Judge reserves decision in “Fuck Harper” case

A provincial court judge in Alberta has reserved his decision in the case of an Edmonton man facing a $543 fine for displaying a “Fuck Harper” sign in his car.

An RCMP officer cited Rob Wells for “stunting” after pulling him over near Ponoka, AB for displaying the bright pink home-made sign.

Wells, who is representing himself, has brought a Charter Challenge backed by the Section 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which Canada is party to.

“It is difficult to describe how stressful it is to self represent your case in court against the highly trained and experienced crown lawyer who has the unlimited resources of the police behind him,” Wells said in a Facebook post. “I am extremely thankful for the patience and consideration of the Judge for helping me avoid a complete panic attack. I can hopefully assume that the Honourable Judge heard and understood my arguments and my Charter Challenge that using the stunting provisions to suppress free speech is unconstitutional.”

“I was left with the impression that the Judge was interested in my argument that Section 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed by Canada, is very helpful to inform the freedom of expression provision of our Charter of Rights,” Wells added. “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

The Judge will release his decision July 15 at the Ponoka Court House.

“The facts and the arguments are complex and I believe that the Judge will be weighing them carefully,” Wells said. “And, if I loose, it will be the best spend $543. ever, but it would set a very dangerous precedent suppressing political dissent.”

“My sincere appreciation to all my friends who supported and encouraged me to take this matter before the Court,” Wells concluded. “I hope we all come out winners in this ridiculous waste of government resource.”

This is not Wells’s first rodeo.

Edmonton police pulled him over 15 years ago for displaying “Fuck Ralph” bumper sticker protesting against former Alberta premier Ralph Klein’s plans to privatize the healthcare system in the province.


Edmonton police decided not to charge Wells after the service’s legal analysts concluded that displaying political signs containing profanity were not a violation of stunting laws.

22 Responses to Judge reserves decision in “Fuck Harper” case

  1. Realbertan says:

    Rob Wells should lose his citizenship for treason, because this is exactly what it is: treason. Profanely insulting the greatest Prime Minister Canada has ever had is not an act of free speech.

    Harper fought valiantly to keep Canada safe from Muslim, immigrants, Indians, union thugs and environmentalists. Now they are running rampant and turning Canada into a third world cesspit.

    We are lost right now and it appears Alberta will be ruined by our Federal and Provincial Governments. Things seem to be skyrocketing and going out of control since Mr. Harper. It makes people feel helpless.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fuck Harper

    • Dave says:

      It is Harper that should be on trial to treason. He cheated his way to the PMO and tried to destroy our country.

    • Brayden says:

      Harper was a fascist leaning proxy for the American republican party (the emails were leaked of him taking bribes from them). He turn what used to be a respectable party (the progressive conservatives) into an radical Americanized version of what it once was. He crashed the economy, by failing to diversify the economy and invest in anything but oil and generated a rhetoric of hate in this country in which we haven’t seen since the before the 60’s.

    • Real true Albertan says:


    • Rob Wells says:

      spoken like a true Klansman…

    • Rob Wells says:

      spoken like a true Klansman…RealAlbertan

    • John says:

      If your collar is blue harper was fucking you up the ass while slitting your throat evenvif you weren’t intelligent enough to see it, if your collar is white maybe you did ok under harper.

    • John says:

      With respect to Harper and his decade in office, he should have fought harder to protect Canadians from RCMP. As soon as you think someone is above reproach because of a uniform, you’ve lost the right to respect for your opinions

      If ever we were in danger of immigrants, it was from the dumb ass Ukrainians who settled the prairies. Sorry dumb-ass, you’ve been harvesting a finite resource (oil) over which foreign powers have greater control in the market.

      If the RCMP are deserving our respect, they will see a sign that says, “Fuck the RCMP” and merely think “no thanks” and move on. Any intervention greater than that is excessive and warrants the criticism they seek to stifle.

      (Please note that I have never met an RCMP who was anything less than awesome.)

    • Don says:

      Realbertan can you explain what Treason means? Can you explain where the profanity is in FUCK HARPER?.

      • doug says:

        Don, Can I put a FUCK NOTLEY or FUCK TRUDEAU sign on my vehicle? Would you feel the same if I did this to who you support?

    • Chris says:

      Harper is who needs to be tried and hung dor treason!! Every time he talked down the Canadian dollar a penny it cost Canadians a billion dollars in savings…and he did that a lot.

    • Eric Curtis says:

      He has to the right to say it. And we ought to all be grateful for the existence of that right.

  2. Steve says:

    The reaction to this case just made some people want to “F— Harper” even more. One of the cases against Harper was that Canada was turning into a Police State under a narcissistic autocrat steering a majority party of yes-men and members cowed by his bully-boy tactics. So the response to this sign fit right into that narrative.

    • L.Lawson says:

      It sounds like your Harper problem, is similar to our Trump issue, with the “Party of yes men” trying to push a police state. Though I don’t live in Canada, I have the greatest respect for the country and people. I have many cousins living there who love it as well. It’s a shame the US hasn’t learn from Canada’s success, in being a truly great country.

  3. Real Canadian says:

    Dear Realbertan spoken like a true redneck who would feel right at home in fascist world with out any rights and freedoms. Bravo looser.

  4. doug says:

    Can I put a FUCK NOTLEY or FUCK TRUDEAU sign on my vehicle? Would you feel the same if I did this to who you support?

  5. Matthew Pagels says:

    There is a truck with decals in Alberta reading “Ditch the bitch, Punt the cunt” with pictures of Notley and Trudeau. The answer to Doug’s question is a resounding “yes”. This is about free political speech, not how crappy Harper was.

    I hope this isn’t a trend though. Not classy.

  6. Lily says:

    Fuck Trudeau is more like it. Justin’s supporters literally want to fuck him or be fucked by him anyway. Even the straight dudes will bend over for Prince Justin.

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