How did Liberals turn Tory surplus into a deficit? former minister Raitt asks

A former Conservative cabinet minister is alleging that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s two-and-a-half-week-old government has turned the Tory “surplus” into a deficit, and wants to know how the Liberals did it.

Lisa Raitt, the MP for the Ontario riding of Milton who served as the Minister of Transport in Stephen Harper’s cabinet, made the accusation in after Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced a $3-billion deficit before factoring in the Liberal campaign promises in the government’s first fiscal update Friday.

The Tories had forecast a $2.3-billion surplus for this year, but the Parliamentary Budget Officer confirmed last week that Conservatives’ projections were based on unrealistic growth figures.

“The Liberals took this year’s $1.4 billion deficit and turned it into a $3 billion deficit,” Raitt, who is seen as a potential candidate for Tory leadership, asked in a post on the Conservative Party of Canada Facebook page. “They need to explain where that money went”

“How did Justin Trudeau’s Liberals turn a surplus into a deficit so quickly?” Raitt asked. “SHARE if you want to see some real transparency!”

Canadians did not seem to be amused by Raitt’s post, coming in the heels of a similar statement by former Conservative Finance Minister Joe Oliver that was subjected to much derision.

“By all means the Liberals should explain it to Canadians,” Jeremy Nuttall, The Tyee’s Parliament Hill reporter said. “But I don’t think Raitt will like it.”

“You couldn’t make it up,” Businessmen Mike Radan from Appin Ontario said. “Nobody would believe you.”

“The jaw dropping stupidity of this lot is beyond compare,” @Frankenstein68 tweeted. “This goes beyond covering their lies − right to ‘delusional’”

“And She’s supposed to be The Smart One in the bunch?” Larry A. Musser asked. “Wow!Are they headed to the Trash Bin of History or What ?”

“The Conservative Party of Canada can no longer rely on their base believing whatever they say” Joel Parkes tweeted. “Their talking points look fragile and silly.”

25 Responses to How did Liberals turn Tory surplus into a deficit? former minister Raitt asks

  1. Realbertan says:

    The Liberals spent that money to import 25,000 jihadist terrorists… I mean Syrian refugees.

    • Sean A says:

      Sorry what you short sighted little hate mongering con-servi-tard? You do realize this land was taken by genocidal entitlement from the Natives, right? Mind your place before you lose what little entitlement your loud mouth you got in the first place : THERE WILL BE NO MORE TOLERANCE FOR YOUR KIND OF PATHETIC! Before you start blaming Syrians : realize the only reason those people don’t have a home was because the Rothschilds wanted another central bank and Israel wanted ‘The [failed] Greater Israel’ project … Do you even know who or where Daesh/ISIS comes from? Look it up : the secrecy has been broken … and the only real terrorists are those who peddle simpleton hate and slavery … GAME OVER PIRATES

      • Realbertan says:

        The natives also came from somewhere. Land is not “finders keepers”. The natives didn’t make any use of the land because they were too lazy. But the European settlers farmed the land day and night and became prosperous.

        As for the rest of your comment…is your tinfoil hat so tight that it is cutting circulation to your brain?

        • Anonymous says:

          What a Albertan comment. Exploit the land all we can cause that’s what we do best. Maybe you should take a moment and think if living with nature is better than stripping it of everything which seems to happen in your lovely province

        • Sean A says:

          Indigenous peoples were using the land : it’s like saying Palestine and Gaza were not being used by the indigenous peoples adequately which gave the genocidal right of “Chosen” [by God, LOL] to kill off and destroy whatever cities were built by then to make way for Israeli regime to monetary slavery … sorry Realbertan :

          Tinfoil hat? Is that the same bullying tactics the pathetic used on people who claimed that extraterrestrial life may exist? The same type of tactics fools in Europe used when peoples claimed the Earth may indeed by round rather than flat? Sorry Jr : the Internet destroys petty tactics such as yours even with the fodder PROUD false flag terrorist kind can smear … THE TRUTH ALWAYS SHINES THROUGH … Canadians are not stupid enough to fall for Samson Option global nuclear-threatening terrorist pirate regimes nor your small minded bullying tactics : the more you push, the more truth I will post … Push a little harder bully : see what links I dare challenge Canadians investigate 😛 Come on, pull my finger 😉 😉 😉

          • Check your facts says:

            I am confused as to how Israel got sucked in to this conversation…..for starters there was never ever a country called Palestine and yes it was desolate maleria ridden land until Jews started to flourish it. Also there were alway Jews on that land. I suggest you hit the history books and stop listening to Arab propaganda.

        • Anonymous says:

          I am a real Albertan and a native also.. Too lazy to develop the land what a racist clown you are, natives were protecting the land and worshipping it taking only what was needed for food,clothing and housing lazy wasn’t a problem!The problem was a bad screening process with the first refugee’s and yes your forefathers were refugee’s fleeing prejudice in their home country hmm similar to the Syrians. Conservative and their supporter’s won’t believe anything they disagree with even when facts are in front of them ! It’s ppl like you and your racist ideals that let these nut jobs takeover Alberta. Face it no matter what u say the natives are the indigenous to this Continent and you are a immigrant! No way around that fact sir

        • CP says:

          Realbertan, I’d like to believe you’re just saying such inflamitory things for your own entertainment but if not, if you believe what you write, seek professional help. You need counceling to deal with your delusions and to learn to be a reasonable member of society again. I also suggest you further your education as our written history currently contradicts your ideas.

        • Anonymous says:

          You racist arsehole, get a life idiot.

        • David Price says:

          Hi “REAL ALBERTAN” If you are typical of Albertans, I hope I never meet any of you scumbags!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            He’s actually not indicative of Albertans, rather just of small-minded, fearful, racist loudmouths. Of which there are too many in this province, but also in this country. 70-odd percent of Alberta is re-settled Ontario/Maritimers after all… Despite what the politics of this place play out, we have a large indigenous population, and lots of well-educated (or educated enough to know people are all one race) and decent people. This guy is a total plug, and should fuck off.

      • Theodore says:

        …Thank you, I came to this page in hopes of seeing comments such as yours. Not for the fact that they needed to be said, as it is or at least should be common knowledge but more for the fact that I am not the only one having to defend what I thought were universal Canadian values against blind and frankly stupid comments and articles such as these.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, people like you are the reason that there is so much hate in our world. We are ONE people, we have ONE earth to live on, stop being such an ignorant fucking asshole.

    • Anonymous says:

      Real stupid albertan more like it. Take your hillbilly mentality and keep it in hayseed Ville

    • Ted says:

      The liberals did not turn it into a deficit. The Conservatives cooked the books before the election just as a ploy to get reelected. And the liberals uncovered their lies.

    • Ted says:

      Your an idiot. A judgmental piece of shit. Canada is the biggest humanitarian country in the world. If it takes a few billion to get these people out of their war torn country then so be it IF you don’t like it. Then get the hell out. You move Syria. And then you will have something to complain about.

  2. Dale says:

    Oh-no, Trudeau must’ve found the “un-cooked” books. Was the line to the paper shredder too long for you, Lisa?

  3. Gerard says:

    There never was a surplus. The Cons only wanted us to believe it and fabricated it in order to get votes. The Libs have just now opened the books to find out that the books weren’t as rosy as what they were made out to be during the election ! One should not start blaming a new government so soon into governing about a deficit when it was inherited by a previous government. This is just rhetoric by the Official Opposition which used to be the government trying to stir the pot up against the new government ! Still up to their old tricks no matter who is leading the Cons. Harper resigned, and the new interim leader is following right in his footsteps !

  4. vee dawg says:

    one party was lying, you choose which.

    • Ted says:

      The liberals weren’t in the Conservatives were. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who was lying does it? The first surplus they ever had since they were in power. Give me a break. It was an election ploy. They were in panic mode People aren’t that stupid. Are they?

  5. Theodore says:

    The surplus that never existed went towards creating jobs for Canadians from all over the country not just in the west, i.e the tar sands, along with towards the ideals we as Canadians have always prided ourselves on. That being, openness towards everyone in need with open arms. Where is the Canadian pride??? If these negative, racist and pessimistic comments are all you’re going to say, keep it to yourself, it does no good for anyone.

  6. Ryshtyan says:

    Getting back to the original topic at hand, the fact is the Cons have been caught repeatedly lying to Canadians and literally everyone around the world. It would come as no surprise that they said surplus to Canadians just prior to the election in hopes that would win over enough votes in their favor to maintain their position of power. Clearly not enough voters bought into the b/s and chose leadership whom they believe is a better alternative to Harper.

    Now with that being said I don’t exactly consider the Liberals to be honest politicians either. Quite frankly, there’s no such thing. Integrity today is pretty much a lost art, even among the best of us who try to make sense of a world that is becoming more ridiculous each day.

    I think the deficit/surplus conflict mainly lies in the energy sector. It’s no secret the Cons banked everything on the oil, whether it be in the tar sands, off shore reserves or whatever. You can even see it in the election that the only friends Harper and his Cons had were mainly out of Alberta and Saskatchewan as their visions of what is best for Canada is the same.

    Thankfully, the rest of the nation doesn’t agree and prefer a broader spectrum of options – which have been staring us all in the face for years but Harper, nor his Cons, nor those conned into thinking fossil fuels is our only means of carving out a positive future for Canada.

    Those options include renewable energy resources, agriculture (which are tied together) and even going back to exercising tactics that once upon a time had Canada viewed on a worldwide stage as a respectable nation. Through Harper’s administration we lost that respect by becoming one of the most despised, untrustworthy and unethical nations on the global stage. Trudeau and his Liberals have their work cut out for them. The Cons didn’t make it any easier by throwing them into a bunch of ridiculous appointments they must keep just prior to calling the election in the first place. Even though the Cons are on longer our government, the stains they left behind that scarred this nation will remain a permanent one. It will never go away, but we can wash as much of it away as we can and hopefully the Liberals will be the party to do it – but I already know they can’t do this alone. This nation must UNITE regardless of our differences and prove that we are far superior to the image our lame government has portrayed us (and tried to sculpt us) to be.

  7. Peter Brebner says:

    It is a fig newton of the PMO and Harper’s imagination that there was a surplus. They had to create a surplus to show that they had kept their promise. Lisa only shows how she is still telling Canadians to eat cake because their is no bread.

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