Wanted: Rusty RV to run Airbnb outside Vancouver Mayor’s house

By Lisa Tanh

A Vancouverite has put up a Craigslist ad for an RV or trailer to rent outside of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson’s house because they want him to understand how legalizing Airbnb hurts residents in the city.

The Craigslist ad[1]https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/wan/6379610605.html was posted on Thursday and says it will list the RV or trailer on Airbnb for low cost to anyone who wants to stay there for a night or two. It has reportedly received emails from people saying they are “willing to help the cause,” “love the idea” and “love to see it happen.” The owner of the ad who requested to remain anonymous and be referred to as a Vancouverite said they created it because the discussion to legalize Airbnb in the city is “absurd” and “ridiculous,” considering the vacancy rate is lower than one per cent. They also said that the city’s response to not having the resources to enforce the bylaws is unreasonable.

“If you can enforce parking bylaws and give out $35 tickets, you can enforce a more serious law,” the Vancouverite said.

The Vancouverite said the message he wants to deliver to Airbnb hosts is that if you can’t afford your mortgage, there are alternatives.

“Find ways to make extra income,” the Vancouverite said. “Operating a hotel in a residential zone at other people’s expense is not the solution.”

As for Mayor Gregor Robertson, they said the message to him is to “wake up.”

“It’s near impossible to live and work here – people are leaving and will continue to if something is not done,” the Vancouverite said. “When employers can’t find people to work, they will leave too and then we will [all] be in a much more serious situation.”

According to the Craigslist ad, all money collected from renting out the RV or trailer outside of Mayor Gregor Robertson’s house will be donated to local homeless charities.

[Photo Credit: dave_7/Flickr]

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5 Responses to Wanted: Rusty RV to run Airbnb outside Vancouver Mayor’s house

  1. Gregor Has Ruined Vancouver says:

    Gregor needs to resign, leave the country and NEVER come back. Gregor if you are reading this, PEOPLE FUCKING HATE YOU, you treasonous piece of shit.

  2. Not Thinkpol says:

    Vancouver hates him so much that we elected him into office three times. Time to get off your meds i think

  3. nonconfidencevote says:

    I nominate Kaye Krishna to sleep in the van.
    If she loses her 250k per annum job she’s gonna have to cut back on her expensitures……..

  4. Vote Green/OneCity/Cope says:

    can we put the car in front of Kaye Krishna’s place? Wait… she probably lives in penthouse condo..

  5. justsomeguy69er says:

    stop selling to maoist chinese. Oh wait, too late, all vancouver gone. This is your fault, all of you, ayone reading thsi and everyone who doesn’t. You let this happen

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