The Two Sides Of The Anti-Terror Coin


By Jared Milne The wave of attacks that have occurred this summer have made the debate over how to respond to terrorism more heated than ever, with calls for Canada and its allies to step up the fight against ISIS

Kenney in hot water for drawing MP salary while running provincial campaign


Federal Conservative MP Jason Kenney is facing a possible ethics probe after his Calgary Midnapore constituents complained to the Ethics Commissioner that Kenney was engaging in provincial politics while still drawing his MP salary. Kenney is busy running a “unite

Trans-Pacific Partnership is mostly an investor protection agreement


By Blair Redlin Inasmuch as 97% of Canadian exports to TPP countries are already duty free, it’s our view that the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership is mostly an investor protection agreement, which should be primarily assessed on that basis. The arguments

Different Personas For Different Politicians

With the passing of Rob Ford in March 2016, many people commented on the powerful support he got from many Torontonians, which he dubbed “Ford Nation”. Over the seven months since Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister, people have also

Harper prosecution fund hits $20K


A fund set up by a democracy watchdog to launch a private prosecution against former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, members of his Prime Minister’s Office, and officials of his Conservative Party of Canada has reached the $20,000 mark. There has

Citizens should launch private prosecution against Harper


By Jeremy Smith Ontario Justice Charles Vaillancourt’s ruling makes it clear who the guilty party in the Senator Mike Duffy’s trial is: Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Nigel Wright and the rest of Harper’s PMO. If the Crown Prosecutor is

Harper signed trade deal with Panama encouraging tax evasion


Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper signed a trade deal with Panama in 2010, which encourages tax evasion by Canadian companies, according to experts. Todd Tucker, research director at Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, warned Parliamentarians that the Canada-Panama Free Trade

Judge reserves decision in “Fuck Harper” case


A provincial court judge in Alberta has reserved his decision in the case of an Edmonton man facing a $543 fine for displaying a “Fuck Harper” sign in his car. An RCMP officer cited Rob Wells for “stunting” after pulling

Open Letter to Minister of Health: Two years ago today the Health Accord expired


March 31st, 2016 The Honourable Jane Philpott Minister of Health 70 Colombine Driveway, Tunney’s Pasture Postal Location: 0906C Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9 Dear Minister Philpott, Twelve years ago today Canada’s First Ministers signed a Health Accord reaffirming their continued commitment

Liberals reinstate Canada’s prison watchdog fired by Harper government


Canada’s prison ombudsman, who was quietly fired by the Conservatives for being critical of the Harper government’s treatment of prisoners, is being reinstated by the Liberal Government. “Today, I am pleased to announce that Mr. Howard Sapers has agreed to