in Europe. None of it is going to fix our messed up school systems here at home. Meanwhile, education costs are skyrocketing for our youth making university a mountain too high for many to climb.
          -You pledged $241 million to Family Planning around the world including a $20 million donation to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation (because they have integrity!). This all happened while you told vets that they were asking too much.
          -You pledged $2.65 billion to climate change at the Commonwealth Leaders Summit and now you’re trying to bully the provinces into new taxes to pay for this pledge.
          -You pledged $300 million to the Rohingya Refugee crisis while we have a refugee crisis of our own flooding into Quebec that you won’t address.
          -You pledged $125 million to Caribbean Reconstruction while our own infrastructure in cities is falling apart.
          -You pledged $650 million to Sexual and Reproductive health in Haiti and around the globe wanting safer abortions for women while many women in our own country are left without a family doctor.
          -You pledged $50 million to Palestine for flood relief when NB had some of the worst floodings in decades this past spring.
          -You pledged $840 million to Syria for Humanitarian Assistance when half the native reserves in our country don’t have clean drinking water.
          -You gave $10.5 million to a convicted…CONVICTED terrorist in a backroom deal that has lead to another $30.8 million paid out for three others who say they were wrongfully detained.
          -You spent $4.5 billion on a 65-year-old pipeline, and now the courts have ruled it shut down. Now it’s back on (at a delay cost of $250 million) – a good investment for Canada you said? (And KM uses that money to build a pipeline in Texas)
          -You pressured Jody Wilson Raybould repeatedly & INAPPROPRIATELY with several different high ranking officials to offer SNC Lavalin a DPA instead of prosecution for repeated & sustained corruption AFTER the former AG had determined they were ineligible for such a deal. You lied about the above having ever taken place.
          -You replaced Canada’s old F-18s with Australia’s old F-18s.
          -Your bizarre love of all things Castro.
          -You imposed tough regulations and taxes on oil from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland but not oil from Saudi Arabia.
          -Every new project has to undergo strict environmental assessments…except cement plants in Quebec.
          -You said that a proposed pipeline must consider “the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors” (what does that even mean???)
          -You think older Canadians should be replaced. How is -that moral?
          You chase foreign companies (and their investment capital) out of the country like they have the plague.
          -You chased our WW1 soldiers out of our national anthem… lest we forget.
          You continuously use identity politics…then complain about identity politics.
          -You forgot Alberta was a province.
          -You called small business owners “tax cheats”.
          -People voice concern over money spent on illegal immigration and you call them intolerant racists.
          -We have an equalization program, but you give half of it to one province.
          -You spent $8 million on a skating rink (vanity project) when Canada’s largest skating rink is 500 meters -away.
          You added tens of billions added to the national debt while lying to Canada’s face about it.
          -You groped a woman and when caught – laughed about it (MacLean’s interview) and said she experienced it differently.
          -You elbowed a female MP while dragging another MP by -the arm in a petulant huff.
          You renamed Fishermen to “Fisher-folk”
          -Peoplekind? (international embarrassment)
          -You got India to invest $250 million in Canada but we have to invest $750 million in India first.
          -You compared returning ISIS terrorists to Italian immigrants and said they will be an extraordinarily powerful voice for Canada.
          You let terrorists keep their Canadian citizenship.
          -You spent $212,234 on the artwork for the cover of the 2017 budget report.
          -You think Canada is 100 years old instead of 150.
          -You spent upwards to $348,000 on food and alcohol in five flights on our government’s plane. On your G20 trip to Argentina, you spent $103,000 on food and alcohol alone. How is that even possible?
          -You gave Canadian taxpayers’ money to Hamas.
          You voice outrage over fake racist attacks and say nothing about real terrorist attacks.
          -You took 10 vacations in a single year. Who does this??
          -You spent a little over $1.5 million on the trip to India that did nothing but worsen ties. Plus paid over $17,000 to bring an Indian chef to India to cook Indian cuisine. And to top it off, invited a convicted attempted assassin to a diner and posed for pics with him.
          -And you’re the only PM convicted of ethics violations. (multiple times in fact)
          You allegedly destroyed the career of one of Canada’s honest military leaders to cover up possible massive corruption in shipbuilding contracts.
          -You invited Joshua Boyle, an alleged perpetrator of sexual assault and unlawful confinement for a photoshoot in the Office of the Prime Minister.
          -You threaten to sue the leader of the opposition then chicken out when you realized that your alleged crimes will be exposed in court.
          -You offer over $600 million dollars in subsidies to failing mainstream media outlets if they can prove to be trustworthy. You put a union who vows to destroy your opposition in charge of selecting these new “trusted” sources to receive funding. You could school the Russians in election interference.
          -You pay off your friends to engage in election ads for you and get Elections Canada to pay for it.
          $200 million to Loblaws for new refrigerators.
          -You made public statements of deep admiration for Chinese communism.
          -You wore preposterous, inappropriate costumes during a state visit to India, paid for by Canadians.
          What moral, functioning Canadian human could possibly justify voting for you?

      • Paul says:


        As a black, I am not offended by Mr. Trudeau’s blackface scandal. I like that Mr. Trudeau pays attention to detail. As a Canadian, I know the SNC is business as usual and I cannot understand the fuss. As an immigrant, I see the economic impact of immigrants on Canada and know anyone who says it is not so is a racist bigot. As a person who looks at the big picture. Conservatives enlarge white supremacy groups when the r elected by turning a blind eye to their bullying in communities, hence the report on white supremacy in canada took until years of libs in power before it could come out, while investigators named Pickering ON as the largest percenrage per population in early 2000. As per immigrants who jump ahead, they r of benefit to Canada and their Canadian mentors for their outstanding abilities (scholarships, e.t.c.) while being stereotyped, especially by the medical profession.

      • Peter says:

        And where did all the lieing start? With Mr. Truedeau. So the other parties have to lie to counteract liberal lies. Politics has become childish and divisive like Just-in Truedoh.

  4. John McCullough says:

    Liberal propaganda. If you counted Trudeau’s lies you’d enter the triple digits.

  5. Todd says:

    Thats a good one. Where’s the one with all Trudeau lies? I no you would be there for a while as it’s a long list. And i just love how everyone who has a different view then you there a white supremacist racist. Your intolerance speaks loudly. Oh and did i forget everyone is a nazi to right?

  6. Chris says:

    Conservatives and facts, seem to be to like oil and water. It’s fun to watch them struggle with reality.

  7. Demon says:

    “But the liberals did it too!”–Lyin’ Conservative

    Conservatives should be held to a higher standard.

  8. Timothy says:

    “But, but the liberals did it too!”–Lyin’ Conservative

    Conservatives should be held to a higher standard.

  9. Clive Hinds says:

    Go out there and support the party that,supported you in your moment of crisis.We are all immigrant’s but some of us forget that.You don’t damn the bridge you cross,now go out there and give the Liberals a solid majority.

    • Susie spence says:

      Oh your must be bipolar and to tell everyone to vote liberals, you are sick. You have no business to tell people who to vote for. THIS WAS THE CORRECT WAY TO VOTE FOR WHO WE BELIEVE WILL TAKE CARE OF US. SINCE TRUDEAU HAS BEEN IN AS PM CANADA HAS GONE TO HELL. people who think they can tell others who to vote for.

  10. Anonymous says:

    These comments are hilarious. How is it liberals can’t see how much of a disaster Trudeau is? Down playing every part of his corruption and scandals. If the conservatives pulled have the crap Trudeau did liberals would be marching in the streets with pitch forks. Trudeau is literally the corrupt leading the blind.

    • J says:

      Highest employment rate, best economy yet, back in the top 3 best countries in the world… soooo bad….

    • Susie spence says:

      Oh your must be bipolar and to tell everyone to vote liberals, you are sick. You have no business to tell people who to vote for. THIS WAS THE CORRECT WAY TO VOTE FOR WHO WE BELIEVE WILL TAKE CARE OF US. SINCE TRUDEAU HAS BEEN IN AS PM CANADA HAS GONE TO HELL. people who think they can tell others who to vote for.

  11. A says:

    Please repost your references. They are cut off. Thanks

  12. J says:

    16. Schmeer failed to inform us about his dual American citizenship until he was outed by the media.

    17. Schmeer then said he gave up his American passport at age 11 (I believe), yet has traveled a LOT to and from the US for personal reasons (Which you can’t do without your American passport if you have any form of American citizenship.)

  13. LilacFire says:

    Snopes has verified that the post here attributed to Howie Mandel is 100% false. This post s/b removed as not everyone knows: to check Snopes or ‘trust but verify’ is a good ethic.
    This fake list is to trick people.

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