Ontario Election: Here’s what to expect with Ford sworn in as premier

By Marina Wang

Friday, June 29 will see Doug Ford, leader of the Progressive Conservatives, officially made premier of Ontario. Campaign slogans included “for the people” and “Ontario is open for business” but the party platform has been short on many fiscal details. However, here are some of his immediate party promises:

Finances: Ford promises to “balance the books” in terms of Ontario spending. He will do a line-by-line audit of the former government’s spending and launch a commission of inquiry to investigate the Liberal’s deficit budget. His campaign promised $6-billion in spending efficiencies without having to cut any public service jobs, but it is still unclear exactly how this will be accomplished.

Ford’s platform also includes a 20 percent income-tax cut for low-income households as well as cutting corporate taxes and small business taxes. He will scrap the Liberal’s planned minimum wage hike of $15 and introduce a minimum wage tax credit that would balance out the income tax for minimum wage workers.

Hydro: Ford plans to fire the board of Hydro One and “its $6-million dollar CEO,” according to his website. “For too long, well-connected insiders have been getting rich off your hydro bills.” However, it is unclear how this will happen, as the province is no longer Hydro One’s majority owner. Ford also plans on cutting hydro rates by 12%.

Environment: On the campaign trail, Ford frequently voiced his opposition of Ontario’s cap-and-trade system which has industries pay for their carbon emissions. Dismantling the system could take some time, as it is a federal requirement and is embedded in legal agreements with California and Quebec. However, Ford can file a “reference question” with the Ontario Court of Appeal and challenge the constitutionality of an imposed federal carbon pricing scheme. The case can also be brought to the Supreme Court of Canada. Ford also announced that he will cancel the GreenON rebate program that incentivizes renovators to use energy efficient heat pumps and insulation.

Education: The Progressive Conservatives plan to scrap the current sex-ed curriculum and reinstate the curriculum of the 90s until a new curriculum can be established based on parental consultation. They also plan to provide an addition $38-million for autistic children and end the York University strike.

Healthcare: Ford vows to end “hallway medicine” and cut wait times by building 15,000 long-term care beds in five years. He also pledges to invest $3.8 billion in mental health, addictions and housing supports.

One Response to Ontario Election: Here’s what to expect with Ford sworn in as premier

  1. nonconfidencevote says:

    Ford was elected?
    I thought it was more like Kathleen Wynne was unelected.
    A three legged dog with arthritis could have beaten her.
    Another election where the bum was thrown out and an incompetant populist gains power for one term.
    Politicians better get used to serving one term because voters are not in a forgiving mood these days.
    Should be interesting watching Canada’s version of Trump careen around like a loose cannon on the heaving deck of a ship.
    ……aaaand then Ford will get into office, look at the books and announce that all his promises have to be broken because there’s no money.
    Same old same old

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