Elections BC’s “How to Vote” webpage crashes on election day

By Amy Chen

Elections BC’s webpage on how to vote has crashed on election day.

Requests to “http://elections.bc.ca/2017-general-election/how-to-vote/” are directed to a page with the IP address, which intermittently returns a “403 Forbidden” error.

A Google cache of the site shows that the page contains vital information voters including where to vote.

It also appears that Elections BC has moved its “Where to Vote” page “http://elections.bc.ca/wtv” to a temporary location on Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure to show BC voters where to vote.

This the second glitch to hit British Columbia’s election agency in the past few days.

On Friday, advanced voters in Maple Ridge-Mission were shocked to find ballots pre-marked for the BC Liberal candidate Mark Dalton.

Elections BC blamed the incident on an “printing mix-up” and reassured voters that the situation was under control.

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