Pest control reports larger and more spiders in metro Vancouver

By Staff Writer

Longer, warmer summers have led to both an increase in size and occurrence of spiders in metro Vancouver, according to a pest control specialist.

“Spiders are huge right now, larger than I’ve ever seen before,” Randy Bilsky, an exterminator with Go Green Pest Control, told the CBC. “The spiders get a jump on summer by having a warmer spring and in fall the weather stays warmer longer, so they grow larger because there are more insects out there.”

Bilesky said that calls to his pest control service have increased 50 per cent this season, with 39 calls so far, compared to 26 from last year.

Typically, spider season is over by the end of September, but longer, warmer summers allow spiders to persist later in the season and grow larger. Bilesky partly attributed the increase in size to climate change.

He advised his clients to first exercise prevention by filling cracks in ceilings or floorboards and keeping doors and windows shut. The less squeamish can place a cup over the spider and a sheet of paper underneath the cup, allowing the spider to be taken outside.

The giant house spider and the hobo spider are commonly found throughout British Columbia. “They are quite hairy and they are really, really fast,” arachnologist Catherine Scott told the CBC. “You can actually hear their little feet running across the room.”

The giant house spider can have a leg span of eight centimetres and has brown, chevron pattern on its body. However Scott also said that the large spiders are completely harmless and reduce the number other household pests.