How to write a great college essay

How to write a great college essay

Students applying for college for the first time would not know what to present in their college essay. The fact that  you have the grades and test score, but you still need to describe yourself on paper can be difficult. This can become a tiresome task if you don’t know what to write, you should not worry because these simple steps will enable you to overcome the challenge of writing college essay. Be creative and come up with unique content, remember that the reviewers go through thousands of an essay therefore your essay needs to be unique.

Make sure that you captivate your audience; great college essay needs to be engaging. Try to draw the reader in with an enticing introduction.  Emphasize the positive things even if you are writing about a traumatic experience, don’t dwell on the negative sides, but explore the experience that changed you to be a better person. Take your time to go through your essay after completing the first draft. Review the essay to spot spelling and grammatical errors. The first, the draft should not be the final draft. Revise the first draft by asking for input from the teacher or a friend. Work on the feedback provided at the same time, carefully go through the essay to ensure that all the requirement are presented .Don’t let careless mistakes get between you and your future dreams.

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