Vancouverites set to take to the streets demanding action on housing, crackdown on lawbreaking in real estate

By ThinkPol Staff

Vancouverites are getting ready to take to the streets demanding the province to act on housing and crackdown on rampant speculation and criminal activity plaguing the the region’s real estate market.

The first Rally for Affordable Housing Action by the umbrella group Affordability Action Hub is scheduled for Sunday, February 18 ‒ two days before Premier John Horgan and Finance Minister Carole James will unveil the much anticipated budget.

The constituent members of the Hub include Housing Action for Local Taxpayers (HALT), Richmond’s Changing Neighborhoods, Pets OK BC and Vancouver Is Falling (VIF).

“Unregulated global capital and widespread real estate speculation have driven up housing prices and driven out long-time residents,” the organizers wrote on the event’s Facebook page. “Empty houses dot our landscapes while homelessness levels continue to climb. Whistleblowers pointing to corruption emerge almost daily.”

“Residents across the Lower Mainland and beyond need to pressure government to ensure housing is accessible for residents of ALL income levels,” they added. “We are concerned citizens from diverse backgrounds working together to stop the housing affordability crisis from spreading, and we call upon everyone affected to join us.”

The organizers want people of all income levels, ages and backgrounds to come together to send a strong message to the government that housing action is long overdue.

“Together, we will tell government that we no longer tolerate our province to be run by profit-driven individuals and corporations,” they wrote. “We demand our government close the loopholes, punish lawbreakers, clamp down on exploitation, and even the playing field across the province.”

Meanwhile, in response to harsh criticism on social media, Housing Minister Selina Robinson reassured British Columbians that action was just around the corner.

“We have been modelling various ways to address speculation, transparency and foreign capital,” she said. “We believe it is important to get it right so this needed to be done. Stay tuned to budget later this month.”

The organizers of the rally are currently finalizing the venue for the event.

[Photo Credit: Affordability Action Hub]

12 Responses to Vancouverites set to take to the streets demanding action on housing, crackdown on lawbreaking in real estate

  1. Jon Stovell says:

    lets get organized people. civil disobedience is the best way to put the focus on the issue and get politicians to notice us. lets make it happen. can we get 500 people!?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Uhh… On the same day as Chinese New Year celebrations downtown… Coincidence?

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      The Year of the Dog.
      Wassup Dawg?

      Love it.
      Cant wait to see if the MSM even bothers to air the housing demonstration

    • Anonymous says:

      if I was a betting person I would say they will likely try and crash the Chinese New Year celebrations which sucks because a lot of the people that goto those aren’t part of the problem and are they to celebrate the new year.

    • Anon says:

      What an idiotic comment

    • Christina Gower says:

      Coincidence definitely, the timing is 2 days prior to the budget, absolutely want the Chinese New Year celebrations to be enjoyed as much as ever. The problem is not in China, it is in our government and in our laws and in our mindsets about housing 😉

  3. That guy says:

    Canada is too kind and people exploited our laws and corrupted our government and we allowed it. It is time to show everyone that we are not the forever saying “sorry”, syrup loving, polar bear riding, igloo dwelling people they perceive us to be. I doubt a rally is going to be enough but it’s a good first step before it becomes complete civil disobedience which is becoming a popular topic of discussion it seems.

  4. nonconfidencevote says:

    well, It appears that the CBC wont be showing anything news worthy other than nonstop Winter OweLimpIcks jingoistic flag waving drivel where drugged up Russians need not apply.

    I guess we’ll have to reply on the “unbiased” Real Estate pumping media over at Global to air the Demo…….

  5. nonconfidencevote says:

    Speaking of “Unaffordable Housing”
    Guess where “Missing Christy”
    is popping up…….?

    Hey Ontario:

    Christy is coming to give a speech for the Ontario Real Estate Association.

    Yeah this Christy:

    “Christy Clark’s six-year tenure as the Liberal Party premier ended under a cloud of RCMP investigations into payments from lobbyists and an ethnic-vote harvesting scandal. A trove of incriminating paper trails only now coming to light shows Clark’s Liberals knew very well what was happening.”

    Since “Missing Christy” deigns to avoid the BC Limelight…..
    Is it possible we can have some BC protestors follow Ms. Clark where ever the biggest buck bekons?

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