Woman using townhouse as Airbnb hostel taken to court

By Marina Wang

The City of North Vancouver is asking the Supreme Court to step in on the case of woman running her townhouse unit like a hostel on Airbnb.

Emily Yu rents out 14 to 15 beds to short-term visitors in her unit, dubbed the Oasis Hostel. Her neighbors have expressed concerns regarding bed bugs, fire safety, insurance, and the constant barrage of strangers coming through their property. Yu’s strata and B.C.’s Civil Resolution Tribunal is charging nearly $7,000 in strata bylaw fines against her.

According to the petition issued to the Supreme Court, “The use of the townhouse as a hostel disturbs the neighbours. The noise, traffic and transience of the hostel guests is inconsistent with the residential nature of the neighbourhood containing the townhouse.”

The petition also alleges that Yu is violating fire safety bylaws by obstructing halls and exits with furniture and contravening zoning bylaws by keeping her home as a hostel. It also called for Yu to immediately cease receiving guests and to remove her online advertisements.

Despite the charges accrued from the Civil Resolution Tribunal, Yu remains defiant. “I’m going to continue to fight for my right,” she told the CBC. “This is my home. I have a right to enjoy my property. My strata they can say whatever they want, but they don’t have a right to [take away] my civil right of enjoying my property.”

After the petition to the Supreme Court was filed by the strata and City of North Vancouver, Yu filed her own petition to the Supreme Court arguing that her privacy had been violated by members of her strata. Her petition was dismissed.

One Response to Woman using townhouse as Airbnb hostel taken to court

  1. nonconfidencevote says:

    “Its my right to ignore the strata ByLaws, the municipal ByLaws and to annoy my neighbors….”

    But God help anyone tell me I cant do whatever I want.

    The unbelievable arrogance, greed and obstinate stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze.

    Well. Hopefully she’ll have to sell into a FALLING REAL ESTATE MARKET!

    And guess whats happening south of the border in the “booming” USA Real Estate market!



    Soon to be painfully obvious to everyone in Vancouver.

    Happy Housing CRASH REalturd scum!
    You brought this nightmare all on yourselves with shameless pumping, obfuscation of sales stats and endless pumping in the media.
    “It always goes up up up”

    Until it doesnt.

    Here comes the 1980’s……..hold onto your hat folks cause its gonna get fugly.
    Bankruptcies, arsons, repossessions…..and thats just the Realtors!


    Sales commission scum that will get everything financial that they deserve. 🙂

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