Thousands expected at Vancouver housing rally today

By ThinkPol Staff

Thousands of Vancouverites are preparing to brave freezing temperatures to join the affordable housing rally this afternoon in downtown Vancouver, to pressure British Columbia’s NDP government into taking action two days before Premier John Horgan and Finance Minister Carole James unveils the much anticipated provincial budget.

Affordability Action Hub, an umbrella group of grassroots housing advocacy and watchdog groups, is organizing the Rally for Affordable Housing Action, which is taking place today from 2pm to 5pm at the Jack Poole Plaza[1]

“We need to stop viewing housing as an investment or commodity,” Coordinator Christina Gower said. “Housing is a necessity of life, and our communities are deeply affected by a tsunami like wave of destruction stemming from Vancouver. Its effects are being felt across the Lower Mainland and throughout all populated areas of the province.”

The speakers for the event include Raza Mirza from Housing Action for Local Taxpayers (HALT), Laura Gillanders from Richmond Farmwatch, Paul Finch from BCGEU, Connie Hubbs from COPE, Sat Harwoord from BC Green Party, and Ulrike Rodrigues, who has fought for protecting rental stock from Airbnb and other short term rental services.

“Unregulated global capital and widespread real estate speculation have driven up housing prices and driven out long-time residents,” the organizers wrote on the event’s Facebook page. “Empty houses dot our landscapes while homelessness levels continue to climb. Whistleblowers pointing to corruption emerge almost daily.”

“Residents across the Lower Mainland and beyond need to pressure government to ensure housing is accessible for residents of ALL income levels,” they added. “We are concerned citizens from diverse backgrounds working together to stop the housing affordability crisis from spreading, and we call upon everyone affected to join us.”

The organizers expect people of all income levels, ages and backgrounds to come together to send a strong message to the government that housing action, against the backdrop of a damning report by award-winning journalist Kathy Tomlinson of The Globe and Mail who uncovered how fentanyl dealers were using Vancouver’s real estate market to launder proceeds of crime[2]

“I want everyone to remember, that in order to build a better future one must always fight for it,” rally supporter Kirsty Garbe said. “If people do not go out and share their voices, and push for what we need and believe in things will never change.

“This is about our ability to live and survive nothing more nothing less.”

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8 Responses to Thousands expected at Vancouver housing rally today

  1. Rebecca Mcardle says:

    Christy Clark needs to own this. I am surprised she is not under criminal investigation.

    • George Heinser says:

      OMG! Cry the f*cking blues. Blame blame blame. The world population is exploding and Vancouver is an ideal place to live compared to most of the world. Deal with it. If you can’t afford to live here move.

      • New subscriber says:

        Who work and pay taxes in BC should be able to afford to buy an apartment or house; however, there are too much fraud, money laundering,trust loopholes, flipping by relators , no transparency of all sales of homes , no any enforcement (fines, suspension, criminal charges ) .
        Simply put, criminals set up rules for a long time and people need to start protesting like in other countries.
        In 2014 the Crown land was sold and resold shortly, someone took a huge profit and walked away fee of any charges.

    • tami says:

      for sure.
      rude entitled white settlers are feeling left out.
      colonial rule is here.
      rich jerks are making things worse – fact. vancouver – the colonial name on unceded coast salish territory is a shit show of greedy jerks.

      • Reenis says:

        Yup 🙂 basically everyone is fucked up hahaha but still we’re less fucked up here than in other countries, cough cough usA

  2. George Costanza says:

    what do natives have to do this anymore.

  3. Majicou says:

    Thousands of people did not show up to the rally.

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