Nearly 1,800 catch basins adopted in Vancouver

By Staff Writer Walking through the streets of Vancouver, you may pass by Grates of Wrath, Stormy Drainiels, or Grate Expectations. By the end of October this year, 1,765 catch basins have been adopted across the city. The Adopt a Catch

Pest control reports larger and more spiders in metro Vancouver

By Staff Writer Longer, warmer summers have led to both an increase in size and occurrence of spiders in metro Vancouver, according to a pest control specialist. “Spiders are huge right now, larger than I’ve ever seen before,” Randy Bilsky,

Hot dog water CEO stands outside Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Vancouver Summit

By Staff Writer A man dressed as a hot dog stands just outside of the Goop wellness summit held in the Stanley Park Pavilion over the weekend. He offers passerbys samples of hot dog water. The hot dog water, consisting

Canada Post strikes roll out across Canada

By Staff Writer After failing to reach a bargaining agreement on Sunday evening, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) will being rotating strikes across Canada. On Monday, 24-hour strikes began in Windsor, Ont., Halifax, Victoria, and Edmonton. While mail

Over a dozen new mayors elected across British Columbia in municipal elections

By Staff Writer Metro Vancouver Saturday evening’s municipal election was nail-bitingly close with former Burnaby NDP MP Kennedy Stewart just taking the lead to become Vancouver’s next mayor. Vancouver’s current mayor of ten years, Gregor Robertson, announced early on that

Woman makes $15K in donations by collecting bottles and cans over 21 years

By Staff Writer Nearly every day, a small, salt and pepper haired woman walks through the front doors of the B.C. Cancer Foundation’s front doors, usually bursting with a smile. She hands the B.C Cancer Foundation a small amount of

Vancouver family forced to camp out for weeks before finding affordable home

By Staff Writer In the early spring, Jackie Myerion and Jesse Kirkpatrick, a Vancouver couple in their thirties, pitched a tent in the idyllic Crab Park overlooking the Vancouver Harbour. Their two kids, age seven and nine, thought they were camping

BC couple rejoices over discovering obscenely large porcini mushroom

By Staff Writer David Swab was foraging through the coastal B.C. forest’s damp undergrowth when he jumped with a shriek. He beckoned over his wife, Olya Kutsiuruba, “So I move this brush back and we find this enormous, enormous King

Tim Hortons aims to shut down Tim Hottens

By Staff Writer Those travelling in Yamunanagar, India, may find comfort in a homely treat from Tim Hottens—that’s not a typo. A Tim Hortons lookalike has opened up in India, and likewise is a coffee and bake shop with the

These six local heritage sites are at risk of disappearing

By Staff Writer For the first time, Heritage B.C. has released its “watch list” of six culturally significant heritage locations at risk of being lost. The watch list aims to encourage local communities in advocating for protection, awareness, and conversation.