Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives lied to Canadians at least dozen times during the campaign

By Rohana Rezel
Andrew Scheer wants voters to believe he’s Mr. Clean. But the man who wants to be the next Prime Minister of Canada and his Conservative Party have lied to Canadians at least a dozen 14 15 times during the campaign.

  1. Conservatives lied about the RCMP investigating Justin Trudeau [1]
  2. Conservatives lied about the efficiency of carbon taxes[2]
  3. Andrew Scheer lied about the UK sending a pedophile child murdered to Canada [3]
  4. Conservatives lied about the Liberals imposing new tax on home purchases [4]
  5. Conservatives posted fake photo to make it look like Justin Trudeau was meeting with extreme right and racist activist Faith Goldy[5]
  6. Conservatives posted photo deliberately mis-quoting Rick Mercer[6]
  7. Andrew Scheer lied about being an insurance broker[7]
  8. Andrew Scheer lied about how Canada’s Foreign aid is spent[8]
  9. Andrew Scheer lied about the Federal Government taxing 94% of all new income made[9]
  10. Andrew Scheer lied about immigrants jumping the queue[10]
  11. Conservatives lied about Trudeau is spending $90,000 to upgrade “his summer home”[11]
  12. Conservatives falsely represented tax loop-holes for rich citizens as support for small businesses [12]
  13. Andrew Scheer lied about Liberal’s wanting to increase GST [13]
  14. Andrew Scheer lied about Liberals wanting to decriminalize hard drugs, despite Trudeau’s denial[14]
  15. Andrew Scheer lied about how elections work in Canada[15]

Acknowledgement: This list is based on a list originally posted on twitter[16] I have attempted to improve it by adding sources.

Update 19:04 PDT: Added lies 13 and 14 based on feedback we received from readers.

Update 13:16 PDT, October 19: Added lie 15 based on readers’ feedback.


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