Canada will sign TPP soon, Obama says

Canada will soon sign the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership, US President Barack Obama revealed following a bilateral meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the sidelines of the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) summit in Manila today.

“We’re both soon to be signatories to the TPP agreement.” Obama said. “That’s another area where we continue to have important discussions”

Critics are claiming that Obama’s unexpected revelation flies in the face of Liberal campaign promises of open and public consultations.

“I look forward to engaging with Canadians on the TPP agreement,” International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland told Canadian when the official text of the deal was released two weeks ago. “As well, our government is committed to holding a full and open debate in Parliament to ensure Canadians are consulted on this historic trade agreement.”

“New Democrats have long been concerned by the secrecy shrouding the negotiations of this trade deal,” said NDP Trade critic Tracey Ramsey who was elected as the MP for the riding of Essex, Ontario. “It’s disquieting that the new Prime Minister, who promised change and more transparency, is making substantial policy decisions without consultation and behind closed doors.”

NDP claimed that the analysis of details of the full text confirms that Canada got a worse deal on protections for our auto sector than the United States – putting tens of thousands of jobs at risk.

The TPP also makes it easier for foreign companies to take over Canadian businesses and slams the door on lower drug prices into the future, the party warned.

“I can’t understand why the Prime Minister is promising to ratify a trade deal negotiated in secret by the Conservatives regardless of the outcome of any future public hearings,” added Ramsey. “The TPP is a bad deal that will kill good-paying jobs.”