Canadians see Conservatives as uncaring, elitist, old fashioned, and favouritist

By Amy Chen

“Old fashioned”, “oil oriented”, “tough on crime”, “favour some over others”, “doesn’t care about you”, “spends on the wrong things”, “elitist”, and “does not trust people” are eight of the 10 top terms Canadian voters associated with the Conservative Party of Canada, according to the latest nationwide survey by Abacus Data.

In sharp contrast, Canadians associated “diplomacy” “treat men and women equally” “proud of Canada” “cares about the environment” “projects positive image of Canada”, “individual freedom”, “renewable energy” and “hopeful” as key terms with both the ruling Liberal Party and the NDP.

Additionally, the respondents viewed the Liberals as “future oriented” and “young at heart”, while the NDP was associated with “down to earth” and “trust people”.

The only positive terms associated with the Tories were “proud of Canada” and “economically savvy”.

Surprisingly, more people associated “individual freedom” with the Liberals (68%) and the NDP (64%) than the Conservatives (48%).

The survey of 2,000 Canadians aged 18 and over found that, compared to the Liberals, the Conservatives are also seen as more militaristic, male oriented, less concerned about the environment, equality, or individual freedom.

“For the Liberals, the numbers provide a reminder of the need to constantly make the case for their economic policies and to avoid suggestions of elitism,” Abacus chairman Bruce Anderson said. “For the NDP, the striking news here is the degree to which the party can be seen as aging and old-fashioned.”

“For the Conservatives, the findings are clearer and inescapably point to the fact that the things which make their core vote most enthusiastic may often be the things that repel other voters,” Anderson added. “On gender equality, the environment and energy, and respect for individual freedoms, the Conservative brand finds itself somewhat isolated from a fair number of voters.”

“The Liberal brand, in trouble only a few years ago, is today the strongest with more people reflecting positive images onto it,” Abacus CEO David Coletto said. “It’s a forward-thinking, youthful, and hopeful party.”

“In contrast, the Conservative brand is under far more stress,” Coletto added. “Seven in ten feel it is old fashioned, far more associate it with oil than with renewable energy, and more describe it elitist than the other two major parties.”

The survey conducted from August 4 to 7, 2017 has a margin of error of +/- 2.2%, 19 times out of 20.

6 Responses to Canadians see Conservatives as uncaring, elitist, old fashioned, and favouritist

  1. Bill Whiner says:

    don`t care too much about the Conservative stand on marijuana considering how many Republican states have legalized it in the USA , or assisted suicide for terminally ill patients(don`t need their religious beliefs shoved down my throat) and they are too cozy too their American Masters for me

  2. Toedancer says:

    And to think the majority of Canadians don’t even know Andrew Scheer is connected to Faith Goldy of Rebel hate group. Think how the numbers would change if they did.

  3. Sam45 says:

    “It’s a forward-thinking, youthful, and hopeful party.”

    Lol more like it has a forward-thinking, youthful and hopeful leader. Without Trudeau the Liberals might have further reduced their seat count in the 2015 election from the deep declines during the Dion and Ignatieff days. At present, supporting the Conservatives and NDP – you vote for a party while for the Liberals you are voting for a specific leader.

    Trudeau is doing a great job – his only two blunders are larger than projected deficits and lack of electoral reform. Neither should hurt him much for reelection when you compare him to the Trump antics down south where he is nowhere close to honoring his 2 major promises of repealing Obamacare and building a wall on the Mexican border. Trudeau’s deficits are largely due to increased spending on child benefits and infrastructure that benefits all Canadians while also hiking military spending to appease Trump’s NATO demands

  4. Sam45 says:

    The Conservatives shafted their re-election chances having voices like Steven Blaney and Kellie Leith touting anti-immigration rhetoric and disdain for aboriginals in their leadership race. They also have a heavy social conservative wing represented by Brad Trost’s strong showing and Andrew Scheer’s leadership win.

    The majority of the party also denies climate change by opposing carbon pricing and tax fairness by promoting the false narrative of struggling small business owners when they have been income splitting for years while employed Canadians have been saddled with high income tax rates.

  5. Mel Kozun says:

    This survey is FAKE NEWS …. It is done by Abacus-who’s notoriously left wing pro-Liberal.

    There is no scientific validity to the survey which claims “2,000 Canadians aged 18 and over” were surveyed.

    What was done to validate that everyone surveyed WAS, in fact, a Canadian???

    What was done to validate that everyone surveyed WAS, in fact, 18 and over???

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