BC Liberals attempt to attack #IamLinda as #NDPPlant backfires

British Columbians are taking to twitter to post photos of plants with the hashtag #NDPPlant, after BC Liberals attempted to paint the woman who was involved in an awkward encounter with Premier Christy Clark giving both to the trending hashtag #IamLinda.

Linda Higgins, a retired social worker from the Sunshine Coast, vehemently denied allegations by Christy Clark’s ex-husband Mark Marissen and BC Liberal campaign manager Laura Miller that she was an “NDP Plant.”

“I decided on the spur of the moment to go up and talk to her,” Higgins told the Province’s Mike Smyth. “I’m not voting for her and I wanted to tell her why.”

“I would never vote for you because of what … ” Higgins began telling Clark as they shook hands, before Clark cut higgins off.

“You don’t have to — that’s why we live in a democracy,” Clark said as she abruptly walked away from Higgins.

As the incident started trending on social media with the hashtag #IamLinda, BC Liberal supporters took to twitter alleging that Higgins was an “NDP Plant”

But both Marissen and Miller has been called out for lying by prominent media personalities including CBC’s legislative reporter Richard Zussman.

“The coverage also seems to have lead political parties to just make stuff up,” Zussman said. “Linda is not an NDP member.”

3 Responses to BC Liberals attempt to attack #IamLinda as #NDPPlant backfires

  1. diane dodds says:

    The Liberals are aware that they have neglected the citizens of B.C and have pandered to corporate interests and lobbyists for much too long. This incident is a testament to the underlying callus nature of the liberals during their tenure as ruling party. It demonstrates their clear inability to close the socio-economic gaps of our society.

  2. The Average Man says:

    #IamLinda because John Horgan doesn’t charge me $1000 to talk to him and he plans to improve housing costs, education and healthcare matter.

  3. Ken Jennings says:

    This has caught my attention! I have spent more time than this deserves looking for NDP and Liberal PLANTS. So far my findings have been meager – no NDP plants to be found and the only Liberal one was located by smell – a Skunk Cabbage!

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