BC Liberals mocked for blaming ICBC crisis on six-month-old NDP govt

By ThinkPol Staff

British Columbians are mocking the BC Liberals after the party that ran the province for 16 years until last July blamed the six-month-old NDP government for the financial crisis faced by BC’s auto insurer.

“The BC NDP are trying to distract from the fact they are not taking action on the challenges ICBC is facing,” BC Liberal critic John Yap stated in a release[1]http://bcliberalcaucus.bc.ca/blog/newsreleases/statement-bc-liberal-critic-john-yap-icbc/. “The threat posed by rising claims and payouts is well-known and the previous government took steps to deal with the issue.”

“As well, a third-party review of ICBC was ordered by the BC Liberals and was delivered on July 10, so it was waiting on the desk of the new minister,” the MLA for Richmond-Steveston added. “Instead of taking the immediate actions the report called for, David Eby has done nothing for seven months except order another review.”

Yap served as the minister responsible for multiculturalism until being forced to step down after being linked to the Quick Wins scandal[2]https://thetyee.ca/News/2013/03/05/Minister-Yap-Resigns/, which has seen a a former BC Liberal communications director being convicted for breaing the BC Elections Act over a plan by the party to use government resources to attract ethnic Chinese votes.

British Columbians took to social media to mock the BC Liberal Party for its response.

“Who do you think is believing these statements?” teacher Nick Smith from Gibson, BC, asked[3]https://twitter.com/mr_nixmith/status/958199756798349312. “And when do you start blaming the NDP for BC Rail?”

“Right. You totally screwed up ICBC for years them blame the NDP who has barely put their butt in the chair,” educational writer Doug Little tweeted[4]https://twitter.com/jdouglaslittle/status/958107734058196993. “Totally shameless.”

“Oh c’mon. This is 100% on you,” Shelley Oulette tweeted. “You corrupt pieces of garbage.”

Even BC Liberal supporters did not appear too impressed.

“I am a Liberal supporter and absolutely hate this kind of bold, two-faced propaganda,” Elizabeth King, from Surrey, BC, responded to the post on the BC Liberal Caucus Facebook page[5]https://www.facebook.com/BCLiberalCaucus/photos/a.190000324425644.43188.186971981395145/1590672827691713/?type=3&theater. “The issues with ICBC are longstanding ones so instead of casting blame let’s try to find positive solutions.”

Earlier in the day Attorney General David Eby promised to put out the “financial dumpster fire” at ICBC, which is projected to run a $1.3 billion loss in the current fiscal year, by making drastic changes to the the way the insurer operates.

But Yap, who has previously refused to comment about his ties to fraudster Paul Oei, does not seem to be have much faith in Eby’s assurances.

“It is clear the BC NDP made promises they can’t deliver on and so are looking to lay blame instead of accepting responsibility for that,” Yap said. “David Eby has a blueprint for moving forward at ICBC but keeps delaying any action and is allowing the problem to grow even worse under his watch.”

[Cover Photo: MLA John Yap with fraudster Paul Oei and his wife Loretta Lai with and Premier Clark. (Facebook)]

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3 Responses to BC Liberals mocked for blaming ICBC crisis on six-month-old NDP govt

  1. AssHat900 says:

    Oh lizard in a women’s skin crawl back under that rock and wait for global warming’s next ice age to freeze you back into extinction.

  2. nonconfidencevote says:

    Isnt ANYONE out there fed up with the way govts(Lib or NDP) play games with multi billion dollar govt portfolios just before every election?

    I’m sick of it.

    ICBC budgets strung along until the election and then dumped like a horse patty at a parade…steaming, smelly, untouchable.
    Whats the next Liberal shitshow?
    BC Ferries?
    Cant wait.

    The whole idea of a govt run organization is supoosed to be that its in the TAXPAYERS interest to run it efficiently, and to in the best case scenario, break even if not to make a slight profit.

    How is it that the civil servants are not “whistleblowing” on the politicians that ran ICBC over 1 billion dollars into the red….?
    All because every govt since ICBC was created has raided the kitty for cash cahs and more cash to “balance the budget” on the other provincial largesse.

    It should be illegal to take money from Peter to pay Paul in ANY govt budget.( sorry Site C, you’re on your own)
    Either the govt gets it claws once and for all off ICBC profits( until it breaks even and then can LOWER rates) or privitize it.
    Children caught stealing in a candy shop will admit when they’ve done wrong…..
    Apparently our illustrious political “leaders” have’nt grown up yet.

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