Vancouver to hold public hearing on legalizing short term rentals

The City of Vancouver will hold a public hearing next Tuesday on a new bylaw that would legalize and regulate AirBNB and other short term rental operations, which are currently illegal in the city.

Coquitlam woman sues McDonald’s over hot tea spill

By Will Young A Coquitlam, BC-woman has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s claiming an employee spilled “scalding” hot tea on her causing her severe injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder. Tamerin Elliott is seeking general damages, special damages and costs from

Vancouver’s economy to cool over next two years

By Will Young Vancouver’s real GDP growth is forecast to ease from 4.1 per cent in 2016 to 3.2 per cent in 2017, with an even more modest 2.5 per cent advance expected for 2018, according to a report by

Toronto condos being presold in Hong Kong for $50K discount

By Amy Chen An upcoming Toronto condominium development is being presold in Hong Kong for a $50,000 discount, social media advertising by the promoter shows. Hong Win International Group Ltd is promoting ZEN King West, development by CentreCourt Developments currently

Magnetic brain stimulation company CEO’s West Vancouver home with eight mortgages facing foreclosure actions

By Amy Chen The CEO of a company that developed a device that promises to cure depression using magnetic brain stimulation is facing foreclosure actions on his West Vancouver home, which carries eight mortgages. Jetmov filed a petition against Heather

Publicly listed cannabis company CEO accused of fraud sues for defamation

By Amy Chen A CEO of a Vancouver-based publicly listed medical marijuana grower has filed a defamation suit against a government official who accused him of fraud, court records show. Dennis Petke, President and CEO of Alliance Growers Corp (CSE:

China’s state-owned BC logging company cheats Canadian exporter out of millions, fails to pay workers

By Amy Chen, with reports from Duncan Anderson A Canadian forestry product exporter is suing one of China’s State-owned logging companies operating in British Columbia for allegedly supplying “80% rotten logs” and tricking the exporter into assuming the forestry company’s

Fake Richmond “winery” sours business relationship leading to violence

By Amy Chen The troubled Richmond, BC-based fake “winery” accused of selling counterfeit ice wine to China created a rift between its owners and their business partners leading to violence, according to court documents. Ying Hua Yu and Tao Li

Surrey Creep Catchers chief being sued again for defamation

By Amy Chen The president of the controversial Surrey Creep Catchers vigilante group is facing yet another defamation lawsuit, this time for allegedly falsely accusing a Chilliwack man of trying to procure sex from a minor. According to the suit

Fake Richmond winery exporting knock off ice wine to China facing foreclosure

By Amy Chen A Richmond, BC-based fake “winery” that gained infamy for mixing sugar with wine to create knock-off ice wine is facing foreclosure, according to legal proceedings filed by a Vancouver credit union in court today. Vancity credit union