Twitter account targets flippers speculating on Vancouver’s housing market

By ThinkPol Staff

A social media account is targeting flippers speculating on Vancouver’s housing market by reporting them to Canada’s tax agency.

Corrupt Gregor[1] has so far reported to the Canada Revenue Agency the owners of five properties, which are currently on the market after having being bought in the last year.

What’s motivating the pseudonymous user to name and shame speculators?

“Scientific evidence points to the housing crisis fuelling our city’s opioid crisis,” Corrupt Gregor told ThinkPol. “So, the real estate industry is responsible for 1,000 deaths last year in Vancouver alone.”

“It’s every Vancouverite’s duty to resist these ruthless sociopaths who are destroying our city by gambling with our houses,” they added. “All three governments are paying lip service to curbing toxic speculation, but none has taken any meaningful action.”

The City of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia, and the Government of Canada, have all talked about the need to tackle speculation in the property market, which is largely blamed for making Vancouver the most unaffordable city in North America[2]

Corrupt Gregor is hoping to bring awareness to the issue by bringing the speculators out into the open.

“Vancouver has become the world’s capital for white collar crime,” the user said. “Money launderers and tax cheats rule the roost while honest hardworking families are priced out of the city.”

“The real estate industry has long used dirty legal tactics to shield speculators against public scrutiny,” they added. “But house ownership is a matter of public record, and I want to make that information publicly available so that Vancouverites can see for themselves how we’re being played for chumps.”

This is not Corrupt Gregor’s first rodeo.

Last November, Corrupt Gregor briefly stepped in for VISTRO[3], the twitter account that gained a cult following for reporting illegal Airbnb operators to the City of Vancouver.

A third twitter account, BrettdrC[4], is outing rogue realtors.

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3 Responses to Twitter account targets flippers speculating on Vancouver’s housing market

  1. Nena says:

    It’s not only vancouver, the lower mainland is experiencing this investor game too. We have been trying to buy a house for about a year, always being outbid by others. One house that sold before the open house in maple ridge not much more than asking was again on the market only 9 months later and for 100,000 more. And unfortunately it did sell at that outrageous price. This unfair game that is taking homes away from families that actually need them is not right.

  2. nonconfidencevote says:

    All three levels of govt dont have the testicular fortitude to do whats right and pass severe LAWS to crack down on the financial ponzi that is going to fall hard in the next year.
    But their knee jerk reactions and plithy promises of “further study” seem to placate the sleeping voters.
    New B20 Rules Jan 1st legislating higher qualification standards for getting a mortgage.
    Booming US and Canadian economies indicating higher inerest rates are coming this year(and next).

    These along wont help hammer a nail in the sleaze and slime of the past decade of frezied speculation in the housing fiasco …….

    But its FINALLY …….a good start

    Stay tuned, 2018 is gonna be a year of massive Audi lease returns in the sales commission based Real Estate industry.
    I cant wait.

  3. keepdoingtherightthing says:

    thank you for representing the real everyday people of Vancouver! Also of note is Mortimer_1, who is probably one of the first ones to start ousting the crooked real estate transactions that happen on a daily basis in our city.

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