Realtor boasts of entire triplex being run as Airbnb

By ThinkPol Staff

A realtor listing an East Vancouver triplex for sale is boasting that the entire property is being run as an Airbnb hotel, which is a violation of Vancouver bylaws.

An industry insider sent ThinkPol the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing for 976 E 14th Avenue by Michelle Comens of at RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside[1]

The realtor’s notes section of the listing, which is only visible to other realtors, states “Triplex fully rented on Airbnb”.

The property, with a $1,698,000 price tag, is being sold as a “a great turn key investment opportunity.”

Other realtors, however, feel that what Comens is doing might not be ethical.

“As a new licensee, one of the most basic things we learn is how unethical (and prohibited) it is to recommend to a client to ignore any law and the necessity to work within existing bylaws,” Steve Wahl, a realtor who only obtained his licence last week, told ThinkPol. “I would expect the Real Estate Boards to enforce these protocols, so, I have to assume it’s not a violation.”

“The problem is that for the most part, the City has turned a blind eye to it so in many respects it has tacitly sanctioned the activity,” Wahl added. “But I would expect it to be something most real estate agents are reticent to encourage, as professionally, they’re not in the business of promoting a disregard for the law, despite however widespread that disregard may be.”

ThinkPol found that Kirsten and Dale, the owners of the house, were offering the main unit of the triplex for $126 per night, while the top floor and the basement were being listed at nightly rates of $97 and $63 respectively[2]

The two “superhosts” operate two other Airbnb units in Whistler and in Port Moody.

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5 Responses to Realtor boasts of entire triplex being run as Airbnb

  1. nonconfidencevote says:

    Do realtors know ( or perhaps most importantly CARE) how much the public, loathes, despises and hates them?
    Commissioned hucksters that crawled out of the primordal ooze slightly ahead of used car salesmen……..
    Yep, lower than a snakes belly, do anything, say anything to get that commish……

    Enjoy the end of an era Realtors
    Once the Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada is rejected in a few months…..
    Internet information is going to CRUSH your monopoly on sales stats, days on market, final price stats.

    I( and millions of Canadians)……cant……wait.

  2. NDPsupporter378 says:

    How is this the realtors fault? The realtor HAS to disclose this information to potential buyers of what the seller is doing. I would be pissed if the realtor lied and hid this fact. Nowhere did the realtor suggest you continue the illegal behaviour?! If anyone, the sellers are to blame! The realtor would have been unethical if they knew and hid this fact!

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      Ever heard of Shadow Flipping, Triple commissions, Bidding wars?…..on and on and on.
      And the Real Estate Board which “self regulates” these shysters that are “caught” …..give them a slap on the wrist.
      Where is Crown Council when a fraud is perpetrated?
      Oh, right.
      They were appointed by the BC Liberals……….never mind.

  3. Mary Jane Nelson says:

    The point of all this should be about total disclosure. I’ve been on numerous housing blogs since 2005 watching this debacle unfold. Was always amazed how Americans can go onto websites and find all the sales history of houses in their neighbourhood. In Canada real estate information is treated as though it’s a matter of national security and should be jealously guarded. It leaves consumers in the dark and that’s certainly the intention.

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      Exactly Mary,
      The Canadian Real Estate “Cartel” has controlled ALL pertinent information about “Days on Market”, Amount of times a house has listed, amount a house has sold for, taxes, op costs, on and on and on.

      When one considers that a housing purchase is THE most important purchase 99% of people will EVER buy…..they should be easily able to see that information.
      Not have to go bowing and scraping to the very same SALESMAN who is making a massive commision on the sale . Conflict of Interest?

      Imagine buying an expensive car where the saleman wouldnt tell you how what the cost of insurance was, how many previous owners there were, how long it had been for sale OR if it had been “relisted” as a “new” sale, if it had been in any accidents, or telling you there were other buyers and this was your last chace at a bidding war……

      You’d walk.

      An most people should do the same to realtors unless they post all the infor like Nova Scotia’s

      Coming to BC soon

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